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How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel | Find Duplicates in Excel

63 Views • 08/03/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers

⁣Greetings and Welcome Back to Our Channel, Everyone!!

Therefore, I’ll be showing you How to Highlight Duplicates in Microsoft Excel in today’s video.

So let's get going.

The Simplest Methods to Identify Duplicates in Microsoft Excel are listed below.

● Choose the whole duplicate column.
● The style sections, select conditional formatting now.
● Next, select duplicate values by tapping on highlight cell rules.
● The duplicate values are now highlighted in the desired colors, as you can see.
● These are the ones that are happening more frequently.
● Additionally, you have the option to select the highlight's color from the text, the cell, or both.
● You know that there is a shortcut you can take to finish it faster.
● One by one, press each shortcut key: Alt +H+L+H+D one by one

Removing the Duplicates: A Guide

● First, select Data.
● Choose the Column
● then select "Remove Duplicates" and then search
● It is Disappeared.

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