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How To Make a Line Graph in Excel - Line Graph in Excel

21 Views· 07/20/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers

⁣As you can see, this will be a simple tutorial shortcut, so without further hesitation, let's get started.

This is the data that will be the user for the line graph.

You have to follow the below mention steps:

1. Go to insert in the chart section
2. Click insert line or area chart
3. Go to the left corner and click on the basic line graph
4. Blank box right over here
5. Click on it and then select data
6. Select data in the line graph
7. Take a look at the left side
8. Click on add
9. Click on the title
9. Click on all the values that we need for the line graph
10. Series value click here
11. Click OK
11. Now click and drag on the values that we want to put in the line graph
12. Now we have to edit the horizontal category access label right here
13. Click on edit
14. Click on the first column and drag the way down to the end
16. I have all of the labels right here
17. Click on open

So this is how we create a simple line graph in excel

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