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Paid Search for B2B SaaS Doesn't Have to Waste Money
Paid Search for B2B SaaS Doesn't Have to Waste Money 24 Views • 3 months ago

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Are you ignoring the most important B2B SaaS growth component?
Are you ignoring the most important B2B SaaS growth component? 18 Views • 3 months ago

⁣Someone has to talk about word of mouth…

First the data…

Research from Jay Baer shows that in B2B, 91% of every sale is influenced by word of mouth in some way
Jason M. Lemkin estimated that when BILL IPO’ed 80% of its customers came from word-of-mouth
Research shared by ThinkImpact shows that 88% of the potential customers of B2B businesses seek word-of-mouth assurance before purchasing

I have long been a big fan of net promoter scores (NPS), but the power of NPS scores is not in the score, it is in the mindset that companies can create an experience that their customers would be willing to share. NPS scores are often discussed as a customer satisfaction metric, but I am more interested in what it literally measures, quantifying how likely customers are to refer a company to a friend or family member i.e word of mouth. Companies don't increase word-of-mouth sales because they implement NPS, they improve because they adopt a mindset that they will do something that people want to share and then enable users to share. Companies can do this without NPS or with NPS, but it starts with the mindset.

Word of mouth is not a simple marketing tactic but we can do things to enable it. There are a few products that I use that demonstrate how to enable word of mouth:

Consistent, strong brand: This is not just about the logo and messaging, it is about how customers experience your brand throughout the customer lifecycle. People won’t refer your brand if they think there is a chance it will be a poor experience. We have referred quite a few of our clients who are relatively immature from a marketing perspective to Hubspot, because, over the years, HubSpot has done a terrific job of consistently creating a brand experience that suits those who are looking for a solution that is relatively easy to implement, use and gain value from.

Wow your customers: A consistent brand ensures that people will be willing to refer others, but an amazing experience will make people want to refer your product. For instance, over the past few weeks, I have had several people proactively recommend Opus Clip because they were amazed at how easily it can create small video clips from a larger video.

Make your product easy to share: Even if customers are willing, referring a product is not top of mind for them, so make your product easy to share. This could come in a wide variety of forms, but here is one example from a product I use, Semrush. By making their reports and data very easy to share, they have enabled many word-of-mouth discussions about their product with our clients.

Make your product easy to experience: People being referred to you should be able to experience your product without significant effort. provides a great example. My first experience with was when we received a payment from a client. After a simple registration to accept our payment, I was able to easily see the functionality the platform offered.

Don't Waste Marketing Dollars Chasing Metrics
Don't Waste Marketing Dollars Chasing Metrics 27 Views • 4 months ago

⁣It is the end of the month so the sales team is hyper-focused on winning deals to close the month strong.

What is the marketing team focused on?

On whether or not they are going to hit their goals.

A marketer never wants to see red on the dashboard.

Unfortunately, this is where inefficiencies can start in marketing. There are marketing tactics that can easily push those top-of-the-funnel numbers to green; display and social media campaigns for traffic, lead form campaigns or partner lists for leads or a couple more email sends to your cold email list for a quick boost. The problem is that many of these tactics will never result in much revenue. In addition, marketers can become almost addicted to them. As traffic and lead goals increase they pour more money into them chasing green on the dashboard.

This process is a real issue for many companies. Through our Mosaic Growth Marketing Assessment, we have been able to save our clients millions of dollars, by eliminating tactics like these.

So as the month ends, instead of investing money and time chasing metrics that won't drive revenue, let's think about ways to take those resources and do something meaningful. It may not get your dashboard to green this month, but it will pay dividends in revenue in the future.

Growth From AI Beyond Efficiency
Growth From AI Beyond Efficiency Business Content 22 Views • 4 months ago

⁣In B2B SaaS, we're all familiar with the idea of leveraging AI to drive growth through increased efficiency and productivity. However, in a recent interview when I asked Shailesh Manjrekar, CMO of CloudFabrix how AI will impact growth, he discussed a different aspect of AI that will enable growth: the power of democratization through AI.

Democratization, in essence, is about utilizing AI to make sophisticated software accessible to non-technical users. This concept opens up a world of opportunities for SaaS companies to expand their market reach. By breaking down the barriers of technical expertise, AI enables a wider audience to leverage software solutions that were once deemed too complex. Shailesh draws upon his industry, IT Ops, where AI has enabled non-technicians to conduct analyses that were once the exclusive domain of practitioners expanding the potential audience of users. This type of democratization extends beyond IT Ops, offering a blueprint for other areas within SaaS.

Consider website development. Traditional tools, despite offering drag-and-drop functionalities, still require a degree of technical know-how, limiting their use to a more tech-savvy audience. Enter AI, with its ability to allow users to create websites through simple voice prompts. This innovation drastically broadens the potential user base, making web development accessible to many more people, regardless of their technical background.

The implications of democratization extend beyond website building to any software that demands specific skills. This approach not only enhances user experience but also opens up new audiences for SaaS businesses which will help drive growth.

As we think about the future of SaaS, we can leverage AI not just to enhance efficiency but to democratize access to technology. The goal? To allow a wider audience to use our solutions, thereby driving unprecedented growth.
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Strategy, Product and Culture: Interview with Abha DasGupta, Founder, STRATVY
Strategy, Product and Culture: Interview with Abha DasGupta, Founder, STRATVY 36 Views • 7 months ago

⁣In this enlightening episode of Growth Science, we engage in a deep dive with Abha DasGupta, the founder of the consulting and strategy firm STRATVY. Abha, a visionary known for her product focus and strategic acumen, shares her rich journey from her early days at KPMG to spearheading significant projects in companies like AOL and k12.

The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the challenges of pivoting in a dying business, the nuances of product strategy, and the intricacies of understanding and tapping into various markets. Abha emphasizes the importance of strategic vision, customer-centric approaches, and the ability to articulate a company's value proposition effectively.

Key takeaways from this interview include insights into the growth of companies, the evolution of product strategy in response to market demands, and the critical role of company culture in driving success. Abha's diverse experience across different industries, including ed-tech, fintech, and cybersecurity, provides a unique perspective on developing successful business strategies and cultivating a productive and positive organizational culture.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or someone interested in the intersections of strategy, product development, and organizational culture, this interview is a treasure trove of practical wisdom and strategic insights. Tune in to discover how Abha DasGupta's experiences and insights can inspire and inform your own business journey.

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Back Office Solutions
Back Office Solutions aishu kri 21 Views • 7 months ago

⁣Global GDS offers customized back office service solutions supported by skilled personal and advanced technologies that will help drive business growth. We provide Travel Back Office Solutions to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies across the globe.

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Winning Outside the Box: Interview with John Timar, Founder of Grapple Science, Navy SEAL Veteran
Winning Outside the Box: Interview with John Timar, Founder of Grapple Science, Navy SEAL Veteran Business Content 28 Views • 7 months ago

⁣Dynamic Leadership and Innovative Growth: A Conversation with John Timar

Join us in this inspiring and insightful conversation with John Timar, a dynamic business leader and former Navy SEAL. John shares his incredible journey from being a college dropout and a musician to becoming a Navy SEAL, and eventually a trailblazing entrepreneur and CEO. His story is a testament to the power of hustle, creativity, and resilience.

Key Highlights:

John Timar's unique path to leadership, starting with his early struggles and breakthroughs.
Insights from his time as a Navy SEAL and how it shaped his approach to business.
The journey through various industries and roles, leading to exponential growth in each.
Pioneering the CBD beverage industry with unique marketing strategies and partnerships.
Launching "Grapple Science" – a brand focused on sports nutrition for combat athletes.
In This Episode:

[00:00:00] Introduction to John Timar
[00:03:45] John's early career challenges and successes
[00:10:20] Experience in the Navy SEALs and its impact
[00:15:35] Transition to business leadership
[00:20:50] The turnaround story of Kill Cliff and innovative marketing tactics
[00:30:00] Launching a successful CBD beverage line
[00:45:25] Building the Grapple Science brand
[01:00:00] The future of personalized nutrition and sports supplements
Don't Miss:

John's reflections on adapting military strategies to business.
The story behind the successful collaboration with Joe Rogan.
Insights into the evolution of the supplement industry and niche marketing.
About Our Guest:
John Timar is a former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur and CEO. His diverse experiences range from military service to leading successful startups and established companies. He is known for his innovative ideas, dynamic leadership, and ability to drive exponential growth.

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People First Growth: Interview with Greg Fischer, Founder of Force Multiplier Strategy
People First Growth: Interview with Greg Fischer, Founder of Force Multiplier Strategy 23 Views • 7 months ago

⁣Join us as we sit down with Greg Fischer, a creative powerhouse and the founder of Force Multiplier Strategy, based in Richmond, Virginia. Greg brings over 20 years of experience from the creative advertising world, having worked in New York, San Francisco, and Richmond with notable agencies like The Martin Agency. In this insightful interview, Greg delves into his journey, the mission of Force Multiplier Strategy, and the innovative ways he helps businesses grow.

🔹 Key Highlights:

Insights on tackling waste in organizations and unlocking brand potential.
The focus on both B2B and B2C sectors, with a special interest in Modern Challenger Brands.
Discussion on the importance of brand storytelling, customer understanding, and team unity for business growth.
Strategies for overcoming organizational silos and becoming customer-centered.
Practical advice on identifying and closing gaps in customer journeys.
🔹 Key Moments:
00:00 - Introduction to Greg Fisher and his background.
02:30 - The philosophy behind Force Multiplier Strategy.
05:15 - Greg's take on B2B and B2C dynamics.
08:45 - Fundamental strategies for business growth.
12:10 - Overcoming silos in organizations.
16:20 - Insights into the complexities of the customer journey.
21:35 - B2B vs. B2C marketing: Learning from each sector.
25:50 - Practical steps for organizations seeking growth.
30:00 - Closing thoughts and key takeaways.

Greg’s insights are invaluable for any business looking to navigate the complexities of growth, customer engagement, and organizational efficiency. His approach emphasizes the importance of customer-centric strategies, cohesive brand narratives, and a unified team effort.

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Managing AI: Interview with Janet Lee Johnson, Founder, AI Governance Group
Managing AI: Interview with Janet Lee Johnson, Founder, AI Governance Group 39 Views • 7 months ago

⁣Join us as we delve into the transformative world of AI with Janet Lee Johnson, founder of the AI Governance Group. With many years of experience, Janet shares her journey from pioneering influencer campaigns to advocating for AI governance. We discuss the delicate balance of truth, trust, and transparency in the age of AI, the implications of voice cloning, and the critical role of AI in shaping the future of work. This insightful conversation unveils the pressing need for strategic AI policies within organizations and the importance of critical thinking skills. Dive into this episode for a compelling look at AI's impact on society and how we can navigate its challenges with wisdom. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more thought-provoking discussions! #aigovernance #ailiteracy #futureoftech

B2B SaaS: Improve Your Marketing Reporting for Investors and Executives
B2B SaaS: Improve Your Marketing Reporting for Investors and Executives 53 Views • 1 year ago

⁣We take a look at an article by Dave Kellogg on how to improve your marketing reporting and have a few suggestions of our own.

Link to article:

Lessons in B2B SaaS: Keep Your Metrics Consistent
Lessons in B2B SaaS: Keep Your Metrics Consistent 73 Views • 1 year ago

⁣Net Revenue Retention has been a very popular metric lately, but among some, it has lost some of its luster as the article linked below discusses. What is critical for companies focused on growth is that they don't change their core metrics based on trends or individual preference, instead put a formal process in place to define your metrics and to change them if necessary.


Creating A Growth Culture
Creating A Growth Culture 67 Views • 1 year ago

Exploring the difference between a growth culture and a performance-obsessed culture.

Link to article: ⁣

Web Based Software Development Company
Web Based Software Development Company Paul Razvan 38 Views • 1 year ago

⁣FlightsLogic is a premiere, customer-centric, innovative, and result-oriented Web-Based Software Development Company globally and reputed for providing smart, efficient web-based software applications.

DMC Software
DMC Software Paul Razvan 30 Views • 1 year ago

is the Best Destination Management Company that provides DMC software to travel
agencies, tour operators, and travel management companies globally.

Best Software Development Company
Best Software Development Company johnny de 101 Views • 1 year ago

⁣Travel Software Development is procedure of developing
online travel software to simplify day to day travel activities for travelers
and Travel Company including Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Travel Agency,
Destination Management Company and Travel Management Company for vacation
planning, hotel booking, transfer booking, travel plans and many more.

B2B White Label
B2B White Label Austin billy 51 Views • 1 year ago

⁣B2B White Label -
Global GDS

B2B White
Label system is the best Travel portal for those who want to improve their
travel business with a small amount of money. Our B2B white label system is
user friendly and technology executed. Our strong B2B Booking Systems have GDS
API Integration or third-party API integration that services 24/7 travel
solutions for flight booking, coach booking, hotel booking and car booking.

B2B Travel Portal Solution
connect clients and travel agencies. On B2B Travel Portals only registered
representatives can use the services. Our B2B Travel Portal offers complete
control of creating representatives and their logins, top-up and deduction of
credit limit/balance, activating or deactivating representatives, monitoring
bookings/commissions/sales, modifying mark-ups/discounts. B2B Travel Portals
has all the travel benefits like Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking and
Car Booking.

What is a B2B White Label
Travel Portal?

The online travel business
is speedily expanding as the number of travelers increases. B2B White Label Travel Portal
booking is also becoming instantly popular. B2B white label services are
the leading way to take advantage of this service. Global GDS B2B white-label
service for the travel portal is available to travel representatives, travel
distributors, and travel partners. Global GDS now provides the best B2B white
label services, making the ticketing process easier.

Global GDS provides the best
B2B white label solutions for any airline operator. We can support your travel
website offers instant tickets for all airlines. We provide an online ticket
service for all operating systems, consist of Android, Windows, and iOS, to
keep our travel technology solutions up to date and creative. You will not have
to deal with any unnecessary complications as a result of this. The B2B white
label solution lowers operational prices while providing a hassle-free

Why Travel Agents Should Use
B2B White Label Travel Portal?

Travel technology is
advancing irresistibly due to which the travel businesses and online tour
companies are evolving exceedingly. The advent of the internet and
smartphone devices has accelerated the expansion of the travel domain over the
past decade. Since people have started making their travel arrangements online
using their smart devices, travel portals have gain extreme momentum.

The digital revolution and
the accessibility of hyper-engaging travel portals are encouraging
brick-and-mortar stores to become online. Nevertheless, there’s a need to offer
assistance to not-so-technical travel representatives in learning the new
technology, so that they can leverage digital benefits. Well, in such a
scenario, B2B white label travel portal proves to be a simple platform because
it’s fairly simple to learn.

Features of B2B White Label

Several managements for Holidays, Hotels,
Flights or transfers.

Add unlimited agents and manage agents’ data.

Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights,
Holidays, Activities and Transfer services.

Integrated shopping cart and Payment

Live Chat and Feedback options for customers

24*7*365 booking support for all agents,

Registration and membership for customers.

Automated Back Office Panel for Markup, commission,
refund and cancellation Policy.

MIS Reports for Administrator and Agents.

Accounting Management and Manage Markups.

White Label B2b Services

White Label b2b Services
Which Travel Agent Can Sell on Their Portal

Flight booking engine

Hotel booking engine

Mobile Recharge

Data Card Recharge

Bus booking engine

Landline bill payment

Broadband bill payment

White-Label Travel Portal

White Label Sx`olution
enables one to develop business in the global market and increase brand
presence in times of globalization. It can be simply integrated with an online
travel portal and allows tour and travel businesses to rebrand a successful
product and increases the count of product offerings of travel representatives
and travel companies.

This White-Label Online
Travel Portal can also be integrated with Third Party API, this feature enables
us simply integrate travel inventory (rates and availabilities) from global
suppliers in the travel portal of a travel representative to sell the flight,
hotel, package, transfers, activity online with faster response, up to date and
dynamic travel data to develop customer experience.

B2B White Label Travel
Portal Solution

Global GDS provides White
Label Portal, White Label B2C Travel Portal, White Label Travel Portal, Travel
Portal API, Flight XML API, and another travel portal
development services. We design customized White Label travel portals to
meet your establish needs. We want to be a one-stop shop for all your travel
technology requires by influencing the travel technology market with innovative
business solutions.

We create white label travel
portals that can establish income for you with every click. We try to
strengthen the client’s capacity by providing the best travel portal
development services, consequently helping them to achieve their objectives.
The aim of developing a travel and excursion portal is to develop the business
area for people who work in this industry and, at the same time, help online
users who visit such websites to find a join service.

What is White-Label

A white label solution is a
product or service which is improved by one company and rebrand and resell by
another company under their own brand logo. A white label solution is rebranded
and resell under your own brand logo to customers.

It is a solution, where
products/services are improved by one company (Company A) and these
products/services are sold by another company (Company B) under their own brand
name or logo. So, in other words, White Label is a travel product or service
which is generated by one company but sold by another under their own brand
name or logo.

Why White Label Solution and
how it helps Travel Agent and Tour Operators?

Global GDS is leading Travel
Technology Company provides innovative White label Solution for travel
agent, travel agency, tour operator, travel management company and destination
management company to setup Travel Website with advanced B2B/B2C Travel Portal
for Flight, Hotel, Tour, Transfer, Package, Activity to automate travel business
process and maximize earnings.

Our travel professionals
design and establish White-Label using advanced travel technology to deliver
highly customized white label solutions based on customer business

White Label Solutions to
Increase Your Revenue:

White-label Hotel Booking System

White-label Activities Booking System

White-label Restaurants Booking System

White-label Package Booking System

White-label Flight Booking System

White-label Transfer Booking System

Travel White Label Solution
Provider for B2C & B2B Booking Engine

A white label solution is a
pre-existing product or service that is rebranded by a company to make it
display as if it was improved in-house. This type of solution is often used by
travel entrepreneurs who want to set up their own brand and develop a
customized White Label travel booking
engine or solution. However, building a product from scratch and handling
every aspect of its development and marketing can be challenging in a
competitive travel industry. A white label solution allows a company to focus
on branding and marketing, while leveraging the expertise and resources of a
developed provider.

Global GDS white label
travel portal is a comprehensive solution for travel representatives who want
to include bus, flight, hotel, car, and holiday package bookings on their
websites. This portal allows representatives to access multiple inventory
sources for their bookings, and it also allows them to generate dynamic
packages with ease.

For more details, Pls visit our

Export Outlook to MBOX without Outlook
Export Outlook to MBOX without Outlook Maria Hirthe 21 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Export Outlook to MBOX without Outlook with the use of CubexSoft PST to MBOX Converter software. It is a supportive tool for all technical and non-technical users to convert unlimited Outlook data files to MBOX format with attachments. The software is also easy to convert batch Outlook emails in MBOX format at once on all editions of Windows OS & Mac OS. For getting more details about the tool, you can first utilize its free demo version, which allows you to analyze its working by moving 25 emails from each PST file to MBOX format without cost. To migrate bulk emails from PST to MBOX format you need to buy its Licensed Edition.
To know more, click here: ⁣

Web Development Company - FlightsLogic
Web Development Company - FlightsLogic Paul Razvan 28 Views • 2 years ago

⁣FlightsLogic provides Web Development Services, Custom Website Development to travel
agencies, tour operators, and travel management companies globally.

MacMister Email Backup Software for Mac
MacMister Email Backup Software for Mac Carter Will 17 Views • 2 years ago

Email Backup Software for Mac to backup emails and attachments from 80+ webmail sources such as AOL, Aruba, RediffMail, Gmail, Office 365, GMX, IMAP, and more. Includes multiple saving options to save webmail emails and attachments i.e. PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLx, OLM, MHT, HTML, IMAP, CSV, TXT, G Suite, Office 365, and more. 100% safe and secure to use. Provides multiple filters for specified migration. Delivers a friendly and simple interface. Easily accessible by all professional and non-professional users. Downloadable on all versions of Mac OS.
Know more -

The importance of a GDS System in the Travel Industry
The importance of a GDS System in the Travel Industry Paul Razvan 24 Views • 2 years ago

⁣In today’s era, having a GDS system and online presence is especially important to offer
competitive pricing, service, and convenience. Therefore, it is essential for
any travel agency and tour operators to immediately facilitate a GDS system if
they have not until now.

How to use Freeze Spray for board level repair?
How to use Freeze Spray for board level repair? Mobilesentrix 10 Views • 2 years ago

⁣This Freeze Spray is an important tool for motherboard repair. It can quickly detect short circuits on motherboards with this useful tool. Every repair shop owner wants this Freeze Spray. Mobilesentrix offers this top quality product at wholesale prices.

Metaverse Market Emerging Trends, Demand, Revenue and Forecasts Research 2030
Metaverse Market Emerging Trends, Demand, Revenue and Forecasts Research 2030 Harsh K. 51 Views • 2 years ago

⁣In 2022, the worldwide metaverse market is expected to be worth USD 105,597.5 million. From 2022 to 2030, it is predicted to increase at a 45.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). A growing focus on integrating the digital and physical worlds utilizing the Internet, the rising momentum and popularity of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR), as well as the outbreak of COVID-19, and the situation’s subsequent growth and outcomes, are all anticipated to drive revenue development.

B2C Travel Portal1
B2C Travel Portal1 Jhan ad 38 Views • 2 years ago

⁣B2C Travel Portal -

B2C travel portal is an online booking engine
with flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and packages modules, B2C online
Booking System provides the right tools that make the booking function faster
and simpler for all.

Our B2C online Booking
System provides the right tools that make the booking process faster and
simpler for all kinds of clients - corporate or end-customers. B2C travel portal software
can be integrated with best GDS systems like Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre and
third-party APIs / XMLs and LCCs. The portal facilitates travel agents, tour
operators, web portals consolidators sell, handle and collaborate with their
B2C clients and B2B partners and suppliers. It is a 100% web-based system.

Why Choose Apiintegration
for B2C Travel Portal?

Apiintegration has been
founded by a team of market specialist and develop out into a trustworthy
booking travel booking, B2C
Travel Portal and B2C Internet Booking Engine development company. We
thorough depend on both our team and our customers because for the booth we are
what Apiintegration is, one of the notable travel development companies in

We have partnered with
numerous national and DMC customers helping them develop their B2C Flight
Booking portal and also B2C Air Travel Ticketing booking app. As you all know
B2C means a portal which is operated by the Travel representatives or travel
development companies to help the travellers or customers’ book tickets for a
safe vacation, business tours, relative visit and more.

Are you looking for a travel
B2C platform to increase your sales?

Our B2C internet booking system
gives clients the option to consolidate our features on management system,
online travel agencies can resell inventory from multiple API suppliers and add
their own markups. We make booking process faster and simpler for all kinds of
customers and allow direct sale of tourism products on your website.

B2C means business to
client, to provide you improved turn around the ratio of customers. It is an effective
way to gain sales through searching and directly make their bookings. We aim at
providing good quality services at best cost. Our website consolidates wide
range of features for all customers and travel representatives. At
Apiintegration, you can get end to end travel solution with best hotels, rental
cars, airlines worldwide. Our B2C travel portal development opens gateway to
world market for your brand.

Our system responds directly
with different rates and availability to give you a better turnover through
integrated travel solution. So, if you are in a travel business and wants to
grow rapidly, then B2C travel portal is good way. Our highly experienced team
will pave a way for your achievement. We will take care of server, bandwidth,
IT infrastructure and require self-service tools to customers to conduct their
functions online. Apiintegration empowers your travel business. You can knock
our doors anytime.

How B2C Travel Portal Can
Increase the Conversion of Travel Business Providers?

B2C Booking Engine can improve the
communications between businesses and customers.

B2C Travel Portal helps to increase
interactivity that is beneficial to your business.

B2C Travel Software can also keep you fully
informed about the customers which are helpful for your business.

B2C Travel Portal is the main component of
every travel website that increases retail sales which helps the business to
sell more products and also helps to increase the revenue.

Benefits OF B2C Travel

Mobile | Any Device Compatibility

Easy Refund Policies

Maximize efficiency

Easy to book tickets

Saves time and money in operations

Send automated tickets to the customer by

Multi-currency support

Multilingual support

Mobile responsive website

Interactive portal for end user

Features of travel B2C

Suppliers and Integrated CRM

Payment Gateways

Graphical Reporting

Third Party Integration service

Multi language

Real Time inventory

API and GDS integrations

What is B2C portal

B2C is an acronym for
Business to Consumer. Like B2B, B2C is also a key element for travel website.
B2C is a Travel Portal
Development giving information about flight booking, hotel booking, tour,
transfer, package, and much more to customers. The portal enables customers to
search and book tickets online. Being a travel portal for retail sales, it
enables businesses to sale further and increment their ROI.

Apiintegration is a top B2C
Travel Portal Development Company providing B2C travel portal and online travel booking portal
to establish a full exceptional travel booking portal for tour operator, travel
agents, and travel companies so that they can yield high revenue eventually.

How B2C Travel Portal
Development Works?

A B2C travel portal is a
website that enables users or travel representatives to sell hotels, flights,
airport transfers, packages, and other travel items. Travelers expect a
user-friendly and technologically advanced travel platform with the boosting speed
of the travel industry. To ensure the complete development of a travel portal,
it is critical to consider every aspect of the clients.

Travelers prefer a portal that
requires an all-in-one solution to their travel issues, and client satisfaction
is the key to business success; it allows you to expand. The B2C travel solution is
the answer to all of your problems. It enables you to view all travel-related
searches on a single page, allowing clients to perform a hassle-free search.
The B2C travel portal solution is a cost-effective and effectively software

B2C Travel Booking Portal

Apiintegration delivers online travel technology
solutions for B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C travel portals. We grow XML based travel
portals for travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, travel corporate
and travel business. The travel portals can be integrated to different APIs for
flights, hotels, rental cars, buses with real time inventory. We are having
experienced team to expand customized B2C travel portal for your travel

We also provide B2C booking
software that gives customers the ability to direct search, select and book
tickets online. You can reach out to us for travel reservation software, travel
agency software, tour operator software, travel portal development, GDS
Integration, flight booking system, hotel booking system, car booking system,
bus booking system, tour package portal, travel website development etc.

What Are the Features of B2C
Travel Portal Development?

The main features of the B2C
travel portal development are:

B2C Travel Portal provides multilingual and
multicurrency support with various payment option services.

This B2C travel agency also provides a quick,
simple, and responsive website to the customers with a shopping cart facility
and barcode scanner API.

This portal provides static and dynamic
packages and chats and feedback options for the customers.

This B2C travel software provides the best
online travel marketing price with registration and membership for customers
which is very essential for customers.

This kind of portal provides instant details
and a third-party XML API integration service to the customers.

Benefits of B2C travel
portal development for Online Travel Business?

Real-time access to prices of flight, hotel,
car-rental, sightseeing, etc.

Full customer care support

Provides you cost-effective business

Get partnership with a worldwide travel
service provider

Better safety and flexibility to activate and
deactivate business

Building brand image of your business

Offers easy access to travel data in real-time

Maximizes ROI of the business

Increases your business efficiency

Booking system for global travel inventory

Services We Provide for B2C
Travel Portal Development

Excellent Platform

Management of Products

Reports & Export

Integrate XML/API

For All Devices

Web & App Available

Dashboard for Tracking

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

Hotel Booking Software
Hotel Booking Software johnny de 39 Views • 2 years ago

⁣The hotel booking software from Hotelsreservationsystem is one of a kind. The
online booking engine enables visitors to use the hotel website to handle
bookings seamlessly.

Best Travel API Provider In India
Best Travel API Provider In India Paul Razvan 36 Views • 2 years ago

⁣FlightsLogic is the leading and most trustworthy API provider Company in India. We offer ready-to-deploy APIs for various functions such as agency management, booking management, client management, pricing rules, aggregation, etc.

GDS API Cost Nathan D 49 Views • 2 years ago

⁣BookingXML provides GDS API, GDS API Cost, GDS API Integration to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies globally.

Online Reservation System
Online Reservation System Anna Faris 42 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Flightsreservationsystem provides Online Reservation System, Online Booking System, Booking API to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies globally. For more details, please visit our website:

☎ +1 844-736-3955 QuickBooks Print and PDF Problems [Troubleshooting Steps]
☎ +1 844-736-3955 QuickBooks Print and PDF Problems [Troubleshooting Steps] Fastcloud Global 5 Views • 2 years ago

is a feature-rich programme that business owners all over the world choose.
QuickBooks Print and PDF is one of its functions. QuickBooks users may run into
certain problems while using this tool, just like when printing PDFs, invoices,
and checks. Sometimes, users may find it difficult to resolve PDF and print

for expert guidance on the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool? If yes, feel
free to contact our QuickBooks Error Support team at +1 844-736-3955 and get
assisted immediately. Visit:

White Label Solution (1)
White Label Solution (1) Jhan ad 41 Views • 2 years ago

⁣White Label Solution – apiintegration

White label travel website is an online
booking portal that provide travel agents to sell hotels, flights, holidays,
buses and other travel products to their customers simply and quickly. They can
also handle all their financial transactions online and run numerous reports to
aid the smooth running of their company.

Apiintegration has been offering B2C
white label travel solutions to travel agents across the world allowing
them to start their own online travel company. With over 2000+ Whitelabel/API
partnerships already, our solutions provide you to engage with your customers
more closely while offering them a range and depth of services which were not
previously possible.

Apiintegration also offers B2A white label
travel portal that provides you to connect with other travel agents from your
network and provide them to make travel bookings at discounted B2A rates on the
portal using their own different login access.

What businesses need White Label Solutions?

The business intends to focus primarily on brand building
or developing innovative customer serving strategies.

Production requires a special registration or licensing.

The company intends to deploy a unique solution which is
better adjusted to the brand’s purposes, objectives, customer serving process,

The brand wants to see particular technical features that
cannot be found in any other platforms.

The brand wants to launch own white label business to
save a share of media-buying costs typically spent on commissions paid to
technology providers.

The brand wants to enter a new market and win the
competition in the new segment and has a vision on how to capture their aim
applying a unique piece of technology.

The company is very small or has only head staff on a
team. Still, it has the essential funds to start a business asap.

The company doesn’t want to put quality at risk
developing the new platform and simply acquires technology that their team
tried and liked before.

What are the benefits of white label solutions?

There are many benefits to adding resalable
and rebrand able white label digital solutions and services
to your core business model.

One of the largest benefits is scaling.
Making the most of white label services provide you to scale your business in
many ways, fast and securely.

Scale your offering.

Scale without employee overhead costs.

Scale your revenue.

Increase revenue and profits

Grow the reputation of your business

Improve client retention

Let you focus on your core values and brand

Which are the key features of White Label

White Label Solution Features:

Mobile-Friendly Design.

Customized Travel Portal/Website Development.

Highly Flexible.

B2B/B2C Travel Portal.

Booking Engine for flights, hotels, tours, transfers,

Real-time search & book functionality.

Third-Party API Integration.

Payment Gateway Integration.

Add Markup.


Multi- Language.

White Label Travel Website Development

A White
Label Travel portal is ready-made software for online travel company. In
White Label Travel portal API for online bookings/reservations is already
integrated which reduces the price of your travel portal development as you
need not to buy API separately. Through this software, you can make bookings,
reservations, bill payments and manage all your bookings same like a procedure
travel portal. A White Label Travel Portal is good for the new comers in the
travel & tourism market.

Apiintegration is best white
label system providing company in the travel industry. Apiintegration
white label portal has major GDS & LCC operators, third party
supplier’s/operators APIs integrated in the backend which makes your travel
portal rich in data.

Apiintegration delivers white label portal in
one working day, you just need to provide domain and payment gateway and
finalize your home page design and you are ready to go live in one day. White
label travel portal is a one-stop solution provider for all the technology
demands of travel representative, consolidators, corporate travel consultants,
hotelier and tour operators.

How White Label Solutions Help Businesses

You can probably already see some of the ways
that a white label solution will help your agency develop – which is the goal
for every size business. But that’s not the only reason, there are a lot of
additional advantages that you will enjoy when you adopt a white label
solution. You can:

Have a dashboard to manage a roll-up of all stores.

Offer your clients a more holistic service package, which
will increase your customer base.

Deliver your clients a cost-effective solution, while
increasing your revenue.

Save time by providing clients with an automated
reporting solution, making you look like the hero.

Be thrilled to not have to build-in branding yourself.

Quickly and easily automate reports and brand analytics
no matter what the size of your client base.

Roll out services to hundreds of clients, so scalability
will not be a problem.

Reap the benefits of having an embedded API solution, so
that it’s accessible to your external clients through your website.

What is white-label software?

White-label software is software that is
purchased by a business from a service provider and rebranded as its own. Most white
label software take place from software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses
that lease out the rights to their software or over an agreed-upon subscription

White-label SaaS products are generally a
combination of software and supporting services that are rebranded for various
business. They do this by either adding a customer’s brand elements to the
software, or providing an unbranded platform to their customers.

What are white labelling services?

White label products and services are
purchased by the latter company without branding. That way, the reseller can
customize the product with their own brand, logo, and identity, allowing
clients to associate the product with the reseller. Meanwhile, the manufacturer
can centre on finding cost-effective ways to make the product, without interest
for the product’s marketing.

White label software work well for everything
from cereal to tickets. Grocery stores sell cereal and other products with
their own brand name at a discount to other brands. Similarly, ticket resellers
can handle their ticket inventory more efficiently through a white label solution. This also
increases distribution so that fans have more option in where they can purchase

What is a White-Label Platform?

In the most basic sense, white label products
and services can be described as re-brandable and re-sellable items generated
by one company to be rebranded and exchanged by another company. White
label platforms create a product or service that can be simply rebranded
by a reseller company. A reseller company can then sell it as their product to

A white label agency platform enjoys access
to an extensive distribution network courtesy of its reseller partners. These
partners can take the original product or service and gain it easily without
having to spend time and resources on producing original goods. The major
selling point of a white-label app is invisibility since clients who buy the
product will not be aware that it came from a white-label platform.

B2B White Label Travel Portal Solution

Apiintegration offers White Label Portal, White
Label B2C Travel Portal, White Label Travel Portal, Travel Portal API, Flight
XML API, and another travel portal development services.

We design customized White Label travel
portals to meet your establish needs. We want to be a one-stop shop for all
your travel technology requires by influencing the travel technology market
with innovative business solutions.

We create white label travel portals that can
develop income for you with every click. We try to strengthen the customers
capacity by providing the best travel portal development services, consequently
helping them to achieve their objectives.

The aim of developing a travel and excursion
portal is to expand the business area for people who work in this industry and,
at the same time, help online users who visit such websites to find a join

Key Features of B2B White Label Travel Portal


Highly Flexible


Business Reporting

Payment Gateway Integration

Customized Travel Portal Development

Third-Party API Integration

Real-Time Search & Booking Functionality

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GDS API Nathan D 18 Views • 2 years ago

⁣BookingXML provides GDS API, GDS API Cost, GDS API Integration to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies globally.

Airline Reservation System
Airline Reservation System johnny de 37 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Airline Reservation System is a web-based booking solution that helps in consolidating
information from all airlines through the use of global distribution systems.
The system gives inventory and rates in real time to customers as well as
travel agents.

Best Corporate Travel Agency - FlightsLogic
Best Corporate Travel Agency - FlightsLogic Paul Razvan 9 Views • 2 years ago

⁣A corporate travel agency can give a complete service from start to end, so, you will not worry about anything while on a business trip. A modern corporate travel agency will provide you with all of the resources you require, including a mobile application through which you may submit your travel plans and request changes at any time.

XML API Integration
XML API Integration Jhan ad 51 Views • 2 years ago

⁣XML API Integration


XML API Integration performs as a source
of connection between the travel agency and supplier to be compatible so that
all the travel data of hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, activities can be
integrated into an online portal for the creation of a flexible and up-to-date
travel website with an exceptional customer experience.

Travel API
integrations provide you simple and transparent access to thousands of
third-party travels offers. This is your chances to become the online
destination of choice for travelers and partners by offering a broad selection
of travel products as separate services or packages.

Which Is the Best
XML/ API Integration Company for A Travel Agency?

We are the best Travel API Integration Company, provide hotel
booking and flight booking engine development with great experience in XML API
Integration such as GTA, Amadeus, Galileo, GDS, Amadeus, Sabre, TBO, Travel
Boutique Online, Arzoo, Path Finder etc.

We provide a unified
XML API Interface wherein you can handle your overall third-party supplier
inventory from a single window, rather than logging into various systems and
shuffling through various screens to access live fares. This minimizes your
effort and assists you focus on selling more.

Why Do You Need XML
API Integration?

If you are looking to
offer a fully customizable experience in delivering the top-notch travel booking service to your customers
with the help of APIs, we would like to introduce our service of Travel API
Integration. API integration is one of the custom developments in travel

We are a leading
provider of innovative & state-of-the-art Travel Portal Development and OTA Software
Solutions. We are a well-known provider of web, mobile and digital marketing
solutions. We are completely certified to work with and ability to carry out
complex API integration process with any GDS systems as well as any None GDS

Why Choose Us as Top
Travel XML API Integration Company?

In today’s
technology-oriented trade requirement of travel agencies, creating an online
travel portal by using XML API integration helps you grow your business without
increasing your workload.

We provide travel XML
API integration for all the suppliers in your system. For additional
flexibility, it provides data in JSON along with XML. With our XML API
integration your travel business no longer needs to create several APIs for
several suppliers. Our travel API integration standardizes this process and
provides a single interface with all suppliers integrated into it.

What Are the
Advantages of XML API Integration?

Easy Connectivity

24x7 Bookings Worldwide

B2B and B2C Online Reservation Engine

Instant Commission will be credited

Integrated Back-office system

Seamless integration with third-party

No pricey investment needed

Access to a remote database

For more details, Pls
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Travel API
Travel API Anna Faris 44 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Flightsreservationsystem provides Travel API, Travel API Cost, Travel API Provider, Booking API to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies globally. For more details, please visit our website:

Travel  API
Travel API Nathan D 38 Views • 2 years ago

⁣BookingXML provides Travel Portal API, Travel API Provider, Travel API to travel agencies and tour operators globally.

White Label Solution
White Label Solution Anna Faris 37 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Flightsreservationsystem provides White Label Solution, White Label Software, White Label System to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies globally. For more details, please visit our website:

Central Reservation Software
Central Reservation Software johnny de 13 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Central Reservation Software (CRS) remains a popular used
reservation system in the tourism sector. The CRS software enables travel
agents to promote sales and provide real-time information and details on
product or service availability, price, reservation, and booking.

Sightseeing API
Sightseeing API Jhan ad 49 Views • 2 years ago

⁣Sightseeing API

What is Sightseeing API?

Sightseeing is one of
the fastest-growing segments of online travel. Sightseeing API Integration enables you to
aggregate global sightseeing and activity content and distributes it through
multiple sales channels with your branding.

Being one of the
world's leading providers of sightseeing API, we are serving top travel businesses across the world. We
have worked with many major brands and helped them to grow immensely.

What You Can Get In
our Sightseeing API?

We integrated our
Sightseeing API to provide the best possible service to our customers. With our
simple Sightseeing API integration, travel management companies can incorporate
different activities and serve their customers with the most reliable data.

With the right
implementation of our sightseeing API, travel management
companies can offer the option to find different things to do at their travel
destination. It also assists the customer in deciding on a destination for
their journey. Aside from this search API, another significant benefit is that
it allows customers to search by price, date, and much more.

What makes us the
best API Integration Company?

We operate as the
best API integration company, assisting businesses in several ways. Whether it
is about connecting multiple applications or improving the value of an existing
arrangement, our integration works for all. Business applications that
integrate significant APIs provide more powerful functionalities than those
that operate independently.

While developing API integration solutions the main concern is
to fulfill client demands. Demands can differ from one business to the next
because different businesses use different strategies.

Advantages of our
Sightseeing API

Advanced sightseeing API solution

Allow access to endless sightseeing activities

It takes less time to promote services and
reduce costs.

Increased effectiveness

Simple and easy-to-use booking process

Filtered search results as per desired type and

Accessibility to select pick-up and drop-off

Custom tours with private transfers and guides

Key Features of our
Sightseeing API

HTML5 and CSS3 responsive design

Manage multiple XML suppliers at the same time

Real-time availability search

Advanced search available

Check the cancellation policy.

Sightseeing details about every point included
in the sightseeing

Apply filtration on available results

Utilize different markups on various XML

For more details, Pls
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IATA Software
IATA Software johnny de 9 Views • 2 years ago

⁣An IATA-accredited Travel Agency Is
Recognized Globally As A Professional Agency. The IATA Certification Helps To
Establish Trust With Customers.

Best White Label Travel Portal In India - FlightsLogic
Best White Label Travel Portal In India - FlightsLogic Paul Razvan 6 Views • 2 years ago

⁣FlightsLogic is a White Label Travel Portal company in India serving globally. Our primary focus is on offering businesses customized and ready-made platforms for bringing their operations online.

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