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1,686 Views · 3 years ago

Here's an overview of what our construction management app will do to help you and your team build more efficiently.
1,646 Views · 3 years ago

How to use our page builder.
1,545 Views · 3 years ago

Merrily McGugan⁣, Senior Director of Global Brand and Communications at LogicMonitor provides a marketing master lesson in 8 minutes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that drive growth:

- Companies must establish collaboration between sales and marketing and agreed upon mutual goals and SLAs
- If you are looking for a career change in marketing, look for organizations that give marketing a real seat at the table
- Real, transformative growth requires that the entire company is rowing in the same direction and there is hyper-focus on keeping the momentum
- Is the statement, "Nothing beats experience" true? Or, is there something else to look for when trying to hire top performers?
- 2020 is the proof that you need to stay agile
- Startups need to start by solving a critical problem

Finally, Merrily beautifully articulates why businesses need to invest in video. If you needed an answer in whether to move forward with video, listen to her answer and you will be sold.
1,540 Views · 3 years ago

🤩Running a dropship business is all about finding ways to sell products efficiently, and ideally ones that your competitors don't sell.

A great way to accomplish both of those things is to sell private label products. But, a dropship company is only as good as the products it sells, and the return on investment for each item.

🌟Therefore: You need to make sure you start up your venture into private label sales in smart ways.

In this video, we give you all the steps you'll need to take to research items for conversion to private label, as well as what to look for in a warehousing partner. We give you a glimpse into what our company does to help make life easier for any dropship company. And, how we can help you make your mark in the world of private label sales.

🏆If you want to start-up in the world of dropship private label business, check out this video today!

For more info, head here ➡️

To start dropship Private Label Product click here ➡️

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#PrivateLabelDropshipping #DropshippingGuide #DropshippingTutorial #eCommercestore #onlineshopping #DropshipPrivateLabelProduct

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1,517 Views · 3 years ago

🦄Has your dream always been to open your own digital business and to work from home?

Dropshipping allows you to open a store and start selling in just a few hours and with really low startup costs, because you don’t need to buy products in advance or manage your shipping.

That's all well and good, but what does it look like in practice? Well, if you've ever wondered how to become a dropshipper, we've got the perfect video for you!

🎬Watch our video lesson to understand how to start your online business and avoid the most common mistakes.

To have even more info follow this link ➡️

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#dropshipper #workfromhome #makemoneyonline #dropshippingstore

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1,472 Views · 3 years ago

Your first funnel with Convertri.

1,409 Views · 3 years ago

Learn how Deloitte can help restaurant and food services companies navigate the new lease accounting standards. For more information, please visit at:
1,365 Views · 3 years ago

It's amazing what you can do with Dropshipping, considering that you could have access to pretty much anything you see on the market. 🥰

Though, you should pay attention to the products you decide featuring in your store and avoid those that look great but could be a real pain in the rear.

This video will give you some tips about the product selection for your Dropshipping business. We will get into 5 different types of items, with specific characteristics, that you should consider when picking products for your Dropshipping business. We will also explain why they're important and why avoiding them, can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle.

🏆So, if you want to run a successful dropshipping business and avoid all the products that are going to drag you down, then check out our video and put our tactics into effect.
For more info, click here ➡️

Plus, you could use the time you saved to check out our Dropshipping tool and platform, Yakkyofy! ➡️

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#ProductsAvoidDropshipping #DropshippingMistakes #DropshippingTips

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00:28 Large, difficult products
01:11 Gray area products
01:39 Dangerous Items
02:10 Fake items
1,345 Views · 3 years ago

The Dropshipping sector is becoming every day more competitive. 😖

Selling anonymous items is becoming more expensive and with traditional dropshipping retain old customers is quite difficult.

🚀The key to a successful dropshipping business is now to create your own brand, to build customer loyalty and gain money on returning customers.

But where do you find a supplier that can help you dropship private label products? Try Yakkyofy.

Yakkyofy not only can help you dropship private label products, but is the only software that will help you do that with a few clicks directly from your laptop, no excel file or documents needed.

Start boosting your dropshipping business today, by private labeling your products.

Learn more here ➡️

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#dropshippingprivatelabel #privatelabelproducts #customizeddropshipping #dropshippingsupplier

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1,276 Views · 3 years ago

Have you ever had to track a package from China?
Maybe you found the process difficult or even confusing. However, it's an important part of dropshipping all the same.

Figuring out how to track a package from China can help you make sure that your products get to your customers in a timely manner and, in case of problems, to act promptly to avoid returns and complaints.

So how can you track your parcels? We've created a quick video that can teach you everything you need to know!

🎬Watch it to get some useful tips and to learn how to recognize your tracking numbers, so that you stay clear of scams!

We'll also look at some of the world's most popular tracking websites so you stay in the loop on all of your product deliveries.

If you'd like to learn more about how to track a package from China, dropshipping in general, or how you can manage products and automate your fulfillment process, make sure to click on the following link for more information 👉

To try Yakkyofy’s services click here 👉

For more awesome videos ➡️

#trackpackagefromChina #shippingfromChina #dropshippingproducts #dropshippingorders
#dropshippingguide #dropshippingtutorial


🏆Some useful links to track your packages for free here:

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1,234 Views · 3 years ago

In this demo video you will learn how to handle multiple browser tabs witht he same title.

Looking for more Tricentis tutorials? Subscribe to the Tricentis Academy Channel- the new home of Tricentis Tosca in a Heartbeat and much more!

1,229 Views · 3 years ago

⁣Magento 2 Guest to Customer by Meetanshi automates the guest to registered customers conversion after the checkout step.

Magento 2 stores are benefitted in various ways when a guest is converted to a registered customer. Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension that automates the guest user conversion to registered customers from the admin panel.

The extension allows easy registration at the store. Moreover, it helps to collect the maximum customer database that can be used for marketing purposes. This information can also be used to offer a personalized experience to the store customers. With the Guest to Customer for Magento 2, the customers can have a quick purchase and checkout with the saved billing information. With better facilities for registered customers than
guest users, win their trust and build a loyal customer relationship!

Admin can not only automatically convert guest users to customers after checkout, but also assign a suitable customer group. The customers are then notified via Email of the account credentials and the login link.

Benefits of Magento 2 Guest to Customer:
* Facilitates admin to convert guest users to registered customers after checkout.
* Assign the suitable customer group when automatically converting a guest user to registered
* When a converted customer places an order with the previous guest user Email ID, the module
assigns this order and all the previous orders to the new account automatically.
* Send the new account credentials and link to the login page in the notification Email to the
newly converted customers.
* Select the desired notification Email template.
* Facilitate easy registration at the store.
* Collect customer data which can be used to improve the marketing efforts.

For more information, visit

1,193 Views · 3 years ago

If you run bin/magento CLI command for Magento 2 you may have " Permission denied" errors. To solve it check the video and read the article:

1,168 Views · 3 years ago

Forget VLOOKUPS and long formulas - learn how to create a lookup column in Airtable in a few simple clicks.
1,141 Views · 3 years ago

Transcribe any video into a Website post or ebook with a few minutes.

Automatic screenshots at scene changes are auto linked to the source video.

Great for SEO, Podcasters, Video Podcasters, Course creators and your YT Channel.
1,135 Views · 3 years ago

Social media can make effective eDiscovery challenging, XACT Data Discovery recorded this webinar to help you work through the issues.
1,121 Views · 3 years ago

In this video, we look at how to create a Story, navigate the UI, and learn about the basic building blocks of a SharpCloud Story.
1,118 Views · 3 years ago

The work world is transitioning with digitization, automation, and acceleration, so how can your business stay ready for the next big thing?

David Blake takes a deep dive into the Skills Quotient, to understand the skills your employees have versus what they need, and how that creates a competitive advantage.
1,118 Views · 3 years ago

Billy and Brook Taylor are the National Small Business Persons of the Year for 2014. Learn more about their story and their business - Pacifica - in this video.
1,116 Views · 3 years ago

Our CEO, Sridhar Vembu, shares his thoughts on the importance of being resilient as an organization, and the experiences he's had with navigating Zoho through two financial crises.
1,110 Views · 3 years ago

Learn how to change video quality options for screen recordings on Droplr!

Check out our article to discover more on how to screen record with audio on Droplr and other platforms:
Check out our Google Chrome Extension:
1,110 Views · 3 years ago

Welcome to Test Invite!

In this video, creating a Multiple-Choice question using Type & Paste method is demonstrated

Test Invite lets you create secure online exams with lots of features such as time limits, multiple sections, audio/video questions and open ended questions. Check out our other tutorials to learn more on how to use our online exam software.

You can start taking your FREE demo exam here:
Sign up to start creating your own exam:
1,106 Views · 3 years ago

Manufacturing is shifting into the digital age, and it’s not only the technologies that are experiencing a transformation. Shifting from siloed and hierarchy-driven business practices to data-driven decision making requires a more collaborative environment, and the cultural changes that go along with this shift can often be intimidating for management. In many cases, manufacturers that implement new technologies and scale them up within the organization are met with an immediate backlash from their shop floor employees. This clash of cultures and the reticence of employees to embrace these systems often comes as a surprise and may even halt a project in its tracks.

Thus, to enable a successful, non-combative implementation of new technology, it is vital that organizations do not underestimate the value of organizational alignment and their shop floor culture as a part of their digital transformation roadmap. MachineMetrics customer, AccuRounds, achieved organizational alignment around their IoT platform implementation, and their process and success has been documented for this webinar.

In 2017, AccuRounds began talks with MachineMetrics and installed their machine monitoring system on ten CNC machines in January 2018. Within a year, they had connected twenty-three machines and were driving process improvements and greater collaboration between engineers and machinists. Because of AccuRounds’ history of building a strong culture from the front office to the shop floor, the team worked to deliberately manage the tensions that came to the surface during their first few months after installation. This webinar will explore their personal experience along with other tips for understanding and shifting organization culture in manufacturing.

1,105 Views · 3 years ago

Outbound Sales: Starting an outbound sales function for your organization.

In this video, sales expert Aaron Ross, co-CEO of Predictable Revenue Inc., talks about the importance and relevance of outbound sales as a critical sales function, and if it is still an effective approach in 2019.

He talks about when an organization should focus on outbound sales efforts to grow their business, while still maintaining the model of funneling quality leads.

Learn about which boxes you absolutely must check, before starting an outbound sales team for your organization

To watch more videos on sales, get sales tips, and insights, subscribe to our channel and visit:

This video is brought to you by Freshsales CRM - an all-in-one CRM that gives you everything you need to attract, engage, close, and nurture your leads.
1,104 Views · 3 years ago

Yakkyofy è l’unico software che rende completamente automatica la gestione di un eCommerce in Dropshipping.

Gestiamo in modo agile e veloce ogni tipo di servizio: dalla ricerca prodotto, all’evasione degli ordini, dalla spedizione dei pacchi all’invio dei tracking number.

Grazie al nostro software il dropshipper può risparmiare oltre il 50% del tempo richiesto per la gestione della sua attività digitale e dedicarsi a ciò che gli riesce meglio: la promozione dei suoi prodotti.

Oggi, per migliorare il nostro software e pubblicizzare la nostra azienda a livello internazionale abbiamo deciso di lanciare una campagna di crowdfunding su Mamacrowd.

Guarda subito il nostro video di presentazione e se vuoi essere protagonista di questa nuova rivoluzione commerciale, inviaci subito la tua partecipazione su Mamacrowd.

#startup #crowdfunding #crowdfundingcampaign #dropshippingecommerce #dropshipping
1,103 Views · 3 years ago

Employers will incur expenses as soon as a worker files a claim. That's why the best way to win a lawsuit is to avoid it altogether—and HR professionals can help by ensuring the company's processes are perceived as fair.

Read the full story:

The Form I-9 is a complicated document that recently has been changed, so employers should be vigilant about avoiding common mistakes when filling it out, cautioned Becki Young, an attorney with Hammond Young Immigration Law in Silver Spring, Md.

Music by
1,101 Views · 3 years ago

What is obfuscation? When would you need obfuscated servers?

Get NordVPN here and enjoy online security and privacy:

If you’re watching this video on Youtube right now, you may consider yourself lucky.

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the freedom to visit any website they want.

In some countries, the Internet is domestically regulated to the very extreme: people can’t access websites that fall under tight censorship, and their freedom of speech online is very limited.

What’s even more threatening, VPN services that help Internet users to bypass the censorship, are sometimes blocked as well.

So the regions where the cyber environment is extremely complicated, for example, in China or the Middle East countries, require advanced methods for a VPN app to work.

Obfuscation is the solution that saves the day.

Obfuscation involves high technological complexity. It works as a “plan B” mechanism, looking for alternative ways to connect to VPN whenever the standard method fails.

In NordVPN, users have to enable an alternative list of obfuscated servers if the regular way of connecting to VPN isn’t working.

But please note that obfuscated servers are exclusively dedicated for connecting from heavily restricted environments.

In any other cases, the regular and other specialty servers work perfectly. There’s no need nor extra benefits from connecting obfuscated servers.

So again, the obfuscation solution in NordVPN is designed to overcome the Internet censorship and restrictions, giving the possibility for Internet users in heavily restricted regions to reclaim their freedom of choice and speech.

Get NordVPN here:
1,100 Views · 3 years ago

Elevate the Payback on Your Procure-to-Pay Investments

CFO's, Controllers, and Operation Leaders came together to tackle the time-consuming global payables problem and dive into the changing role of finance in today's difficult times. Mike Canniff, CEO of PyanGo, delivered this presentation on Advanced Budgetary Control.

About This Presentation
More businesses are automating their procure-to-pay (P2P) process to improve visibility over the spend. But P2P automation is not enough! Elevate the payback on your P2P investments with PyanGo’s budgetary control solution.

Our advanced technology integrates with NetSuite to extend the value of P2P solutions by --
• Achieving complete visibility into spending from the point of requisition
• Enforcing budget availability in real-time as requisitions and purchase orders are created
• Improving the accuracy of your budget versus actual reporting
• Proactively monitoring and controlling enterprise spending

See for yourself how PyanGo can extend the value of your P2P investments.
1,099 Views · 3 years ago

This is a short introductory video to explain the basic concept behind the forghetti password management application. Available across all platforms, forghetti enables you to manage passwords without them being stored anywhere. They are generated when the user draws a doodle. For more information, refer to
1,099 Views · 3 years ago

PDQ Inventory offers 3 types of collections; Collection Library, Static collections, and Dynamic collections. Lex shows you how to navigate, view, and create collections.

Can't get enough PDQ? Commence stalking in 3... 2... 1...
- Twitter - General info: @admarsenal
- All things PDQ Deploy: @pdqdeploy
- All things PDQ Inventory: @pdqinventory
- Package Library updates: @packagelibrary
- Alerts and Technical updates@pdqalerts
Our blog:
Instagram: @pdqlife
1,098 Views · 3 years ago

In this short tutorial, we will cover how to manage your push notifications. A push notification is a message that pops up on your mobile device. With SalesScreen, you can easily select when and for what types of actions you should receive mobile push notifications.

1,098 Views · 3 years ago

In this video we show how to create a custom title block using an existing DWG file as a starting point. We cover creating a simple template, importing the external file, and then adding Tekla Structures value fields to show drawing information in the titleblock. Finally, we use the new drawing layout editor to place our new titleblock in place.
1,097 Views · 3 years ago

In this quick tutorial, we will show you how to use our handy InphoniteVoice Mobile App while on the go!

1,096 Views · 3 years ago

Create, share and export customer journey maps and personas in minutes with UXPressia - a platform for visualizing user experience.
1,096 Views · 3 years ago

Dropshipping is a great way to do eCommerce and to grow your online business in the global economy.

🕵️‍♂️Yet, finding the right dropshipping products can make the difference between a failing and thriving enterprise. That's why it's so crucial that you understand the process of searching for the type of dropshipping products you want to sell. And, perhaps even more importantly, which company you want to partner with to fulfill your orders.

If you're looking to dive into dropshipping, but you aren't sure how to look for the right dropshipping products and suppliers, you're in the right place.

🎥In this video, we will go over the basics of how to search and find the dropshipping items that will work best for you. We will talk about finding the gaps where there are products that are available but not easily accessible to the public. And we will discuss the importance of choosing a niche and using the right online tools to research your potential dropshipping products.

Check out this video today, and for more info, head here ➡️

To start dropshipping right away, signup for a free Yakkyofy account here ➡️

For more awesome videos, click here ➡️

#dropshippingproducts #hotproducts #dropshippingbestsellers #dropshipping suppliers

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00:31 FIND A GAP
02:36 OUTPUT

1,096 Views · 3 years ago

Trevor talks to Ali Ruppenthal about her role as a professional production designer for TV, Film and Commercials in Los Angeles. She demonstrates a few DIY tips for a low budget, office-based video shoot.

Watch Wistia's first Original Series, "One, Ten, One Hundred" over at

Business User
1,090 Views · 3 years ago

Don’t waste any more time analysing raw measurements. Let our analytics engines compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal.

Here is a brief tutorial of the Sentinel Trends tab on our Wattics dashboard.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at or contact us at
1,089 Views · 3 years ago

How to set up a fresh site on Convertri using our nameservers.

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