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⁣In travel industry, Global GDS offers the best Flight
Booking Site with complete Flight Booking Quotation System.

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⁣A hotel reservation software is used in the hotel industry
to lead room inventory, rates, and bookings. Also called a central
reservations system (CRS), it may be housed within the hotel’s belong
management system (PMS) or may be standalone software connected to the PMS.

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⁣A global distribution system (GDS) links reservation
inventory less than one computer-based network. The most ordinary uses for GDSs
is in the tourism industry, mainly for airlines, hospitality companies, and car
rental companies. In this way, service suppliers, such as travel agencies and
online travel agencies can all sell tickets for the same flight, hotel, or car

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⁣In travel industry, Global GDS offers the best Flight
Booking Software with complete Flight Booking Quotation System.

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⁣Global GDS is a travel software
development company develop popular travel based travel business software
that automate sales, operations, marketing and finances for Inbound Tour
operators and Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency to
help them to manage bookings, package customization, itinerary creation and
quotation management to make a big portfolio of travel products like hotels,
flights, transfers and activities to expand bookings.

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⁣Global GDS is the greatest travel portal
development company in the World. Global GDS as a greatest travel product
fills the thrust of travel customers with the best designed architecture. We
are specialized in the field of technology serving huge consumers with our
travel agency software.

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⁣B2B stands for Business to Business and B2B Travel Portal
Development is a web-based policy.
In traveling industry, it is a virtual booking engine and critical element for
travel companies and travel agents. The platform basically offers real-time
information related to flight, hotel, accessibility of travel agents, tour operators,
through robust and user-friendly search engine.

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⁣Travel Software Development is procedure of developing
online travel software to simplify day to day travel activities for travelers
and Travel Company including Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Travel Agency,
Destination Management Company and Travel Management Company for vacation
planning, hotel booking, transfer booking, travel plans and many more.

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⁣Global GDS provides travel portal
development to empower OTAs to become a brand and serve their consumers
most efficiently. Our aim is to offer innovative and cost effective solutions
with an approach to introduce with adoption of new technology characteristics
which helps OTAs to market their products. Travel portal development has become
a very ruthless solutions in market. Going online in market for Travel agencies
are always simple when they adopt the solution which build up with latest
approach, where Global GDS helping them with good solution and automation

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⁣As the leading travel
technology company in the travel industry, Global GDS provides dynamic yet
reliable flight booking software. The top-notch piece of software aids in the
simple and hassle-free booking of flights for B2B and B2C customers. You can
definitely rely on Global GDS to carry excellent flight booking services.

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⁣A White Label Travel Portal is ready-made software for online travel businesses. In
White Label Travel Portal
API for online bookings/reservations is already integrated which reduces
the cost of your travel portal development as you require not to buy API separately.

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⁣Global GDS is a leading Indian based business travel
company. Renowned for our excellent personal service, we constantly strive to
deliver the best and most efficient travel management solution.

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⁣Travel and tourism is the largest service industry in the
World. Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the online
business venture. Good number of travel agencies and companies are rapidly
competing against each other to expand their business globally.

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⁣Custom Web Software and Web Application Development are some of the core services at Global
GDS, and also the most significant considering the challenges that come with
client’s business requirement and our commitment to create cost-effective
custom application solutions.

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⁣We offer a travel booking software system that is scalable
and reliable, with a comprehensive set of features. It employs cutting-edge
technology and allows for rapid responses for search queries across locations.

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⁣Our business online travel booking website designed to display all available
travel options that meet your travel search criteria. This helps your
organization manage travel within the parameters of your specific travel

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⁣Global GDS is a Travel Technology company in Moldova
ardently helping hotels and travel agents make more money by getting their
business online.

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⁣Global GDS is an Award-winning travel portal development
company that provides B2B Travel Portal Development across the globe. Our
travel portal comprises of GDS/ third party API Integration for B2B flight
booking portal, Hotel booking and Car booking services. We offer B2B travel
portal development solutions that imply business to business.

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⁣Travel Portal Development Solution is an online travel
software that comes with complete travel portal development to configure
Hotels, Transfers, Tour Packages, Flight Tickets, and Car Rentals in the travel
portal of the Travel Agent, Travel Agency, and Travel Management Company to
increase customer experience.

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⁣Global GDS is one of the travel portal development company
which involves the implementation of innovation and technology to provide best
travel booking engine, connected with several travel GDS and APIs.

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