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⁣White Label Solution – apiintegration

White label travel website is an online
booking portal that provide travel agents to sell hotels, flights, holidays,
buses and other travel products to their customers simply and quickly. They can
also handle all their financial transactions online and run numerous reports to
aid the smooth running of their company.

Apiintegration has been offering B2C
white label travel solutions to travel agents across the world allowing
them to start their own online travel company. With over 2000+ Whitelabel/API
partnerships already, our solutions provide you to engage with your customers
more closely while offering them a range and depth of services which were not
previously possible.

Apiintegration also offers B2A white label
travel portal that provides you to connect with other travel agents from your
network and provide them to make travel bookings at discounted B2A rates on the
portal using their own different login access.

What businesses need White Label Solutions?

The business intends to focus primarily on brand building
or developing innovative customer serving strategies.

Production requires a special registration or licensing.

The company intends to deploy a unique solution which is
better adjusted to the brand’s purposes, objectives, customer serving process,

The brand wants to see particular technical features that
cannot be found in any other platforms.

The brand wants to launch own white label business to
save a share of media-buying costs typically spent on commissions paid to
technology providers.

The brand wants to enter a new market and win the
competition in the new segment and has a vision on how to capture their aim
applying a unique piece of technology.

The company is very small or has only head staff on a
team. Still, it has the essential funds to start a business asap.

The company doesn’t want to put quality at risk
developing the new platform and simply acquires technology that their team
tried and liked before.

What are the benefits of white label solutions?

There are many benefits to adding resalable
and rebrand able white label digital solutions and services
to your core business model.

One of the largest benefits is scaling.
Making the most of white label services provide you to scale your business in
many ways, fast and securely.

Scale your offering.

Scale without employee overhead costs.

Scale your revenue.

Increase revenue and profits

Grow the reputation of your business

Improve client retention

Let you focus on your core values and brand

Which are the key features of White Label

White Label Solution Features:

Mobile-Friendly Design.

Customized Travel Portal/Website Development.

Highly Flexible.

B2B/B2C Travel Portal.

Booking Engine for flights, hotels, tours, transfers,

Real-time search & book functionality.

Third-Party API Integration.

Payment Gateway Integration.

Add Markup.


Multi- Language.

White Label Travel Website Development

A White
Label Travel portal is ready-made software for online travel company. In
White Label Travel portal API for online bookings/reservations is already
integrated which reduces the price of your travel portal development as you
need not to buy API separately. Through this software, you can make bookings,
reservations, bill payments and manage all your bookings same like a procedure
travel portal. A White Label Travel Portal is good for the new comers in the
travel & tourism market.

Apiintegration is best white
label system providing company in the travel industry. Apiintegration
white label portal has major GDS & LCC operators, third party
supplier’s/operators APIs integrated in the backend which makes your travel
portal rich in data.

Apiintegration delivers white label portal in
one working day, you just need to provide domain and payment gateway and
finalize your home page design and you are ready to go live in one day. White
label travel portal is a one-stop solution provider for all the technology
demands of travel representative, consolidators, corporate travel consultants,
hotelier and tour operators.

How White Label Solutions Help Businesses

You can probably already see some of the ways
that a white label solution will help your agency develop – which is the goal
for every size business. But that’s not the only reason, there are a lot of
additional advantages that you will enjoy when you adopt a white label
solution. You can:

Have a dashboard to manage a roll-up of all stores.

Offer your clients a more holistic service package, which
will increase your customer base.

Deliver your clients a cost-effective solution, while
increasing your revenue.

Save time by providing clients with an automated
reporting solution, making you look like the hero.

Be thrilled to not have to build-in branding yourself.

Quickly and easily automate reports and brand analytics
no matter what the size of your client base.

Roll out services to hundreds of clients, so scalability
will not be a problem.

Reap the benefits of having an embedded API solution, so
that it’s accessible to your external clients through your website.

What is white-label software?

White-label software is software that is
purchased by a business from a service provider and rebranded as its own. Most white
label software take place from software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses
that lease out the rights to their software or over an agreed-upon subscription

White-label SaaS products are generally a
combination of software and supporting services that are rebranded for various
business. They do this by either adding a customer’s brand elements to the
software, or providing an unbranded platform to their customers.

What are white labelling services?

White label products and services are
purchased by the latter company without branding. That way, the reseller can
customize the product with their own brand, logo, and identity, allowing
clients to associate the product with the reseller. Meanwhile, the manufacturer
can centre on finding cost-effective ways to make the product, without interest
for the product’s marketing.

White label software work well for everything
from cereal to tickets. Grocery stores sell cereal and other products with
their own brand name at a discount to other brands. Similarly, ticket resellers
can handle their ticket inventory more efficiently through a white label solution. This also
increases distribution so that fans have more option in where they can purchase

What is a White-Label Platform?

In the most basic sense, white label products
and services can be described as re-brandable and re-sellable items generated
by one company to be rebranded and exchanged by another company. White
label platforms create a product or service that can be simply rebranded
by a reseller company. A reseller company can then sell it as their product to

A white label agency platform enjoys access
to an extensive distribution network courtesy of its reseller partners. These
partners can take the original product or service and gain it easily without
having to spend time and resources on producing original goods. The major
selling point of a white-label app is invisibility since clients who buy the
product will not be aware that it came from a white-label platform.

B2B White Label Travel Portal Solution

Apiintegration offers White Label Portal, White
Label B2C Travel Portal, White Label Travel Portal, Travel Portal API, Flight
XML API, and another travel portal development services.

We design customized White Label travel
portals to meet your establish needs. We want to be a one-stop shop for all
your travel technology requires by influencing the travel technology market
with innovative business solutions.

We create white label travel portals that can
develop income for you with every click. We try to strengthen the customers
capacity by providing the best travel portal development services, consequently
helping them to achieve their objectives.

The aim of developing a travel and excursion
portal is to expand the business area for people who work in this industry and,
at the same time, help online users who visit such websites to find a join

Key Features of B2B White Label Travel Portal


Highly Flexible


Business Reporting

Payment Gateway Integration

Customized Travel Portal Development

Third-Party API Integration

Real-Time Search & Booking Functionality

For more details, Pls visit our website:


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