Stock Video of Driving Through City Skyline
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⁣Stock Video of Driving Through City Skyline View More

Auto Repair Shop/Garage/Detailing center Software by GaragePlug
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#DigitalGarage #easyToUseSoftware View More

What is Inbound Marketing?
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1,009 Views · 2 years ago - Smart marketers fixate on their inbound marketing efforts. Why? Because they’re are more often than not, far better at attracting new business. Again, why? Because inbound creates the convergence point where you and your… View More

Best Practice Webinar Series - Data-Driven Call Coaching
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Check out ExecVision's Quarterly Best Practice series. Watch as we break down Scorecards for data-driven call coaching with SmartRecruiters' Chris Bryson View More

ExecVision Best Practices: Gamifying Call Coaching
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From call contests to "crash-and-burn" group sessions, this webinar houses tactics to engage professionals in call coaching. View More

Call Camp - 11/14/18 The Basics of Call Recording Laws
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848 Views · 2 years ago

Steve Richard is joined by Erol Toker of to discuss US call recording laws in the context of business calls.

Tune in to learn the difference between one-party and two-party consent states, how to obtain consent, and what specifics you need to know about call recording laws. View More

ExecVision - Conversation Intelligence Platform Customer Review | Martin Roth at zlien
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ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform used by top sales leaders like Martin Roth at zlien to train and onboard sales reps.

Martin Roth uses ExecVision to train and manage his Sales, Support, and Success team. ExecVision is a key part of his sales enablement strategy and provides insights into how he can help his team improve their conversion rates. View More

Call Camp: Cut the Fluff & Sound More Confident on Calls - August 29th 2018
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425 Views · 2 years ago

Fluff happens. On this episode of Call Camp, six women sales leaders teach you how to cut the fluff to close more deals and advance your sales career.

Tune in to learn:
1. How to Sound More Confident on Calls

2. Ways to Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

3. How to up level your career by cutting the fluff View More

Call Camp - Successful Sales Call Tips: Making the Best of What You’ve Got 04/24/18
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549 Views · 2 years ago

Steve Richard and John Healy of Factor 8 share some of their favorite sales call tips, including how to make the most of every call, even when it’s not the right person. Learn actionable strategies on having successful sales calls, like:
• How to engage with anyone
• Leveraging the gatekeepers
• Tips to target someone who will talk to you

Don’t miss out on how to… View More

ExecVision Creates Consistency Across Calls at Schoology
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902 Views · 2 years ago

Amanda Rice, Senior Director of Sales Operations & Enablement at Schoology shares how scorecards and call coaching has enabled her teams to gain alignment on what 'good' looks like. View More

Call Camp: Closing a Sales Call 12/13/17
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This Call Camp, we are excited to have Mike Dennis, an independent sales consultant.

Mike works with several top sales teams to develop their talent and help them close deals.

“Closing a sales call” gets a bad rap these days, often evoking visions… View More

Quarterly Best Practice Series: Coaching Plans
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Check out ExecVision's Quarterly Best Practice series. We break down how to create unique coaching plans for your teams and share proven best practices to maximize your coaching time. View More

Call Camp: Fostering Buyer & End User Engagement 5/30/18
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540 Views · 2 years ago

Fostering buyer and end-user engagement can be tough, but in this Call Camp Steve Richard and Lauren Bailey of Factor 8 make it easy to start. Listen in as they share actionable tips for getting prospective buyers engaged with the sales conversation. In this episode you’ll learn:
• What the tell-tale signs of buyer and user engagement sound like
• How to get buyers leaning in and… View More

ExecVision Helps ConveyIQ Build a Coaching Culture
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370 Views · 2 years ago

Mark LaRosa, SVP of Sales at Convey IQ shares how ExecVision has impacted his sales teams' culture and his ability to coach, manage, and develop reps. View More

[Call Camp] Tradeshow Troubles - Why Your Event Leads Don't Close
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617 Views · 2 years ago

Tune in to this Call Camp with Alice Heiman of Tradeshow Makeover to learn why the pre-event work is oftentimes MORE important than post-event when it comes to closing deals. View More

Effective Sales Leadership Skills Boil Down to These Two Words…
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Effective sales leadership is all about accountability and visibility. View More

Call Camp: Turning a Coaching Program into a Coaching Culture
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396 Views · 2 years ago

Kelly Frey, VP of Marketing and Customer Success at SalesHood joins Steve Richard to discuss how sales leaders can help their managers be better coaches. View More

ExecVision Provides Visibility in REMAX Integra's Fully Remote Sales Team
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805 Views · 2 years ago

Dan Breault, EVP of Franchise Sales & Strategic Growth at REMAX Integra North America shares how visibility into calls has allowed his team to share best practices from anywhere. View More

ExecVision Helps OnDeck Capital Create a Scalable Coaching Culture
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882 Views · 2 years ago

Tom Nelson, Director of Revenue Operations at OnDeck Capital shares how ExecVision has given him visibility into who's coaching, what they're coaching on, and how it's impacting the team's performance. View More

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