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PLATFORMS FOR FREE PROMOTION OF ANY BUSINESS Code Inspiration 824 Views • 3 years ago

⁣Here is the list of major aggregators - business listing services to submit a profile of your business for free. These platforms are being developed by major providers of digital solutions, such as, for example, Apple, Microsoft, Google etc. They actively develop and promote these services and no doubts that they will attract a lot of traffic in the future. Be sure you claim and maintain your profile up to date!

The basic article with 20+ online services, aggregators, catalogs for any business:

VIDEO CALLING MOBILE APPLICATION Code Inspiration 153 Views • 3 years ago

⁣A video calling application which is aimed at the disabled people. Developed for both Android and iOS platforms. More info:

The video calling and chatting mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms developed with a limited functionality due to the fact that it is aimed at the disabled people. The mobile application makes possible to make high-quality voice or video calls just in a single click. UI/UX for the application were developed as simple as possible, taking into account the needs and perception of the end users - disabled people.

The application has also a socially useful aspect because makes possible for the disabled people to stay in touch with relatives, friends, social workers, and simplify an online communication process for them.

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