About us

BisVue.com's mission is to be the definitive video resource for the business community.

Five factors drove us to build BisVue:

  • Make it easier to find great business content - While YouTube is a terrific resource, filled with millions of hours of content, the volume of videos keeps it from being a great resource for many business users. Sorting through the trick shots and top ten lists, makes it hard to find meaningful content that addresses business needs.
  • Increase the ROI for businesses on their videos - Our clients are creating increasing amounts of video content, but struggle to find enough viewers to drive really positive results. Webinars, instructional videos, how-tos etc...remain isolated on company websites, while users who would benefit from the content don’t know how to find it.
  • Create meaningful online experiences to replace in-person events - The current environment makes previously meaningful activities like conferences and in-person meetings impossible, so we wanted to create a virtual community with the idea that we could replicate those experiences as closely as possible.
  • Enable content creators to better monetize their efforts - We wanted to create a way for content creators to be able to monetize their efforts more effectively.  YouTube’s compensation model is oriented to quick content that drives clicks, rather than in-depth content that really educates.  We allow content creators to be compensated via ads, but also charge for access to specific videos that may be more involved, like a lesson on a specific topic.
  • Help businesses achieve their goals - Businesses have different goals when it comes to videos than individuals.  While individuals may want clicks, businesses often want leads.  We are developing BisVue with business goals in mind.   

We are headquartered in beautiful Boulder, CO, but with a team from around the world. Each day our focus is on how to help businesses and professionals use video effectively and we will keep on going until we achieve that goal.