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How to Make a Histogram in Excel | Create a Histogram in Excel

37 Views • 08/01/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers

⁣Greetings to all

I'm glad you're back on our Channel.

I will also clearly show how to create a histogram chart in Microsoft excel in today's video.

You can use a histogram as a graph to see how frequently an event occurs within a certain range.

I'll demonstrate how to make a histogram in excel in this video.

Accordingly, let's begin the tutorial.

The simplest steps to make a histogram chart are listed below:

● Choosing these two columns
● Click the insert tab now.

Then select the insert statistical chart button

● When you click on the histogram, you can see the chart and customize the histogram chart.
● By selecting the format data series with a right-click from the vertical axis
● You can select the format data of this chart.

How to Change the Designs, Colors, and Layout in the Histogram Chart?

● You can choose from a variety of color options, chart types, and quick chart layouts in the top left corner.
● You can simply change the chart type to give it a more unique and appealing presentation.
● Go to the change chart type options first, where you'll find a good amount of date suggestions for ways to make it more interesting and extraordinary.

This video ends here anyway.

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