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How to Split First and Last Names in Excel | Excel Split Names Tutorial

80 Views • 08/12/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers

⁣Hello Everyone, Hope you are doing well.

Here is one quick tutorial about “How to Split First & Last Names in Excel”.

So, without wasting your time let’s know about it.

The first and foremost key aspect is the data which we have to split. As shown in the video, the full name of the student was already mentioned and the outcome needed was to split the name into the First and last name column.

You just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Select the data that you want to separate in your excel workbook.
2. Then click on the Data tab and Go to data tools.
3. Then choose the function “Text to Columns”. A pop-up window will appear.
4. You can choose the Delimited option. (if you are working on a table where items are separated with commas or a space)
5. Then, click on Next.
6. Now, you will get some lists of "characters with Delimiters" names in the table.
7. According, to the table, stated: The delimiter here is Space. (in case there are more than one delimiter, then you can choose accordingly)
8. Then on the right side of the screen, click on the box "Treat consecutive delimiters" as one.
9. You can cross-check the result at the bottom of the window "Data preview"
10. Then click on the Next option.
11. At the last, you can adjust the formatting.
Note: At the last, set the destination of the column (from which cell you want the result to appear, eg: In the given table the destination set is B2)
12. Now, click on finish.

Hope so, this information about splitting the first and last names in Xcel was helpful to you.

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