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Where it the best place to post my video resume? What is the best site to host my video resume?

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⁣Though it is often an afterthought, choosing where to upload your video resume can be critical to you finding a great job. There a number of factors for you to consider:
You do not want your video being interrupted by ads or forcing the hiring manager to wait for the ads to run before viewing your resume.
You also don't want irrelevant or distracting videos to surround your resume that make you look unprofessional.
Plus, you really don't want to spend a lot of money just to host your resume.

So what is the best solution?

BisVue.com is the best choice for posting your video resume...why?
BisVue doesn't have video ads to distract or delay the viewing of your resume
BisVue has a dedicated video resume category making finding your resume easier
BisVue only has videos for businesses and professionals, meaning no trick shots or gamer videos to make you look unprofessional
Your BisVue profile allows you to put your best foot forward and share the details about your job experience that really matters
You can upload and embed your video anywhere as many times as you would like
BisVue is optimized for search engines so your video resume will show up in many more employer searches
BisVue is free

Get started today by creating a free account on BisVue.com, upload your video resume and choose the video resume category...that is it!

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