We have designed BisVue to be the ultimate platform for professionals to share and view videos. Our goal is to create a single destination where businesses can learn, teach and promote their business. In order to do so we needed to develop a number of features to support those categories.

Video Lead Generation

Businesses have different goals when it comes to videos than individuals. While individuals may want clicks, businesses often want leads. To support that we have developed the functionality that allows businesses to gate their videos behind lead forms in order to drive leads. So businesses can post their latest webinar to BisVue and still capture leads and download those leads with the click of a button.

Pay to Watch

The challenge with some other video platforms is that content creators are paid for advertising clicks. This has been great for many content creators, but it also does not create incentives to produce long-form videos that will teach users because the return on that effort is limited to the number of ad clicks you get. We want creators to create meaningful videos that teach professionals how to do their jobs more effectively, so we let content creators to charge users to view an individual video. So if an SEO expert creates a video class on how to do SEO, that expert can charge the viewer $10 to view that class.

Business Categories for Video

Finally, BisVue is dedicated to business content. There are no trick shots or music videos. We review every video to make sure it is dedicated to business and offer categories that are business related. This means professionals can quickly find the videos that are most important to them and not wade through all of the other stuff which may be interesting isn’t relevant.