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Winning Outside the Box: Interview with John Timar, Founder of Grapple Science, Navy SEAL Veteran

28 Views • 11/21/23
Business Content
Business Content

⁣Dynamic Leadership and Innovative Growth: A Conversation with John Timar

Join us in this inspiring and insightful conversation with John Timar, a dynamic business leader and former Navy SEAL. John shares his incredible journey from being a college dropout and a musician to becoming a Navy SEAL, and eventually a trailblazing entrepreneur and CEO. His story is a testament to the power of hustle, creativity, and resilience.

Key Highlights:

John Timar's unique path to leadership, starting with his early struggles and breakthroughs.
Insights from his time as a Navy SEAL and how it shaped his approach to business.
The journey through various industries and roles, leading to exponential growth in each.
Pioneering the CBD beverage industry with unique marketing strategies and partnerships.
Launching "Grapple Science" – a brand focused on sports nutrition for combat athletes.
In This Episode:

[00:00:00] Introduction to John Timar
[00:03:45] John's early career challenges and successes
[00:10:20] Experience in the Navy SEALs and its impact
[00:15:35] Transition to business leadership
[00:20:50] The turnaround story of Kill Cliff and innovative marketing tactics
[00:30:00] Launching a successful CBD beverage line
[00:45:25] Building the Grapple Science brand
[01:00:00] The future of personalized nutrition and sports supplements
Don't Miss:

John's reflections on adapting military strategies to business.
The story behind the successful collaboration with Joe Rogan.
Insights into the evolution of the supplement industry and niche marketing.
About Our Guest:
John Timar is a former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur and CEO. His diverse experiences range from military service to leading successful startups and established companies. He is known for his innovative ideas, dynamic leadership, and ability to drive exponential growth.

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