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How to Use Concatenate in Excel | Use the Excel Concatenate Function

9 Views· 07/26/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers
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⁣Welcome to our Channel..

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How to use Concatenate in Excel...

What is the Concatenate Formula and Why do we use it?

We can use it to combine names.

30 values are joined by the concatenate function, which outputs the results as text.

You just want the name' information. If you want to combine the data from the last and first main columns in one cell, doing so by hand would take a lot of time. We can use the concatenate function to automatically combine these data rather than manually doing so to finish the task right away.

Let's begin the instruction of tutorial

● As you can see, I have written the first name and last name in these two columns.


Now as you can see there is no gapping between so now we will type
If you want to add both the first and the last name type this formula to get a full name with the gap


If you want to use a Hyphen simply use the formula
= CONCATENATE (A2, “-”, B2)


If you want to add your full name in capital letter
You can add this formula
=upper (CONCATENATE(A2,“ “,B2))


And the same method goes with the full name with the lower cases
=lower CONCATENATE(A2,“ “, B2))
A2 double code open and double code close comma B2 bracket Close
And here it goes the full name with the gap


=A2 & “ “ & B2 and Start

That is in this video..

I hope you find it is helpful.

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