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Auto-rename Documents with Nanonets' Zap
Prithiv Sassisegarane
168 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Find out how to auto-rename PDF files or other documents with Nanonets: ⁣

Rename PDFs or any other document based on their content with this Zap. Customize this Zap to suit your renaming/naming conventions… View More

Board Book Builder | OnBoard Board Management Software
Business User
1,054 Views · 2 years ago

It all starts with building a board book in seconds. OnBoard empowers administrators to clone, drag, drop, and build the agenda and board book faster than ever. So that directors get materials sooner than ever.

OnBoard is the gift of time, an entire extra work-day saved every meeting cycle. Headaches gone. Last minute changes? So yesterday. Printing nightmares replaced tranquility.
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What is the Cloud? The Myths, Facts and Benefits
Business User
619 Views · 2 years ago

Despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing and the profound impact it's having on all businesses, misinformation and concerns are still prevalent. Many myths have built up around deploying and running applications in the cloud, and they are holding industries back from the security, functionality, compliance, and convenience offered by cloud solutions.

Watch this recording in… View More

OnBoard - Director Voices: We talked with Purdue Trustee Gary Lehman on the value of Board Software
Business User
232 Views · 2 years ago

We spoke with Gary Lehman, Purdue Trustee, Chairman of North Central Health Services, and Director at the Purdue Research foundation about the value OnBoard brings as he serves on multiple boards. View More

OnBoard Feature Focus: Leveraging the Collaboration Suite with the Messenger Release.
Business User
171 Views · 2 years ago

Join CSMs Jenni Washington & Gabe Smith as they dive into the feature and added benefits of in-app messaging*.

*OnBoard Messenger is open to OnBoard Enterprise, Collaboration Suite Subscribers, and as an ala Carte add on. View More

Maximizing Meetings: Best Practices for Management and Boards
Business User
559 Views · 2 years ago

Recently, a Harvard Business Review study reported approximately 40% of a manager’s time is spent in meetings and this percentage is even higher for executives. Did you also know that only 39% of meetings achieve their objectives? Meetings truly are lost opportunity costs but don't need to be.

On this recorded webinar you will learn:

Why improving the results of meetings… View More

OnSemble - Off-Road: 7.0 Sneak Peek!
Business User
1,014 Views · 2 years ago

Join us for an extra-special sneak peek at OnSemble 7.0!

See what we are working on for workgroups, navigation, documents, and alerts! View More

OnBoard Public Posting
Business User
312 Views · 2 years ago

OnBoard Public Posting immediately creates a public URL for you to share with the board, the public, and the media – anyone who needs to know what is being discussed in your public meeting and when. Public bodies can seamlessly share their meeting notice, agenda and all accompanying materials online for all stakeholders to review. It’s a perfect way for public bodies to go above and beyond,… View More

Everything You Need to Know about the OnSemble 5 0
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821 Views · 2 years ago

We unveiled the new OnSemble, a free upgrade to all customers, focused on making your Intranet richer, more collaborative, more flexible, and more rewarding for your employees. We showed how you can easily resize and rearrange your islands using drag and drop tools to bring your company culture to the forefront of your portal. We explored the key updates and improvements:

- New Look and… View More

Ever wondered about switching to a Board Portal?
Business User
883 Views · 2 years ago

It's time to rethink your Board Meetings! Passageways OnBoard is the industry's most advanced ways to go paperless. Introduction of iPads can change the way you meet with your Board and Committees.

Our revolutionary new application allows you to get Efficient, Get Secure, get Real-time, get Mobile, and even get Spoilt! Your staff and Directors will love the benefits from the… View More

Introduction to the OnBoard Global Suite
Business User
864 Views · 2 years ago

This brief walk through by CSMs Brian Martin & Adam Jividen consists of a guided tour of the OnBoard Global suite. View More

Strategic Thinking & The New World  Order of Governance Realities
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493 Views · 2 years ago

[Webinar] Strategic Thinking & The New World Order of Governance Realities

Is your Board governance changing as fast as the world is changing? How do boards learn, grow and thrive in this new governance paradigm?

In this webinar, we were joined by Board Governance Experts, Stuart R. Levine & Charles M. Elson to explore the challenges facing the leaders & governance… View More

Essentials for Good Governance Inside and Outside the Boardroom
Business User
805 Views · 2 years ago

We were joined by Paul Townsend, Director of UHY Hacker Young, a global accountancy firm, to discuss boardroom and director governance. In fact, the recently announced corporate government review by Parliament includes board composition and directors’ duties.

As the pressure grows to adopt corporate governance practices in the leadership teams of all organizations the challenges in… View More

Passageways Ice Bucket Challenge
Business User
506 Views · 2 years ago

What started off as a challenge to our CEO, Paroon Chadha, quickly spread to the whole company. Last week, Passageways Pathfinders took on the Ice Bucket Challenge fighting and helping bring awareness to ALS. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. With 1 in every 50,000 people affected, it is a… View More

Six Fundamentals for Success: Create a Culture of Results in 2017
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244 Views · 2 years ago

[Webinar] The Six Fundamentals of Success: Create a Culture of Results in 2017

Start the new year off with a leadership perspective that will provide you with the critical tools for adapting and thriving in a world that has changed forever.

We were joined by accomplished author and executive consultant, Stuart R. Levine. You will see how to get it right for yourself and your… View More

Make Your Board Happy | OnBoard Board Management Software
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905 Views · 2 years ago

OnBoard combines powerful engineering with clear insights into how real boards work. The result is board software with unrivaled ease of use and versatility that makes boards happy.

This is what makes OnBoard different. It’s board meeting software your board will actually use. It honestly makes directors happy. The whole product was created with the guidance of real board members.… View More

OnBoard Messenger | OnBoard Board Management Software
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748 Views · 2 years ago

OnBoard Messenger is a whole new way to collaborate around board work. Directors, administrators, and executives can simply start a direct conversation or bring in the entire board into the discussion. It’s all in the same OnBoard app you already use and trust. It’s safer than email and more secure than a text message.

Learn More: View More

eSignatures | OnBoard Board Management Software
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284 Views · 2 years ago

The eSignatures workflow in OnBoard is a fast, streamlined process. Administrators simply upload the document that needs a signature and appended where the singer must act. Directors immediately receive a notification that a signature is pending, and with just one click they sign their name. That’s it.

Learn More: View More

OnSemble Intranet - With You From Day One
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554 Views · 2 years ago

An intranet that employees will love, and actually use. That’s OnSemble. An always connected hub to chat, track goals, discover the latest company news, and collaborate anywhere, on any device. It's an employee that’s been there since day one, who remembers every document and procedure, that’s always ready to make new employees fill right at home because everything is always within… View More

Stan Hanstad – Board Director: OnBoard Elementals Paper and Drives Better Meetings
Business User
151 Views · 2 years ago

Downey Director Stan Hanstad demonstrates just how much paper he has saved over the previous six months. View More

Nancy Boettger, Regent, State of Iowa Board of Regents – AGB OnBoard Customer Story
Business User
418 Views · 2 years ago

State of Iowa Board of Regent Nancy Boettger talked to us about how AGB OnBoard is a natural digital board experience. That AGB OnBoard was built to be easy to use for Trustees and Regents, that information is arranged in an intuitive way, upcoming meetings are front and center, and its accessibility has made the transition easier than she ever thought. View More

Adam Dian - Design Changes
Business User
622 Views · 2 years ago

Adam Dian walks through upcoming OnSemble design changes. View More

Lobby Management Fundamentals
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890 Views · 2 years ago
Why An Intranet is a Must Have Strategic Investment For 2017
Business User
272 Views · 2 years ago

As you consider your 2017 strategic investments, you might be thinking about new office fixtures or opening new branches, but have you considered your digital infrastructure?

Passageways Director of Business Development Matt Maxwell explored how an intranet portal can drive employee engagement, education, and retention while streamlining communications.

What's an employee… View More

Webinar - Board Meeting Optimization: Driving Excellence
Business User
828 Views · 2 years ago

Passageways was joined by Peter Gleason, President and CEO of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), which empowers more than 17,000 directors, including 87% of organizations in the Fortune 1000, to lead with confidence and be well-prepared for tomorrow’s challenges in the boardroom. Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates, international best-selling… View More

OnSemble - SharePoint Alternative Employee Intranet Portal
Business User
303 Views · 2 years ago

Imagine an employee intranet you can manage yourself. That is ready to be deployed and loved, right out of the box. Without the need for IT or expensive consultants. If you can make a PowerPoint, you can create a beautiful intranet portal with OnSemble.

Learn more about OnSemble employee intranet: View More

I Love My Customer Success Manager
Business User
195 Views · 2 years ago

Passageways Customers speak from the heart. Each journey is unique, that's why every Passageways customer has a dedicated success manager – someone who is as devoted to your success as your team is.

They truely become family.

To learn more visit View More

Board & Management Succession Planning: Best Practices for Sustainable Success
Business User
902 Views · 2 years ago

[Webinar] Board & Management Succession Planning: Best Practices for Sustainable Success

Passageways was joined by Dennis Whalen, KPMG Partner and Leader of the KPMG Board Leadership Center, which champions outstanding governance to help drive long-term organizational value. Stuart R. Levine, Chairman and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates, international best-selling leadership… View More

The Simplicity Story
Business User
423 Views · 2 years ago

Simplicity Credit Union tells their story:

“Overall the biggest impact of OnSemble is just how easy it is to manage,” Laszewski said, “That we no longer have to depend on the IT department or programming knowledge. Setting up a page and making it look beautiful is a matter of just drag and drop, resizing an image. The simplicity of learning it and navigating it.”
View More

OnSemble System Permissions Overview
Business User
1,035 Views · 2 years ago

The System Permission App ensures that only the right people have access to the right data and programs they need to do their jobs.

By leveraging role-based templates, System Permissions streamlines managing and extending permissions when individuals join your organization, when they change roles, or when they exit your team. View More

OnBoard Integrated Video Conferencing | Exclusive Zoom Integration | Board Management Software
Business User
655 Views · 2 years ago

OnBoard is board management software that provides one tap access and easy set-up for every major video conferencing provider. And it's the only board portal that integrates directly with Zoom. So you can meet together, even when you're apart.

Learn more at View More

A conversation with Brad Weaver, First Home Bank
Business User
401 Views · 2 years ago

Brad Weaver, CEO of First Home Bank, discusses his bank's OnBoard experience. View More

A conversation with Mary Hodge, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Business User
442 Views · 2 years ago

Mary Hodge, Compliance Program Administrator for Excellus BlueCross BlueShield spoke to us about how OnBoard has impacted her board, how Excellus prepares meeting materials, and why she would recommend onBoard to others. View More

OnBoard - Director Voices: Real Directors and CEOs on How Board Management Software Drives Value.
Business User
585 Views · 2 years ago

We heard from real CEOs, board directors, and board chairs on how OnBoard drives value by increasing meeting engagement, bolstering time management, and creating more time for strategic discussions at their meetings. Why board management software changes the way directors review, discuss, and deliberate around impactful decisions.

Frank Padak, President & CEO, Scott… View More

Measuring & Transforming Corporate Culture to Minimize Risk & Improve Evaluation
Business User
496 Views · 2 years ago

Has your board oversight extended to incorporate culture? Have you considered how to measure your organizations ‘Corporate Culture’? Wondering how culture is a contributor to risk? Can cultural transformation help improve organizational valuation?

Leaders today identify the profound influence culture has on people’s behavior, innovation and customer service. While a significant… View More

Scott Credit Union | Inspiration & Engagement in the Boardroom and Beyond
Business User
632 Views · 2 years ago

After using OnBoard as part of the Armed Forces Financial Network board, Frank Padak found value and efficiency. He brought back those efficiencies to his board at Scott Credit Union. Scott Credit Union found out that Passageways also does employee intranets. Watch as they explain their journey from OnBoard to OnSemble and how these two product strengthen their corporate values for communication… View More

Engagement Analytics | Exclusively From OnBoard
Business User
554 Views · 2 years ago

Engagement Analytics brings real-time insights into how your board works. Know when board books are read, where annotations are made, and what sections are receiving the most attention from the board. It makes meetings smarter by bringing data to bear, shining light on topics that demand an extended discussion.

Learn more at View More

Alliant Credit Union Leverages OnBoard To Improve Governance
Business User
877 Views · 2 years ago

Nearly a decade ago Alliant adopted the first edition of Passageways board technology for their board and committee meetings, shifting cold turkey to a fully digital board experience. “For years we had produced these very large paper packets for our board meetings. There would be a tremendous amount of information gathering, editing, assembling, and then shipping to our board,” recalled David… View More

Notes and Annotations | OnBoard Board Management Software
Business User
549 Views · 2 years ago

Your review is aided by built-in annotation tools to mark up your book. You can highlight, draw, or even leave yourself a sticky-note. OnBoard helps bring your expertise to bear on every board discussion.

Learn More: View More

OnSemble: More Than An Employee Intranet from Passageways
Business User
244 Views · 2 years ago

The get work done, you create the magic employee intranet portal. A platform of unlimited possibilities. Empowering over 55,000+ People and Organizations. Join the 650+ portal communities. OnSemble is More Than An Intranet Portal. "Passageways brought our intranet beyond where we thought possible." - Bob Falk, CEO, Purdue Federal Credit Union

Learn more about OnSemble employee… View More

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