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How To Make Pie Chart in Excel | Create a Pie Chart in Excel

44 Views • 07/27/22
Dancing Numbers
Dancing Numbers

⁣Hello Everyone...

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So, In today's video, we're going to show you how to create a pie chart in Excel.

So without further giving too much away, let's begin.

A graph is a great method for effectively and visually presenting data.

Prior to anything else, we must choose the area with the essential data.

● Next, select the Insert tab to present the graph.
● Go to section Charts
● Select the pie charts option
● There are additional chart design options, but we will select the first one for now.
● The chart will be immediately drawn in Excel and added to the spreadsheet.

Let's now see what we can do to make the chart better or more appealing to us.

The chart's position can be changed in a very straightforward manner-

● Click on the blank space in the chart area
● Move the chart in any direction using the left mouse button to position it exactly where you need it.
● Additionally, you can give your pie chart any name you like.
● You can edit the caption by clicking on it, then type your title and sales information.
● You can easily modify the chart's color and style to suit your preferences.
● You can access the design area, select the design tab, and change the colour as well.
● The entire craft's design is adjustable and flexible as per your need.

Thus, this is how an Excel pie chart is made.

Isn't the presentation very clear?

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