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How to Use the Countif Function in Excel | Excel COUNTIF Function

27 Views • 08/16/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers

⁣Hello Everyone, How are you doing today?

In today's video, we have a new instruction for you.

How to use the count if function in excel?

Without further hesitation, let's get started with this really simple video.

● One of Excel's statistical functions is to count if

● It's an excellent function to use if you have a range of cells and you want to count how many of them satisfy a certain criterion that matter if using a superb function.

Let me demonstrate now.

If the function is used, how is calculated?

Here is a data table with columns for the year and value.

● A value of 2005 has been entered in the criterion column as a representation of the year 2005.
● This value will be used as a variety of criteria.

Let's begin by typing the count if command.

The two-parameter range and the criterion cells that you wish to count depending on the criteria are the first two inputs for the count if function.
The standards by which to select which cells to count

Initial range
Standard criterion
We'll now enter the range A2 TO A7

● The criteria that will be applied to the range A2 to A7must now be entered.
● This criterion may be either a value or a reference to a cell that contains a value.
● Next, I will enter D2 2005.
● The count if value, will test each value in the range A2:A7. Check to see if its success in 2005
● Now that we have entered the two parameters, let's check the number of returns from the functions to see if the value one is displayed.
● This value will be determined by examining the values in the cells (A2:A7) and counting only those cells that contain the value 2005 in this instance.

Hence, A3 our count

This is how to use excel simple count in if function to return the value 1.

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