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⁣Online Hotel Booking
Portal - Global GDS

Online Hotel Booking
Websites are a popular method for booking hotel rooms. Today on the internet so
many hotels booking websites/apps are accessible. The hotel booking process
must be flawless and user-friendly to attract more customers and gain sales.
Every hotel’s goal is to gain their business and to earn the benefit. We can’t
ignore the fact that Booking a hotel through the representative is the
time-consuming process.

Online Hotel Booking Website
is the best platform, as it adds many benefits and you can simply book the
hotel or room through the internet. It discovers more information about a hotel
which is situated in a particular place and you can also select a hotel
according to your demands and choice. A hotel reservation system enables
clients to schedule dates and length of stay, room selection, extras, and
payment all in one place. Most of the tourists can book the hotel from the
airport online.

What is online booking

Put simply, an online
booking platform is a website where potential clients can reserve accommodation
without connecting with the proprietor directly. Instead, they fill up a form,
pay in advance (if necessary), and get an electronic document as the
confirmation of the booking.

Online reservation portal provides a list of
available properties registered by owners, and filters to simplify the choice.
For example, users can sort hotels by accessible dates, prices, location, type
of property, amenities, sightseeing places or proximity to subway stations, and
so forth. This way, finding a suitable room becomes so much simple!

How Does the Hotel Booking
System Work?

The hotel booking system is
essentially an online booking engine that aids in processing hotel reservations
smoothly. Here, the bookings made by the hotel website are handled. Travelers
can check out the accessibility of accommodations in real time and then proceed
with the online bookings.

After this, the system gives
instant confirmations of the bookings. It is an excellent way to attain entire
customer satisfaction. There are two
features of the online hotel booking system. These include the front end, which
the clients use, and the back end, which is managed by tour operators and
travel businesses.

The front end of the hotel
booking system has a user-friendly layout. That is to make sure that the
clients can search, check, book, and make payments for the accommodations
smoothly. Generally, first-time customers fill out a form offering the details
necessary to make the process simpler.
After that, the users must generate an account and log in with a
password. The booking systems invest heavily in security. Thus, you can opt for
online payments without fear about fraud. After the booking is done, the users
get instant notifications that give detailed information on the booking.

Features of Hotel Booking

The booking attribute should be completely
automated to spare the employees time to reserve each and every client.

The direction can focus on employing its
manpower in certain other constructive and beneficial work.

This attribute along with the dynamic site
saves owners their precious time and money in dealing with the third-party

The hotel management web portal will also
help in enhancing the sales with the possibility of social media and search

Optimization services. This hotel portal
development will help in increasing the hotel's Yearly revenue, the percentage
could also increase exponentially.

The software should enable the hotel
management to manage customer queries with the assistance of emails and short
messaging services.

The Benefits of Online Hotel
Booking Systems

24*7 online reservation system

Hassle free management of bookings

Work smart insights into your business

Increase revenues thanks to upselling

Payments are easier and faster

Cut your workload

New booking trend

B2B Hotel Booking Portal

As most of the travelers
like to book hotels for their stay online, getting best hotels at affordable
rates is what people look for. Global GDS has been associated with different
brands and brought the best offers for its partners to serve their customers.
With Global GDS, our store partners are able to book hotels efficiently with
the good offers. To offer the smooth and hassle-free experience, our experts
provide the training and support.

One of the leading B2B portals for
hotel booking, Global GDS gives seamless experience. Hotels can be booked
within few minutes with 2-3 steps. Global GDS is one stop solution for hotel
bookings as we offer bookings for every part of the nation. Book hotels anytime
with Global GDS app and save your customers from the last-minute hustle. We
have the highest percentage of commission for our partners. With different
options at one place, you can increase the customers walk-ins at your store and
get significant gains.

What Is Booking Engine and
How Does It Help Hotel Business Grow?

Global GDS is a Booking
Engine for Hotel’s website and Channel Manager with high transformation, and
powerful hotel management
reports. Our Booking Engine for Hotels is designed to develop conversions and
increase direct bookings. Our booking engine easy integrates into new and
existing websites.

A booking engine that works
with your channel manager protect that your room inventory across all your
online channels is automatically updated. Hotel Software naturally updates all
exchange in real-time. We offer a dynamic booking system that can performance
operations independently and give 24X7 services.

Our Booking Engine for
hotels, apartments, and B&B are tools that provide you to transform your
website into a direct sales channel. The main advantage of a booking engine is
to increase transformation, which is the number of visitors to the site who
actually book a room. We provide a booking engine that increases conversion to
a simple, elegant, and secure interface.

Our online hotel booking
engine optimizes your booking funnel by seamlessly integrating the booking
procedure on the hotel’s website and tracking user behaviour all the way to the
hotel booking engine. Your booking engine can take credit card information and
work with an online merchant service or integrate with a Payment connection to
process deposits and payments.

Hotel Booking Engine

The majority of online booking engines can
be integrated into an actual hotel website to serve as the reservation
processing mechanism.

The key benefit of using a
booking engine for hotels is that it approves them to capture new reservations
without paying fees from third-party distribution networks such as OTAs, GDSs,
travel agents, or online marketplaces. Customers can book online at any time
and from any place, and if a payment access is integrated, their credit cards
will be charged immediately.

Hotel Booking System website

Global GDS gives a platform
by which a customer makes an online Hotel Booking unique. Our Hotel Booking
System is directly linked to the APIs in which the data is fetched directly and
the results are displayed in the form an Invoice. After selecting the hotel
segment, it will turn to the payment gateway for payment. And then the customer
can create the invoice.

Hotel Booking System is a
one stop solution which uses content from different suppliers that can meet the
exact requirements of your customers. Nowadays a wide range of accommodation
choices is available at every location with multiple pricing and availability.
So, navigating through different suppliers can be a tedious task. To make it
easy, Hotel API is integrated to get access to the global Hotel Content and
best deals. With Hotel API Integration,
your clients get wider choice of hotels with Realtime availability and

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel Portal Booking
Engine - Global GDS

Travel Booking Engine

Travel portal development has
become a buzzword. Travel companies globally, are adjusting up for innovative
and cost-effective solutions for exploring the technological give to market
their products. So excellent is the power of the travel tech wave that
traditional travel agencies are becoming obsolete. According to recent
statistics, half of all travelers are more given to find a new holiday
destination online and make flight, cab and hotel bookings from a single portal.

What is Online Travel Booking
Portal and How it is Beneficial?

Online Travel Booking Portal is
the entire travel booking software solution for travel agencies and tour
operators. Through this Online travel booking portal, clients can search and
book their travel services (hotels, flights, transfers, packages, activities)
online and pay online simply.

Global GDS is one of the
leading travel technology companies that develops the best Online travel
booking portal for travel agents and tour operators to increase their booking
with brand awareness and complete their business goals.

Key Features of Our Travel
Booking Engine

Advanced Search Facility

Easily Navigable and Multilingual Feature

Safe And Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Domestic & International Flight Bookings

Hotel Booking

Bus & Car Bookings

Built-In Email & SMS Functionality

Holiday Booking System

Expand your sales with 24/7
online travel booking for your B2C & B2B Travel Business

Smart Travel Booking Engine
is a mobile optimized B2C B2B Travel Booking Engine
solution for all requires of a travel management company. It is an end-to-end
solution for all your travel needs, which can be used by travel
representatives, travel companies, travel consultants and travel agencies.

Tightly integrated with multiple GDSs and
hotel providers

Single screen availability for flights and

Built in house from the ground up using
Microsoft’s robust ASP.NET platform

What is B2C portal

B2C is an acronym for
Business to Consumer. Like B2B, B2C is also a key element for travel website.
B2C is a Travel Portal Development offering information about flight booking,
hotel booking, tour, transfer, package, and much more to customers. The portal implements
customers to search and book tickets online. Being a travel portal for retail
sales, it implements businesses to sale more and boosts their ROI.

Global GDS is a top B2C
Travel Portal Development Company offering B2C travel portal and online travel
booking portal to establish a full exceptional travel booking portal for tour
operator, travel representatives, and travel companies so that they can yield
high earnings eventually.

How does B2C Travel portal
Booking Engine Work?

Well, the B2C travel portal booking engine
works throughout the world and global travel market business. As you already
know that the connection of B2C occurs directly between business and customer.

Being a user-friendly
booking engine platform, customers have access to book tickets directly from
the platform. What consumers expect from B2C booking engine So B2C booking
engine has plenty of things to provide which include easy-breezy reservation,
tour package, special booking package, hotel, flight, car, bus booking at
pocket-friendly prices. No doubt, B2C travel portal booking engine is quite an
affordable and good option available for B2C end-users.

Why Global GDS B2C Travel
Booking engine is ideal for any type of travel business?

White Label B2C Travel Portal

We provide powerful, Interactive, and
sophisticated Online Booking Engine.

Multiple payment options supported on all B2C
Travel Portals.

We are quite renowned to provide stellar
website with incredibly powerful & interactive features and high speed and
scalability in performance at its best

Live chat and feedback options for customers
are also provided on the website

Registration and membership facility for

Email and Social Media flyer generator and
multilevel markup management

We also provide highly interactive and crisp
UX Copy, and appealing themes, layout options and widgets

B2C portal solution is designed to enhance
the profitability of your business by directly offering inventories to the

Travel Portal Development

Global GDS offers a Travel Booking Software
from where any Customer, Agent, or Enterpriser can do Flight Booking, Hotel
Booking, Car Booking, Bus Booking, or Holiday Package Booking. We provide
different types of travel portals like B2C Travel Portal, B2B Travel Portal,
B2E Travel Portal, B2B2B Travel Portal, and B2B2E Travel Portal. An Online
Travel Portal has different types of API integration for Travel services like
Flight, Hotel, Car, Bus etc.

Nowadays, travel has become
a part of one’s life as it plays a vital role in our daily requires. In this
modern era, people want everything to be done within a few clicks. We can make
this possible by growing a Travel Portal Website or Application. Our team has
experience in Travel Technology and IT, which allows us to develop quality
software that can meet all Travel Portal Solution needs. Our travel website
designs consider travel representatives, corporate agents, start Up travel
companies and Tour Operators.

Global GDS is an ideal
choice for the ones who want to increase their Tours and Travel business by
Travel Website Development. Our team gives flexible, profitable, and
cost-effective Online Travel Agency Software. Our company gives a wide variety
of products for travel services.

What is Travel Portal
Development Service?

Travel Portal development
may support inbound and outbound Tour operators, Online Travel agencies,
Travel Agency, and Travel companies to automate the operations, sales,
marketing, creating leads, package customization, itinerary creation, quotation
management and establish a better and more extensive portfolio of their
products such as activities to development bookings, transfers, hotels, flights
and much more.

Travel portal development
may help the Travel agency handle their package customization, booking,
quotation management, and itinerary creation to development travel products
such as flights, transfers, hotels, and activities to increase bookings.

Global GDS is a market-best
travel portal development company that provides travel portal development
services for tours, activities, attractions, and travel agencies. Travel agency
software may ease the process of listing management, package customization,
itinerary creation, accounting, and online booking, simplify business leads,
maximize bookings, decrease cost, and much more for a Travel agency.

What Is a White Label Travel
Booking Engine?

Travel agencies who have
already purchased the theme or have the design already planned can take a white label booking engine.
For the b2c travel portal, they can take a b2c booking engine, and for the b2b
travel portal, they can take a b2b booking engine. If the agents want to
conduct both the business, then agents should believe both the travel booking
engines. A travel agent’s designer can implement the booking engine code on the
website. It is hassle-free to implement, and the travel portal gets ready in no

Global GDS provides the
leading white label travel portal development in across the world. Please check
a short demo of the white label travel portal backend. For a total demo,
proposal, and to know the white label travel portal development price, please
contact us. Fill in the analysis form to start the conversation with our travel
technology solution consultants.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Flight API
Integration - Global GDS

Flight API
Integration is a software solution that integrates all the
flight-associated searches at a place and as a result, displays the most
desirable options accessible for the travelers. It decodes the real-time search
data and sends the requirements of the travelers to the benefit providers. The
airlines, in response to the query, inform the clients about the best options,
deals, and discounts to the travelers. In this way, the travelers can get what
they are looking for and the portal can get an excellent response for their

Global GDS provides the most
effective Types of Flight API Integration Solution that could help your
business grow. So, what are you waiting for We are just a few clicks away from
you. Get in touch with us to launch an excellent portal or call us for any

What is Flight API?

Flight APIs are a
set of web services to access flight deals from multiple flight suppliers and
consolidators. This Flight API enable airlines, travel agencies, travel
companies and tour operators with access to global flight deals and join such
as roundtrip, on way, multi-city and group booking combinations.

Global GDS is leading Flight
API provider offers leading Flight API Integration Solution for Arline, Travel
Agents and Travel companies around the world. We offer Flight API integration
within existing or new travel website. Flight API integration connects travel
agents with global airline inventory and help business improve earnings.

Why is it necessary for
every OTA to Have Flight API Integration?

With the help of flight API
integration, all the modern travel agencies are going online and giving the
travellers content as per their choice and needs. Due to facility of booking
and quick results of the online flight booking
API system, millions of travellers prefer buying online products and

Flight API integration makes
the travel company whole. In terms of reginal limits, license, fares and
prices, getting contact to the big airline listings system is not very simple.
It is a critical work to get the real-time data of a large industry spreader
across the world. Travel technology has introduced flight booking API system to
settle this problem. It will give simple access to the real time information of
airline industry.

GDS helps in getting the
contact to real time data. Primarily GDS was embarked in the airline industry
but later on, it was expansive and now it helps in flight booking API system to
aggregate data of global travel recipe. The travel representative should very
well understand the type of travellers who book their flight tickets. There are
frequent as well as first timers and then there are travellers who are
extremely price sensitive.

Why you Choose Global GDS
for API Integration?

At Global GDS, we provide
most Robust Flight API Integration Solution to Modify and enhance your Online Travel
Business Capability. Global GDS is the good Flight API Provider delivering
the best Flight API integration solution for business in the travel industry.

Our Flight API Integration
allows travellers to book flight tickets online, this plays an indispensable
role in the development of technology enabled Travel Website nowadays.
Integration of Flight APIs allows travel portals to provide accessible Airline
options at a single place. The Flight API integration gives complete
information like timing, fare, fare rules, availability of seats etc. about
Airlines at one platform and helps travellers find the most convenient deals.

Global GDS Flight API
Integration System allows B2B Travel Agents and B2C Travel
Websites to search and book GDS flights as well as LCC. Our smart cache
system helps B2C Travel Agencies to manage their look to book ratio with GDS
suppliers. As per customer requirements we offer Hold PNR system. This helps
Travel Agents from the risk of fare rise or development.

What are the Benefits of
flight API integration?

Enables flight search both domestic and

Simple to use the portal

Multi-language support and multi-payment

Real-time book along with airfare calendar

Has additional baggage allowance features

Easy to use admin panel.

Made safe and secure with SSL security and
virus protection.

Provides competitive payments for portal

Easy to manage the complete inventory using
one single system.

You can book, confirm, modify all your
bookings through a single API integration

What is flight booking API?

Flight booking
API or Flight API is a cluster of web services grouped together to contact
flight deals from various suppliers and consolidators. The flight API basically
enables airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, and travel agencies to
simple contact global flight deals. With advancement in technology and develop
demand of flight API providers, the flight API has become a soul of travel

The suppliers master over
everything right from selling flight tickets to aesthetically beautiful
map-based travel instruction. No doubt, with flight API integration, getting
data and information regarding flight has become much easy. Now the question
arises on the working procedure of flight ticket booking API.

What to consider before
flight booking API integration?

The majority of the flight
booking APIs give similar features, and functionality and even have almost the
same connections. Now you must be wondering – how to choose the leading API
provider for your business. In that case, you require to consider some factors.

The next thing that needs
attention is your business model and price. It is crucial to understand that
direct connection with GDSs via APIs is costly. If you can bear that finance,
you can go ahead. But, if not, you need to look for OTAs or travel tech
companies that give APIs at a much more cost-effective price rate.

Other factors that need
consideration are the availability of API documentation and post-integration
support. Besides, you need to take into account the region you want to target.
For instance, if Europe is your market, the good option is to use Amadeus GDS.

Global GDS is a well-known travel portal
development company in the industry. We have a team of skilled experts
offering high-quality travel tech software solutions. From us, you can expect
dependable and hassle-free flight API integration.

Flight API Integration

We at Global GDS provides Global Distribution Systems
(GDS) API integration and OTA’s API integration services. We give end-to-end
online flight booking portal to travel agents by integrating with popular GDS
and OTAs API providers. We understand travel agent’s needs and problems and
work with API provider’s technical team to provide end-to-end solutions.

API Integration service
needs a specialized skill force and we at Global GDS are committed towards the
seamless integration of API in its any format. We have a different team of
expert developers who are seasoned professionals when it comes to API
consumption and integration. Whether it’s a travel and hospitality API or a
payment gateway API or a social media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.),
we are thoroughly experienced.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣White Label Booking
System - Global GDS

A White Label Travel
portal is ready-made software for online travel businesses. In White Label
Travel portal API for online bookings/reservations is already integrated which
reduce the cost of your travel portal development as you need not to buy API
separately. Through this software, you can make bookings, reservations, bill
payments and manage all your bookings same like a custom travel portal. A White
Label Travel Portal is good for the new comers in the travel & tourism

Global GDS is leading white
label system providing company in the travel industry. Global GDS white label
portal has major GDS & LCC operators, third party supplier’s/operators APIs
integrated in the backend which makes your travel portal rich in data. Global
GDS delivers white label portal in one working day, you just need to offer
domain and payment gateway and finalize your home page design and you are ready
to go live in one day. White label travel portal is a one-stop solution
provider for all the technology requires of travel representatives,
consolidators, corporate travel consultants, hotelier and tour operators.

Which Company offers the
Best White Label Website Development?

Global GDS end-to-end
technology solutions to every sector of the industry combining Tour Operators,
Destination Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies,
Consolidators and Travel Management Companies.

We improve products across
all major airlines, rental car companies, hotel management companies. We are a
good provider of technology solutions and we have APIs ready to work under your
portal. For online travel companies, we have an API-based white label travel
portal solution. We give a personalized white label solution that allows you to
improve your own online travel agency under your own logo. Our white label portal (SaaS Travel Product)
allows you to handle all the needs of travel business using one single place or

White-Label Travel Portal

White Label Solution enables
one to develop business in the global market and gain brand presence in times
of globalization. It can be simply integrated with an online travel portal
and allows tour and travel businesses to rebrand a successful product and
development the count of product providing of travel agents and travel

This White-Label Online
Travel Portal can also be integrated with Third Party API, this feature enables
us simply integrate travel listings (rates and availabilities) from global
suppliers in the travel portal of a travel representative to sell the flight,
hotel, package, transfers, activity online with faster response, up to date and
dynamic travel data to improve client’s experience.

Why White Label Solution and
how it helps Travel Agent and Tour Operators?

White-Label Solution is a
product or benefit that can be rebranded and resell as your own to clients. White Label
Solution refers to a product establish by Company A and rebranded and
resold by Company B.

Global GDS is best Travel
Technology Company offers innovative White label Solution for travel agent,
travel agency, tour operator, travel management company and destination
management company to setup Travel Website with advanced B2B/B2C Travel Portal
for Flight, Hotel, Tour, Transfer, Package, Activity to automate travel
business process and maximize incomes. Our travel professionals design and
increase White-Label using advanced travel technology to deliver highly
customized white label solutions based on client business requirements.

White Label Web Solution-
B2C and B2B Travel Portal

Global GDS, a travel technology
company, develops products & resourceful software platforms and
solutions to the travel industry. We offer end to end technology solutions to
every sector of the industry including Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Online
Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, Consolidators and Travel
Management Companies.

We design and develop the
products across all major airlines, rental car companies, hotels management
companies. We are a best technology platform provider; we have API’s ready to
work under your portal. Global GDS gives API based white label travel portal
solution for Online Travel Agencies. We provide you the best white label
solution which allows you to build your own online travel agency under your own
brand. White label portal (SaaS Travel Product) allows you to handle all the
requires of travel business using one single place or platform.

White Label Solutions to
Increase Your Revenue:

White-label Hotel Booking System

White-label Activities Booking System

White-label Restaurants Booking System

White-label Package Booking System

White-label Flight Booking System

White-label Transfer Booking System

White label travel booking

A booking engine for travel companies
is a system for the management and online marketing of tourist products whose
purpose is to centralize the administration of its products and products from
its suppliers, concurrently allowing online sales to be packaged to measure.

The reservation system has a
multi-language and multi-currency service that will allow you to reach any
market simply and you will be able to control the negotiations with your
suppliers with the business rules. Now you can handle the forms of collection
of each of your products to work on request or with online reservations
according to you requires.

Centralize your entire
commercial operation with a particular website, an individual image for each
client, and a layout suitable for viewing on all devices and customized to your
customer. If you already have a site and wish to incorporate Global GDS Top white-label travel booking
engine, make it available to your affiliates and other third parties,
allowing them to have a complete service.

Features of White label
travel portal

White label solutions are welcome in more
than 25 countries.

Provide an online presence for your travel

Large inventory to attract customers

Go online in only 2 weeks

Freedom to choose your preferred travel

User-friendly interface encourages clients to
book products

24/7 technical and customer support.

User-friendly maintenance tools enable agents
to ensure proper cancellation of bookings and other related updates.

Admin and Dashboard Management facilities

What is white label software?

Software are generally unbranded fully improved Software exchanged by SaaS
companies after renaming and rebranding as their software. Businesses can
purchase access to the software, add their branding to it and resell it as
their own as though it was developed by themselves.

There are many causes why
this can be a developed alternative to custom software that is established from
the ground up. White label software is normally taken under a software as a
service or SaaS model, making it very attractive to businesses who cannot fork
up the entire cost of the license upfront.

For more details, Pls visit our website:

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⁣GDS API Integration -
Global GDS

GDS (Global Distribution
System) is a global computerized booking web which is used as a single point of
access for accommodating airplane seats, hotel rooms, car rentals and other
travel products for travel representatives, online booking websites and major

Global GDS is integrated
with GDS Flight API integration
enabling travel representatives and travel portal websites to book flights
online. We have also designed and improved booking engine which are integrated
with GDS functionalities which are very useful for airlines. We are also
integrated with top GDS giving companies including Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport,
Worldspan and many more.

What is a global
distribution system (GDS) API?

Global Distribution System
(GDS) is also known as system providers. It is essentially software that travel
companies use to sell airline tickets or book hotel rooms. In other words, it
is a programmed reservation network used as a single place for benefit related
to airlines. The services combine airline schedules, issuing airline tickets,
booking airline seats, reserving hotel rooms, rental cars, and giving other
travel-related administrations.

However, GDS API can become
difficult tactic without right offer. That’s why we at Global GDS, makes your
task easy-going by providing you GDS API integration. We’re your
certified GDS API integration providers. Our only motive is to give you an
expanded array of travel services with ubiquitous charges, practices, and

Global GDS give you access
to the renowned Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Amadeus API, Galileo
API, and Travelport. We aid you link with hundreds of travel representatives
and millions of potential clients worldwide.

How do you Integrate GDS
into your Travel Website?

Every travel agent
connecting them to all the travel industry information effectively and
efficiently. However, integrating a GDS system
into your travel website can be valuable as well as time-consuming. Multiple
travel agents do not have the budget and time to invest in installing and
understanding the GDS.

The easiest and most
cost-effective method is to hire a SaaS platform like Global GDS to integrate a
GDS system in your current website or else create your entire travel online
presence with their travel tech expertise. This is the speed way to integrate a
GDS system as such cloud-based companies have expert GDS professionals and
engineers to manage all the tech hassle.

Other options to integrate a
GDS system into your travel website is hiring a full-time travel tech
consultant on a contract basis to integrate the GDS system in your website and
training your staff and you to operate it. In that way, the integration will be
a one-time cost, but on the other hand, you will have to have an active
back-end tech team to help any issues or doubts that may arise.

Why GDS API Integration is
important for the travel and tourism business?

The Global GDS is a leading
GDS API integration company. It is a special integration partner of global
distribution systems. This company has integrated the GDS with APIs completely.
Global GDS is an authorized partner of GDS systems to integrate hotels,
airlines, bus and rental cars with B2B, B2C and B2B2C modules. It even helps
other powerful modules.

GDS API integration is a central booking tool for
the OTAs – Online Travel agents. GDS is a network which is computerized and is
single stop for having services from airline seats to the hotel rooms.

A GDS gathers and
consolidates travel information from varying spectrum of providers of service
and allows representatives to book airplane seats, hotel rooms and cars and
busses on rental. You can even book cruise lines and ferries. There are
primarily three GDS covering 99 percent of the market – Sabre, Travelport and
Amadeus. The problem that companies face is of choosing the leading GDS API.
Along with the technical differences, market coverage plays an important role.

GDS API integration for a
Successful Expansion of Your Business Globally

Global Distribution System
is an automated network that join travel agencies and companies to Suppliers/aggregators
for flights, hotels, vehicle rental, holiday packages, etc. GDS stores the latest data of multiple
suppliers, which strengthens the travel agencies to offer updated information
to their customers.

GDS Integration gives a centralized reservation system for
online travel agencies. It is an asset for travel companies to get services
from multiple suppliers like hotels, airlines, and car rental organizations on
a single platform. Through single GDS API integration, Online travel companies
can develop their business by reaching a wider audience.

As a leading API integration
company, Global GDS has years of experience integrating services for airlines,
hotels, car rental, bus, cruise, payment and SMS gateways, etc. Global GDS has
a team of developers for exceptional integration benefit for all major GDSs
like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, and Worldspan.

How Does GDS API Integration
Play an Important Role in the Travel Industry?

The travel industry is the
major contributor to the GDP of a country, making it very competitive. Staying
ahead in competition demands travel agencies upgrade to integrate GDS software.
It joins travel companies to major GDSs globally combining, Amadeus, Sabre,
Worldspan, Galileo, etc. GDS plays a significant role in the travel industry as
it has transformed the total picture of the travel sector. Global distribution
systems act as online booking systems for
travel businesses.

At Global GDS, we provide
the most exceptional GDS integration services that deliver great satisfaction
to many customers in the travel industry. With our years of expertise, we can
analyze the exact need of your company. Our GDS integration solution
gives a user-friendly platform for travel agencies to handle their bookings.

At Global GDS, through our
GDS API integration services, we provide a platform for B2C and B2B customers
that give them access to global content on any device. We improve a platform
compatible with all devices. In years of services, we have integrated Amadeus,
Sabre, Travelport API for our many clients. Our GDS software allows travel
service gives to upload their data in GDS and give permission to travel
agencies to use it for bookings. This setup serves the purpose of all the
parties combined in the process.

Features Offered for GDS API

Displays Global Hotels, Cars, and Airlines

Both B2B and B2C Can Be Accessed

Easier connectivity and Mapping of Contents

Single Window Interface

Quick and Easy Connectivity

Book the Most Suited Seat and Services via

Targeting All Travel Agencies and Agents

Best Fares and Commissions

24*7 Access to Travel Agents and Agencies

Benefits of GDS API

Immediate ROI

Secure Data & 100% Compliance

Easy Markup Controls

Real Time Monitoring

Boost Your Online Direct Sales

Decrease Your Dependence on Other Sales

Productivity Increase

Maximize The Point of Sale

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Flight Booking
Software - Global GDS

Flight Booking Software is
an online software that helps users book airline tickets immediately and
simply. It provides multiple features such as an Airfare Comparison Engine and
Fare Quotation System in different languages and currencies. It also helps
travel businesses increase earnings.

Global GDS Flight booking
engine is an exceptional tool that develops the flight booking experience by
automating the booking process. It allows users to choose from different
airlines, check seat availability, etc. For travel businesses, it helps in
increasing earnings generation.

Global GDS, being the
leading software development company, develops excellent airline reservation
software for travel companies. It allows the integration of different flight
suppliers into the booking system, allowing the option to choose from numerous

How Does the Flight
Reservation System Work?

There are two distinct ways
you can book flights via the flight booking system. Firstly, customers can go
through the direct channel. Here, travelers can directly approach the
particular airline they want to use. You can skip the usage of GDS and instead
use the CRS or the central reservation system of
the airline for tickets.

Another way is the indirect
channel. Here, the OTA or online travel representative, travel companies, and
operators come into play. Travel businesses use the software to provide access
to real-time availability of seats and fares related to air travel. That way,
customers can pick the one that suits their needs the good.

After the customer checks
out the information and selects the seats, the reservation is done. When the
booking is prompted, a PNR or passenger name record is created. After that, a
payment gateway is triggered, which leads the traveller to the payment page.
Paying the specific amount successfully ensures the clients that the seat is

How is Flight Booking System
beneficial for Travel Agent in Travel Industry?

Global GDS Flight Booking
System or Flight Booking Software comes with advanced flight booking quotation
system which becomes strong Flight Booking IT Solution to establish Flight
booking engine for travel representative business. It will be customized Flight
Booking System with best flight module features like Flight Reservation,
Modification, Flight Booking Quotation, Flight API Integration and

With this Flight API
Integration, Flight booking software give all flight-related searches in online
travel portal of travel representative. Flight booking software give travel
agent to give customers with best travel deals like hotels, flights, vacation
packages, transfers and other services. With Flight booking IT Solutions,
travel agents can provide dynamic packages like Flight + Holiday, Flight +
Hotel, more for customers with good flight search and book functionality.

Why does your traveling
business need the flight reservation software?

The flight reservation software is
known to benefit as the most significant part of the whole travel reservation
software. The online flight booking engine over the years has played quite a
pivotal role in generating more earnings for travel businesses by merging
itself with an airline reservation system.

The airline reservation
system has also catapulted in online sale of flight tickets. No matter what,
but a travel booking software in today’s times require to incorporate an air
booking engine as well. Only then, it can be useful and helpful for travel
businesses. With our travel flight reservation software and travel portal
development services, you can clearly expect an incredible surge in the
earnings and surplus of your business.

A GDS is merged with an airline booking
engine by using Flight Booking API

Flight ticket software is installed with
Holiday Packages

Find the Best Flight Booking
Software or Airline Reservation System for your travel agency

Global GDS offers leading
airline reservation systems and flight booking software used for booking
flights, airline travel software
which will offer systemic booking management services for the travel owners,
travel agents and more. Being in the industry for years we supply the trendiest
designs and development which give upgraded, and flexible reservations. Our
specialist makes sure that inventory management solutions for airlines combine
updated features like the ticket management, setting preference for booking.

Each of the reservation
software improved by us offers a stable platform for the airline managers so
that they can help the traveller’s access flight tickets at the most affordable
rates. We give standard interfaces for the developments of external reservation
systems including GDS system.

Our Airline Reservation
Portal improved by us are integrated with popular worldwide GDS systems like the
Amadeus, Travelport, and more. The mentioned GDS are preferred by Global GDS
because they help you include a long list of airlines in your inventory.

Flight Booking Software

Global GDS, gives entire on
line flight booking software program for a travel corporation. We provide
airline reservation machine and GDS reserving gadget allowing with contemporary
tour generation functions. We give fully incorporated Airline Reservation device
with trendy flight booking engine functions like online booking Engine,
GDS booking system, Galileo airline reservation machine, Amadeus airline
reservation machine, reservation systems, sabre airline reservation device,
customized Airline booking machine for travel dealers and travel corporations

Global GDS is one some of
the main Travel Technology company, specialized in developing flight
reservation device, flight reserving engine. We understand the wishes and the
necessities of global journey businesses, travel company and sellers has
continuously been one among the largest corporations occurring in the direction
of the airline reservation device inside the journey industry.

Why People Choose Us for
Flight Booking Software Development?

We are a broad-based
business helps provider that serves organisations in every segment of
travelling industry. Global GDS is a global distribution system
business that operates globally and includes Galileo Reservation Systems and
internationally recognised world span. Our Galileo System holds a grand
position in airline software and has connections with all best airlines.

Easy for booking tickets

Saves both time and money

Provide all kinds of information about the

24x7 Customer Support through both calls and

Provide automated tickets to customers
through mail

Smooth and hassle-free refund policies

Available for both International and Domestic

Flight Booking Software-

B2B/B2C travel booking system

Worldwide flight search filter

Real-time flight booking interface

Flight fares and schedules

Various flight search options

Flight fares search filter

One /return trip search filter

Multi-city search option

Third-Party API Integration.

Flight quotation booking software

Flight Booking Engine

Global GDS is a leading travel software development company,
best experience in flight booking engine integrating XML suppliers and
consolidators. We have good experience in developing travel portals with
multiple sales channels such as B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, B2E, flight booking
engine, and Corporate Portals.

Our experienced team in the
flight booking engine and travel portal development can service travel companies
to design travel portal software solutions and integrate with flight booking
engines, GDS and Non-GDS solutions.
Flight Booking Engine is not only about to sell more and more tickets
but also to gain the brand value of the business to maximize the average value
per transaction from new and returning customers. And our flight booking engine
with responsive designs offer all the required features to our customers.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel Portal Website
- Global GDS

Travel portal development is
a powerful web based online booking system particularly designed for travel
management companies, destination management companies, travel aggregators, B2B
B2C travel agencies, tour operators and home-based travel representatives. This
software meets all traveling and booking related concerns in all available ways
without any intervention of travel booking representatives that charge you some

Global GDS is a travel
portal development company providing excellent travel portal software. Our
portal software gives travel portal related solutions with the changing demand
of current travel business. Our professionals offer the good customized travel
portal development to your changing needs. For tour and travel industry, we
deliver inclusive travel website solution and capable travel portal software.
Our travel portal development combines integration of different APIs for air
booking, hotel reservation, car booking, bus booking and many others.

Travel Portal Website Development

As a travel portal
development company, we offer travel software solution for
companies based in India dealing with tours and travels. We establish highly
customized and interactive travel portals for travel agencies in across the
world to allow them better customer service. If you are planning to have your
own travel business, we are here to support you with all your B2B and B2C
travel portal requirements.

Which is the best Travel
Portal Development Company who offer Travel Portal Solution for Travel

Best Travel Portal
Development Company is the one who has expertise in growing Travel portal Solutions
which are fully-customized to suit travel agent need. Global GDS is one of the
leading Travel Portal Development Company which offers best Travel Portal
Solutions, Travel Portal Software for travel portal and travel website
development for mid and large size travel representative and travel agency

We develop good travel
portal solution based on travel business requirements. Our team of
professionals have expertise in travel portal development, Web Travel
Portal/Travel Website Development, Website Designing, B2C, B2B Travel
Portal/Booking Engine, Third Party Travel API Integration (Hotel, Flight, Tour
Package, Car Rental and Transfer), Payment Gateway Integration and Search
Engine Optimization.

We have an outstanding
portfolio of travel portal solution which combine Travel API Integration, GDS
API Integration, XML API Integration, Flight API Integration,
Hotel Booking API, White Label Travel Portal, Flight Booking Quotation System,
Activity Booking System, Tour Booking System, B2B Travel Portal, B2C Travel
Portal, Travel Portal Software, Travel Mobile App, and more for Travel Agent to
boost up their business and maximize earnings.

Tours And Travels Business
Website & Portal Development

Our Travel Portal
Development company supports you take your travel business to the next level.
We tend to establish top-quality Travel Portals so
your whole business will benefit recognition. We manage to deliver the total
package of travel solutions right from website coming up with, travel portal
development or app development to API integration and maintenance. We provide
in-depth travel solutions for all kinds and sizes of travel business
corporations together with B2B, B2C, B2B2C, etc.

We realize that your online
travel portal is the face of your business. So, firstly our specialists hear
your specific requires and build a best-in-class B2C or B2B travel portal (as
per your business model) that facilitates a development in your ROIs. We tend
to style and establish fully-customized travel solutions that support simple
app integration as per your business needs.

Travel portal website
Development Features

Global GDS is a leading
travel portal development company which has developed a bouquet of travel
solutions to power online travel agencies, Hotels, vacation package sites and
tour operators. Following are the key features of our travel portal / travel

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support

Automated Emails/SMS communication

Advanced search options

Secure Credit Card Payment Processing

Shopping basket for multi-product transaction

Display of results from Negotiated and XML

Easy booking flow – search, add information
& payment

Dynamic Package with multi-product sales

Integration to Multiple Payment Gateways

Account management and Trip History

Travel Portal Development
Services We Offer

B2B and B2C Travel Portal Development

GDS/API/XML Integrations

Online Booking Engines for flights, Car,
Hotels etc.

User Registration Module

Users Login Management System

Agent Registration Module

Travel Agent Management System

CMS Development

White Label

Travel Website Development

Responsive Web Design

A Trusted Travel Website
Development Company

If you have been looking for
Travel Website Development Company to
develop and design exceptionally appealing and aesthetic website, you’re at
right place. Global GDS, being one of the renowned names in Travel Industry
specializes in travel website design and development. Since time immemorial,
we’ve been giving out of the way travel portal solutions and administrative
resources integrating new trends and technology to aid you thrive in your

The team at Global GDS, has
immense knowledge when it comes to creating beautiful travel & tourism
website design and portal development across the world. Our web developers have
profound technical know-how and passion for developing travel specific
websites. Moreover, we also give fully functional tourism portal development
services depending upon your custom requirements. To stay ahead and competent
in international travel industry, we’re here to GROW your business with our
top-notch web development services.

Why choose us for your
travel portal web design?

Single-point integration with an extensive
list of online travel solutions

Multi-vendor booking engine for competitive
price comparison features

Enhanced usability with smooth navigation
feature and highly customizable interface

An automated system with online bookings,
payments, cancellations and amendments

Real-time access to dynamic content and
supplier databases

Enhanced content management to tap into
content showcased on your travel website

Latest technology for online travel solutions

Travel Website Development

Web development is the
process of work involved while growing a Website for the Internet (World Wide
Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from
developing a simple single static page of plain text to complex Web-based Internet applications,
electronic businesses, and social network helps.

A more comprehensive list of
tasks to which Web development commonly refers may combine Web engineering,
Travel Portal development, Web design, Web content development,
customer-side/server-side scripting, Web server and network security
configuration and E-Commerce Development.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel Agency System
- Global GDS

Global GDS is a travel software
development company develop popular travel-based travel agency software
that automate sales, operations, marketing and finances for Inbound Tour
operators and Outbound Tour operators, Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency to help
them to handle bookings, package customization, itinerary creation and
quotation management to make a large portfolio of travel products like hotels,
flights, transfers and activities to gain bookings.

Travel Agency Software is a
travel based popular travel software that handle and automates sales, bookings,
operations and finances for Inbound Tour operators and Outbound Tour operators,
Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency, Travel Company to handle their package
customization, itinerary creation and booking to make a large portfolio of
travel products like hotels, flights, transfers and activities to increase

What is Travel Agency

Travel agencies use travel agency
applications to handle their services. These solutions protect front office
and back-office activities. Agencies use this type of software to develop their
offerings to current and prospective customers. Travel agency software spans
across the full customer engagement cycle, from reservations, to billing, to
customer feedback.

When financial tools are not
combined in the solution, accounting software integration is necessary to
process bills and payments. Maximum solutions also integrate with online
reservation websites or with tour operator and vacation rental solutions.

Why Travel Agency Software:

Simplifying leads &
customer management for travel companies, the travel agency software has
several features, including:

Increase Conversion rate.

Access to & management of leads from

Package / Itinerary builder.

Supplier Management.

Bulk email with predesigned HTML templates.

Customer handling and generate sales report.

Promote packages through landing page &
social media.

How Can Travel Agency
Software Transform Your Travel Business?

We at Global GDS, the best
travel tech company, understand the hesitation and thus offer practical
advice. With the assistance of the
leading travel
agency software company, you can create an exciting portfolio of various
travel products. You can manage hotel bookings, manage flight tickets and
arrange airport transfers with ease. That way, your clients can enjoy a
hassle-free travel experience with your agency.

Access to top-rated travel
agency software provides a ton of benefits to the travel business. Apart from
having a holistic view, you can get improved control of the business with
automation and the simplification of complicated tasks. Besides, to stay
relevant in this highly competitive field, the need to provide top-of-the-line
services is a must.

Global GDS Travel Management
Software that Grows with You

Global GDS is a travel
management software that automates the sales process, increase sales
efficiency, enhance response time and contribute to inclining growth. It
enables you to collaborate with customers and team members to improve user
experience. It streamlines your processes to reduce manual data entry,
eliminate redundancies, and speed up your sales process.

Global GDS travel agency
management software is equipped with numerous features offering sales
automation. It is one of the very few software in the travel domain right now
that are created solely for professionals like travel representatives, tour
operators, DMCs, OTAs, etc.

Some of the major features
of the software include account & contact management, lead &
opportunity management, task management, itinerary and report creation,
customer relationship management, and mass mailing. These features promote fast
deals closer, build better customer relationships, boost sales, and create an
effective collaborative environment. With Global GDS, you can enhance the productivity
of your company and increase your revenue.

Why A Travel Agent Software
Is Needed?

The travel agency
booking software limits the alternatives and has coordination with a
multiple travel booking agent. This software increases the customer travel experience
and displayed a huge decrement in running expenditure. The travel agency
solutions developing as an excellent asset for centralizing the selling
process, advertising, running and financing process, etc.

Travel representative
software assists online travel agents to benefit an elaborated report which is
significant for increasing the use of travel administration. This is for the
reason of invoicing, explaining and adjustment. Accounting software for travel
agency helps in conserving records in an arranged form.

The online travel agency
software is able of delivering travel services at a speedy pace. By using this
agency software, the online travel agent feeds various details regarding
pricing on various basis. Travel agency software combines the records, reports,
visuals, location maps and a snapshot of tour packages. Travel booking software
manages additions, concession, payment plans, blackout days, advertisement and
accommodation availability, etc.

Special features of the
customized travel agency software by Global GDS are:

Business to Customers-Users and Guest

Online bookings

Admin Management

Commission Management System

Booking Reports

Cancellation Reports

Sales and Commission reports

Manage Dynamic Pages

Dynamic roles for office administration

Deposit Management System

A/C statement log

Dash Board Management

Benefits of Travel Agency

Tour scheduling

Tour program creation

Hotel or resort booking

Vendor negotiation

Consultation services

Best fare

Personalized tours per the client’s budget

Travel Booking Software

The travel agency software
offers an excellent and user-friendly interface. Operating this travel software
does not ask for any expertise and multiple kind of education. The software can
be used for a hotel booking representative, flight booking representatives, and
other travel representatives as well. The travel agent software allows B2B or
B2C end users and online travel representatives to buy air tickets visiting online travel portals.

The travel agency management
system has been largely developed with just a small effort. The travel booking
software manages the complete sale process with ease and at the same time, the
workflow gets smoother. The client feedback is the ultimate thing every company
works for. Travel agency booking software supports in getting valuable feedback
from customers.

How can we help you in
getting a tour operator software or travel booking software?

Travel agency software is
something new in travel business, but it has contributed immensely to create
more and more earning from travel business. But developing a scrappy travel company
software wouldn’t help your cause. Hence, look for a best and well
experienced option at your disposal.

Well, if you can talk about
us over here, Global GDS have full expertise on travel portal development; that
includes b2b travel portal development, b2c travel portal development, travel
agency software, tour management software, or even growing travel agency
accounting software for that matter.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣B2B Hotel Booking
Portal - Global GDS

As most of the travellers
like to book hotels for their stay online, getting leading hotels at affordable
rates is what people look for. Global GDS has been associated with various
brands and brought the best offers for its partners to serve their customers.
With Global GDS, our store partners are able to book hotels helpful with the
best offers. To provide the smooth and hassle-free experience, our experts
provide the training and support.

One of the best B2B portals for
hotel booking, Global GDS provides seamless experience. Hotels can be booked
within several minutes with 2-3 steps. Global GDS is one stop solution for
hotel bookings as we provide bookings for every part of the nation. We have the
maximum percentage of commission for our partners. With various options at one
place, you can increase the customers walk-ins at your store and get
significant benefits.

What is the best b2b hotel
booking portal provider?

Global GDS is the best and
one of the most counts on global online b2b hotel booking portal providers. Their
versatile hotel reservation system developed by us comes with a huge range of
features and provides great facility to the online travel company and agents to
their business. Their portal fills your search results by name, and destination
with the best price and accommodation. It is very easy to use and can be
accessed with any type of gadget.

Why Choose Global GDS B2B
Hotel Booking Portal?

Global GDS is one of the
best hotels booking portal development
company are focused to deliver our clients with the appropriate portal they are
seeking. Hotel portal is a comprehensive and powerful website, you can use to
make your presence in the hotel industry.
Global GDS provides Business-to-Business portal development solutions
that fulfil all your expectations. A portal is an efficient way to provide all
information about your product and services to your end-users.

Global GDS develops hotel
booking software for hoteliers, travel agents, tour operators, and travel
management companies. Our portal on the B2B hotel reservation system is a
comprehensive online solution for hotels in dealing with travel agents and
corporate clients. Our range of hotel portal solutions is ideal for the growing
needs of travel companies, travel agencies, hotels, and tour operators. We
offer feature-rich solutions for hotel portal development for mid and
large-size hotel businesses with cost-effective and exceed your expectation.

B2B Hotel Booking systems
for Travel Agents

Global GDS is a B2B Hotel
Booking systems for Travel representatives and Corporate Members. As a Travel
Agents / Corporate member of the Global GDS B2B Club you will be able to have
live access to our hotels real time availability and rates.

This will provide you the
opportunity to buy directly from the hotel's online booking engine and
provide your customers the best available B2B rates. NO e-mails, NO telephones,
NO faxes, NO waiting on stand-by mode for taking reservation confirmations.
Save time and money and provide your customers the most accurate information
about the hotel.

Features Of Hotel Booking

While the core message
around booking engine software is direct bookings, there’s a whole lot more
potential than that.

You can increase conversions with a simple
guest booking experience

You can save time with quick and easy setup

You can eliminate manual entry with instant

You can make better decisions with data

You can gain an advantage over competitors
who don’t have one

B2B Hotel Booking Engine

Hotel Search and Book Functionality

Reservation Management

Channel Management

Hotel API Integration

Back-office management

Multiple-currency feature

Multilanguage feature

Payment Gateway Integration

B2B Hotel Booking Software

Travel comes with loads of
issues like one has to book good means of transport to reach the needed
destination and then has to corner the perfect means of stay be it hotel, lodge
or client house. Everything must be taken into account right from availability,
food, environment etc.

With this software you can provide
unique login and handle your contracts conditions as per the profile in just
one single online booking engine. You can set different conditions and
different rates in tune to your partner portfolio and can manage all the fax,
emails and confirmations in just single step.

This state of art B2B hotel booking software
will enhance your conversion rates and also escalate your earnings per online
booking in your website. You can have different hotel and/or umpteen numbers of
data bookings with great ease and improve your cross selling. This software
also approves you to set sales strategies in tandem to your needs and

This being web application
system based you have full control of your business with just internet joint at
your door step. This software also offers scope for different payment option to
increase conversion and also handle your allotments per profile or per channel
or per partner centrally with our any issues.

B2B Hotel Reservation System

B2B Hotel Reservation System
connects the travel companies to their customers. It provides services to its
client 24/7, which allows clients to make reservations, make alterations in the
booking system, or even make cancellations at any time of the day. It offers
complete client satisfaction. This helps travel agencies to get hotel rooms at
reasonable cost. In short, it sells services from one business to another.

How does a B2B Hotel
Reservation System work?

The reservation management software
automates the booking process by synchronizing with your hotel’s website and
social media, allowing visitors to reserve immediately and conveniently without
having to visit another site. The reservation system may also be linked to the
channel manager, allowing hotels to expand their availability to online
representatives in real-time. This B2B Hotel Reservation System is used in the
hotel sector to implement visitors to book online stays utilizing the software.

It facilitates a more
capable booking procedure and collects data into your system. Furthermore, it
offers you with a competitive advantage and expand productivity by
automatically synchronizing throughout your system and channels. This software
is critical for international appeal and improve occupancy rates. It’s a
crucial tool for providing better clients experiences, which leads to developed
customer retention and profitability. And also offers you with a competitive
benefit and increases productivity by automatically synchronizing throughout
your system and channels.

The Importance of Hotel
Booking System in Your Hotel

Direct Bookings

Additional Profit

Bookings Using Mobile Search


Reservations According to Your Terms

Guest Loyalty

Boost Brand Image

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Flight Inventory Management - Global GDS

Inventory Management is state of art system to handle and distribute flight
inventories through multiple sales channels. It offers functionalities to
automate the distribution and price fluctuation depending upon the market
demand. Air aggregators and charter resellers can handle the pre-purchased
flight inventory centrally and then expose them for sale to the online portal,
representative dashboard as well as through XML web services.

What is Flight Inventory Management?

Flight Inventory Management is an innovative
system for organizing and delivering flight supplies across various sales
channels. It includes tools for automating distribution and cost changes based
on market demand. Air aggregators and charter resellers can use the online portal,
representative dashboard, and XML
web services to centrally handle and market pre-purchased flight

Flight inventory management and distribution

Yield management with price volatility dependent on
market demand

Consolidator may handle pre-purchased flight inventory
(or PNRs)

Flight inventory from many airlines and sectors

Manages various inventory sheets (fare sheets)

It is simple to integrate with any existing booking

Control taxes and fare conditions

Inventory management in real time

Some Features for Flight Inventory Management

Data import and export

Scheduling tool

Inventory management

Devoted inventory system

Multi sector flight inventory

Automated open/close of sale

Inventory allocation/nest

Real time inventory control

Inventory management and distribution

Availability levels

Flight Booking System

We develop, host, & design automation
system for the airline industry that includes the finest state-of-the-art flight booking system which provides
inventory management solutions for flights including ticket booking and sales
on the internet, etc. We at Global GDS have unified and integrated different
flight booking solutions. With Global GDS, develop the Best Flight Booking

You can now integrate your unique flight product with
other useful products

You can now connect to GDS systems and Flight

You can now have simple IPCC based integration

Global GDS powerful online booking system is
developed skilfully providing global integration to 3rd party providers of
flight services via multiple selling platforms like B2B, B2C and B2B2C. This
distinctive flight booking system empowers you to administer your listings
through our intelligent back support tools.

How does flight booking system work?

Flight booking system works by following a
complete process. Let’s understand the process here. You already know that the flight booking engine integrates
airline ticket, seats availability, time & schedule. So, the software
allows end-users to search and book flight ticket after checking the cost and
seats availability on various flights. This makes the booking process a
simply-breezy task for people indeed.

Global GDS flight booking software comes with
advanced features like flight reservation, modification, booking quotation,
flight API integration and IT solutions for travel agents. You must know that
Flight API integration let you search all flight related searches in online
travel portal of travel representative. As a travel agent, you can offer your
customers with great travel deals such as hotels, vacation packages, transfer,
flight, and many more services as well.

How is Flight Booking System beneficial for
Travel Agent in Travel Industry?

Global GDS Flight Booking System comes with
advanced flight booking quotation system which becomes strong Flight Booking IT
Solution to develop Flight booking engine for travel agent business.

It will be customized Flight Booking System
with leading flight module features like Flight Reservation, Modification,
Flight Booking Quotation, Flight API Integration and more.
With this Flight API Integration, Flight booking software provide all
flight-related searches in online travel portal of travel representative.

Flight booking software allow travel agent to
offer customers with best travel deals like hotels, flights, vacation packages,
transfers and other services. With Flight booking IT Solutions, travel
representatives can provide dynamic packages like Flight + Holiday, Flight +
Hotel, more for clients with best flight search and book functionality. So, you
think what all you get in this Flight Booking System / Flight Module.

Flight Booking Software

Flight Booking Software is a
complete flight booking quotation system which automates the flight booking
process to help book flights online for particular seats available from various
flights and increase earnings.

Global GDS is a Travel Software Company based
in USA/UK/UAE/Asia/India that develops the best flight booking engine for
travel companies to automate the flight booking process with multiple flight
suppliers’ integration and instant confirmation to support end users to search and book airline/flight
tickets in worldwide destinations.

Flight Booking Engine is an online booking
system that helps end users to search and book flight tickets online for
particular seats on multiple flights. Flight Booking Engine comes with leading
features and functionalities of third-party supplier integration, GDS
connectivity, listings management, quotation management, b2b/b2c booking
engine, one-way, round-trip, multi-city search option, reservation management,
reporting, clients management, customized design and layout, multi-language,
multi-currency, payment gateway integration and more.

Find the Best Flight Booking Software

Global GDS offers best airline
reservation systems and flight booking software used for booking flights,
airline travel software which will provide systemic booking management services
for the travel owners, travel agents and more. Being in the industry for years
we supply the trendiest designs and development which provide upgraded, and
flexible reservations. Our specialist makes sure that inventory management
solutions for airlines include updated features like the ticket management,
setting preference for booking.

Each of the reservation software developed by
us provides a stable platform for the airline managers so that they can Support
the traveller’s access flight tickets at the most affordable rates. We offer
standard interfaces for the developments of external reservation systems
combine GDS system. Our Airline Reservation Portal developed by us are
integrated with popular worldwide GDS systems like the Amadeus, Travelport, and
more. The mentioned GDS are preferred by Global GDS because they support you
combine a long list of airlines in your inventory.

Why People Choose Us for Flight Booking
Software Development?

Easy for booking tickets

Saves both time and money

Provide all kinds of information about the flight

24x7 Customer Support through both calls and chats

Provide automated tickets to customers through mail

Smooth and hassle-free refund policies

Available for both International and Domestic Airlines

Why does your traveling business need the
flight reservation software?

The flight reservation software is known to
offer as the most significant part of the whole travel reservation software.
The online flight booking engine over the years has played quite a pivotal role
in generating more profits for travel businesses by merging itself with an
airline reservation system.

The airline reservation system has also established
in online sale of flight tickets. No matter what, but a travel booking software
in today’s times demand to incorporate an air booking engine as well. Only
then, it can be useful and beneficial for travel businesses. With our travel
flight reservation software and travel portal development services, you can
actually expect an incredible surge in the earnings and surplus of your

A GDS is merged with an airline booking engine by using
Flight Booking API

Flight ticket software is installed with Holiday Packages

For more details, Pls visit our website:

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⁣Travel Technology
Solution - Global GDS

Global GDS is a leading
software development company and offers travel technology solution for
the travel agencies from where the agents/clients can do Booking online and can
generate Tickets and Vouchers. In this platform customers or Travel
representatives can do Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking, Car Booking,
Tour Package Booking etc.

We offer different types of
Travel Portal modules like B2C Travel Portal, B2B Travel Portal, B2E Travel
Portal and B2B2B Travel Portal. In these online booking systems different
services are integrated like Flight, Hotel, Bus & Car and Tour Package.

What is Travel Technology

Travel technology Solution
is innovative solution specialized to establish travel software such as travel agency software,
tour operator software, travel technology module, website development, XML/
API/GDS integration for travel representatives and travel agency to clear the
business complexities and maximize earnings.

Global GDS is leading Travel
Technology Company establish best travel technology solution as per business
requirement. We are leading travel technology company and commit to offer the
innovative travel software with latest travel technology solution for travel
agency, travel management company, travel portal development
company and tour operator which are very useful them to automate business
procedures, maximize profits and better customer experience. It’s time to know
more about travel technology solution.

How travel agents are
enjoying the perks of travel technology solutions

Travel technology solution
has generated a huge impact on the travel and tourism industry. Travel
technology has executed new objects to the travel management companies’
business. In today’s era, almost every travel agency has their own travel
technology solution and also the services of the B2C travel portal and B2B
travel portal.

Some of the companies even
services travel mobile app for their consumers. Still, some of the companies
don’t possess economic functionalities in their travel websites. These
company’s website mainly holds the information of the foundation of their
travel company and services and packages, but no hotel room or flight ticket

Travel technology solution
is a must aspect to display your online presence widely. Travel technology
solutions has changed the complete story of the travel and tourism company. In
today’s world, almost every travel company is controlled by technologies.

Travel Technology Solutions

Global GDS has an overall
experience of many years of delivering IT solutions for the Travel industry. We
have a long history of providing industry firsts that have helped our customers
generate revenue and increase yield through domain expertise and digital tools.

The team at Global GDS can
help you with product discovery, customer journey mapping, app re-engineering,
development of booking engines and travel itineraries, creation of holiday
packages using data analytics, etc. With a strategic partner behind your
business, you can reduce cost, save time, unlock competitive advantage, drive
revenue, and create personalized and memorable experiences for your customers.

Travel Technology Services
Offered by Global GDS

Booking & Reservation

Travel Extranet Solutions

XML API Integration

B2C/B2B Dashboard

Travel White Label Website

Travel CMS Development

How Travel Technology
Solutions is changing the travel and tourism industry?

Let’s face it – travel
technology is an integral part of any travel business. Thanks to advanced
travel technology solutions through which travel representatives and travel
companies are able to expand the proficiency of their travel business and
enhance the customers’ experience. It is significant for flight, hotel, tour,
and travel organizations to stay updated with advanced travel technology

Whether you’re venturing
into traveling business or an already developed travel business, keeping an
extensive knowledge about travel technology solutions will sail your boat in
this industry. So, we at Global GDS provides the best and innovative travel
technology solutions to clients as per their requirements. Our only aim is to
provide you travel technology solutions, enhance your customer experience, and
thereby generate high earnings.

Choosing Travel Technology
That Suits You Best

Global GDS provides multiple
product profiles to suit travel agents no matter which part of the travel
ecosystem they belong to. This helps to encompass all those in the travel
domain and provide an optimal solution for significant challenges faced on a
regular basis. Our bespoke solutions support manages operational accounts and the
numbers no matter how big or small it is. Everything you need for your
day-to-day operations is bundled together in a simple, easy-to-use solution
that helps you handle finances, agents, sub-agents, end-users, corporates,
suppliers, content systems, etc.

Our smart travel technology
solutions are increase across our products and you are free to choose the one
that deems fit. If you want a combo of these solutions, we can do that too, to
provide that you can enjoy the benefits of more than one. At Global GDS, we
provide three very significant solutions for your travel business that covers
your requirements. In addition, it is well configured to fit the bill too!

Who develops the travel
technology solutions?

Travel Technology Solutions
comes with strong functionalities like Third-Party Supplier Integration, GDS
Connectivity and much more, Inventory Management, Quotation Management,
Itinerary Creation, Package Customization, Reservation Management, Customer
Management, Payment Integration, Accounting, Invoicing, MIS Reporting, Back
Office Management, Mobile Apps, Multi-Currency, different-Language
functionalities and much more.

Global GDS is one of the
leading Travel technology companies across the world having a team of in-house
experienced developers, designers, testers, and SEO experts working under our
wings. We provide the best Travel Portal Solutions,
Travel Technology portal, and travel website development for companies of all
sizes, small, middle, and large size travel representatives, and travel agency

How Travel Technology
Solutions Will Increase Travel Businesses?

Create a desire to travel

Focus on your prospects & loyal customers

Turn your website into a prospecting machine

Partner, Strategically

Engage in social media

Advice via Chat

Personalize the experience

Features Offered by Travel
Technology Solutions

Android and iOS mobile applications for users
to have everything at their fingertips

Responsive design for the website to open it
on any supported devices

Easy search filters to find the right choice
for their travel

Integration with Google Maps

Attractive images on the website to have them
feel of same travel experience

All payment gateway support to hassle-free

Benefits of our travel
technology solutions

Enhance business visibility: ability to reach
a wider audience

Safety and Security: quick payment without
any theft & easy booking confirmation

Real Time Sales: Real time sales through
online payment

Predict performance and sales: Understanding
the market conditions, sales matrix, competitor analysis, business planning and
latest trends

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣B2B White Label -
Global GDS

B2B White
Label system is the best Travel portal for those who want to improve their
travel business with a small amount of money. Our B2B white label system is
user friendly and technology executed. Our strong B2B Booking Systems have GDS
API Integration or third-party API integration that services 24/7 travel
solutions for flight booking, coach booking, hotel booking and car booking.

B2B Travel Portal Solution
connect clients and travel agencies. On B2B Travel Portals only registered
representatives can use the services. Our B2B Travel Portal offers complete
control of creating representatives and their logins, top-up and deduction of
credit limit/balance, activating or deactivating representatives, monitoring
bookings/commissions/sales, modifying mark-ups/discounts. B2B Travel Portals
has all the travel benefits like Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking and
Car Booking.

What is a B2B White Label
Travel Portal?

The online travel business
is speedily expanding as the number of travelers increases. B2B White Label Travel Portal
booking is also becoming instantly popular. B2B white label services are
the leading way to take advantage of this service. Global GDS B2B white-label
service for the travel portal is available to travel representatives, travel
distributors, and travel partners. Global GDS now provides the best B2B white
label services, making the ticketing process easier.

Global GDS provides the best
B2B white label solutions for any airline operator. We can support your travel
website offers instant tickets for all airlines. We provide an online ticket
service for all operating systems, consist of Android, Windows, and iOS, to
keep our travel technology solutions up to date and creative. You will not have
to deal with any unnecessary complications as a result of this. The B2B white
label solution lowers operational prices while providing a hassle-free

Why Travel Agents Should Use
B2B White Label Travel Portal?

Travel technology is
advancing irresistibly due to which the travel businesses and online tour
companies are evolving exceedingly. The advent of the internet and
smartphone devices has accelerated the expansion of the travel domain over the
past decade. Since people have started making their travel arrangements online
using their smart devices, travel portals have gain extreme momentum.

The digital revolution and
the accessibility of hyper-engaging travel portals are encouraging
brick-and-mortar stores to become online. Nevertheless, there’s a need to offer
assistance to not-so-technical travel representatives in learning the new
technology, so that they can leverage digital benefits. Well, in such a
scenario, B2B white label travel portal proves to be a simple platform because
it’s fairly simple to learn.

Features of B2B White Label

Several managements for Holidays, Hotels,
Flights or transfers.

Add unlimited agents and manage agents’ data.

Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights,
Holidays, Activities and Transfer services.

Integrated shopping cart and Payment

Live Chat and Feedback options for customers

24*7*365 booking support for all agents,

Registration and membership for customers.

Automated Back Office Panel for Markup, commission,
refund and cancellation Policy.

MIS Reports for Administrator and Agents.

Accounting Management and Manage Markups.

White Label B2b Services

White Label b2b Services
Which Travel Agent Can Sell on Their Portal

Flight booking engine

Hotel booking engine

Mobile Recharge

Data Card Recharge

Bus booking engine

Landline bill payment

Broadband bill payment

White-Label Travel Portal

White Label Sx`olution
enables one to develop business in the global market and increase brand
presence in times of globalization. It can be simply integrated with an online
travel portal and allows tour and travel businesses to rebrand a successful
product and increases the count of product offerings of travel representatives
and travel companies.

This White-Label Online
Travel Portal can also be integrated with Third Party API, this feature enables
us simply integrate travel inventory (rates and availabilities) from global
suppliers in the travel portal of a travel representative to sell the flight,
hotel, package, transfers, activity online with faster response, up to date and
dynamic travel data to develop customer experience.

B2B White Label Travel
Portal Solution

Global GDS provides White
Label Portal, White Label B2C Travel Portal, White Label Travel Portal, Travel
Portal API, Flight XML API, and another travel portal
development services. We design customized White Label travel portals to
meet your establish needs. We want to be a one-stop shop for all your travel
technology requires by influencing the travel technology market with innovative
business solutions.

We create white label travel
portals that can establish income for you with every click. We try to
strengthen the client’s capacity by providing the best travel portal
development services, consequently helping them to achieve their objectives.
The aim of developing a travel and excursion portal is to develop the business
area for people who work in this industry and, at the same time, help online
users who visit such websites to find a join service.

What is White-Label

A white label solution is a
product or service which is improved by one company and rebrand and resell by
another company under their own brand logo. A white label solution is rebranded
and resell under your own brand logo to customers.

It is a solution, where
products/services are improved by one company (Company A) and these
products/services are sold by another company (Company B) under their own brand
name or logo. So, in other words, White Label is a travel product or service
which is generated by one company but sold by another under their own brand
name or logo.

Why White Label Solution and
how it helps Travel Agent and Tour Operators?

Global GDS is leading Travel
Technology Company provides innovative White label Solution for travel
agent, travel agency, tour operator, travel management company and destination
management company to setup Travel Website with advanced B2B/B2C Travel Portal
for Flight, Hotel, Tour, Transfer, Package, Activity to automate travel business
process and maximize earnings.

Our travel professionals
design and establish White-Label using advanced travel technology to deliver
highly customized white label solutions based on customer business

White Label Solutions to
Increase Your Revenue:

White-label Hotel Booking System

White-label Activities Booking System

White-label Restaurants Booking System

White-label Package Booking System

White-label Flight Booking System

White-label Transfer Booking System

Travel White Label Solution
Provider for B2C & B2B Booking Engine

A white label solution is a
pre-existing product or service that is rebranded by a company to make it
display as if it was improved in-house. This type of solution is often used by
travel entrepreneurs who want to set up their own brand and develop a
customized White Label travel booking
engine or solution. However, building a product from scratch and handling
every aspect of its development and marketing can be challenging in a
competitive travel industry. A white label solution allows a company to focus
on branding and marketing, while leveraging the expertise and resources of a
developed provider.

Global GDS white label
travel portal is a comprehensive solution for travel representatives who want
to include bus, flight, hotel, car, and holiday package bookings on their
websites. This portal allows representatives to access multiple inventory
sources for their bookings, and it also allows them to generate dynamic
packages with ease.

For more details, Pls visit our

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⁣Airline Ticket
Reservation System - Global GDS

What is Airline Reservation

Airline reservation system is
web-based system that support in consolidating flight data - flight schedules,
seat availability, flight fares and reservations from all airlines with the
help of global distribution systems and provides real-time inventory and rates
for customers and travel agents to book flight tickets online.

How Does the Airline
Reservation System Work?

Airline Reservation System
developed by Global GDS, helping you manage and simplify airline ticketing.
This is a totally customizable solution for our online ticket booking system. We
work with major GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport) to provide an airline
ticket reservation system that can be readily adjusted to meet your needs and
can manage thousands of reservations each day.

Global GDS has a modern,
user-friendly interface and strong background architecture for online airline
reservation systems. Also, in the GDS and LCC flights and in many flight API
providers worldwide, we have a large stock. This makes our local and global
Airline reservations simple for us to serve different geographies.

You can search and reserve
aircraft seats productively and immediately with a combination of important
third-party aircraft provider systems. This airline reservation system offers
the option of syncing PNR and importing PNR from GDS, such as Amadeus, Sabre,
and Travelport. Our airline reservation system can development cash
reservations, credit cards, and other methods. This system may be used to build
a PNR and then issue a ticket. This system may be used.

How Airline Reservation
System Is Beneficial for Travel Business?

Airline Reservation System
is complete airline quotation booking system support airlines to distribute flight tickets online across different channels
and optimize reservations for upcoming flights. Airline reservation system
helps travel companies to integrate all flight-related data into online portal
to offer customer with wide variety of flight options with competitive flight

Airline reservation system,
also known as Flight Reservation System is complete airline reservation
software solution integrate GDS/Flight XML services in travel representative
travel portal so they can simply access all flight data and functionality
online to reduced operational cost, development and maintenance time.

Airline Reservation System
offers online reservations and inventory management solutions and incorporate
flight schedules, flight fares, fare tariffs, seat availability, passenger
reservations and records of flight ticket bookings in travel website.

What are Airline Reservation

The airline reservation
system is a web-based booking solution
that helping in consolidating data from all airlines through the use of global
distribution systems. The system offers listings and rates in real time to
agents as well as travel representatives.

Lately, airline reservation
system is being used not only to make flight reservation, but it’s also being
used to assist with multiple airline management tasks and to meet customers’
needs from the starting booking all the way to completion of the flight.

Mobile booking

Post booking management

Payment options

Multi-lingual system


Online Flight Reservation

Online Flight Reservation System is
a web application that supports the commuters to book flight ticket online. In
order to book ticket, the commuter has to register himself by filling up the
details. Once the user had registered himself, he has to login in order to book
the ticket.

According to the type of
airlines and place, the system will offer information regarding flight and
venue which are available on the date specified by the Commuter. Commuter can
view the reservation after booking the ticket. Commuter will be capable to view
the details related to his reservation. The System will offer notice related to
flight to the passengers. In Online Flight Reservation System, the admin can
view the reservation done by the passengers and can add notice that is related
to flight.

Airline Reservation System
for your travel agency

Global GDS provides best
airline reservation systems and flight booking software
used for booking flights, airline travel software which will provide systemic
booking management services for the travel owners, travel representatives and
more. Being in the industry for years we supply the trendiest designs and
development which offer upgraded, and flexible reservations. Our specialist
makes sure that inventory management solutions for airlines combine updated
features like the ticket management, setting preference for booking.

Each of the reservation
software developed by us offers a stable platform for the airline managers so
that they can support the traveller’s access flight tickets at the most
affordable rates. We offer standard interfaces for the developments of external
reservation systems containing GDS system. Our Airline Reservation Portal
established by us are integrated with popular worldwide GDS systems like the
Amadeus, Travelport, and more. The GDS are preferred by Global GDS because they
help you combine a long list of airlines in your inventory.

Features of Airline Reservation

Highly personalized system

Cancelling system for reservations

Assured and reliable

The module of Flight Investigation.

Booking solution with API integration.

Allow passengers to select their own seats.

Programs for frequent flyers are supported.

Show all of your flight options and

Display fare rules and baggage information.

Bookings can be made using an online payment

Best Airline Reservations

Airline reservations software is
a customer-facing reservation system that airline customers use to book
flights. Airlines leverage these applications to manage all of their
booking-related tasks and streamline the reservations process.

Airline reservations systems
take into account different factors when managing the flight-booking process,
including available inventory (seats available), airline schedules, and tax
rates. All of these are factored in when calculating flight costs at the time
of purchase. Airline employees use airlines reservations software to manage the
total reservations process, which can be complicated, and airline customers use
the application to book tickets.

Airline reservations
software generally comes as part of a larger suite of aviation software. At the
very least, these systems interface with global distribution systems (GDS) and
individual airline distribution systems.

Why does your traveling business need the
flight reservation software?

The flight reservation software is known to provide
as the most significant part of the whole travel reservation software. The online
flight booking engine over the years has played quite a pivotal role in
generating more incomes for travel businesses by merging itself with an airline
reservation system.

The airline reservation system has also
launch in online sale of flight tickets. No matter what, but a travel booking
software in today’s times need to incorporate an air booking engine as well.
Only then, it can be useful and benefits for travel businesses. With our travel
flight reservation software and travel portal development services, you can
absolutely expect an incredible surge in the earnings and surplus of your

A GDS is merged with an airline booking engine by using
Flight Booking API

Flight ticket software is installed with Holiday Packages

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel Agency Booking
Software - Global GDS

What Is Travel Agency
Booking Software?

Global GDS is a Leading
Travel Technology Company Worldwide. We have Travel Agency Software to
manage mid-and back-office activities, affiliate networks, track reports and
manage daily agency operations efficiently. Our Travel Agency System is
designed to facilitate online reservations and bookings for clients as well as
staff and agents.

The first advantage of using
a booking and reservation platform is the accuracy and convenience for clients
when availing of your booking services online which can be exhausted in
real-time. Customers are afforded updated booking information, a secure payment
mechanism, and a number of alternative options to change and expedite booking
tasks and processes.

What Software Do Travel
Agents Use for Online Booking?

Global GDS offers customized
travel agency software for travel agencies that connect with multiple inventory
suppliers including the most advanced GDS integrations, millions of hotels,
travel services and car rentals.

We provide one-stop solutions
for OTAs to enter a larger market, minimize operating costs and simplify the
booking process, and improve customer relationships. We offer web online
distribution of global and regional markets to online travel agencies
(OTAs). OTA is a travel website specializing in the selling of travel products
to clients.

We can develop comprehensive
travel agency software/reservation systems including the modules for airfares,
hotels, transfers, cars, sightseeing, and holiday packages. We allow our
partners to serve their clients effectively, with the right price and

B2B Travel Portal

Our online B2B Travel Portal is
one of the most important components for every travel agent. We offer a wide
range of travel solutions to travel agents and tour operators across worldwide
to help them move their business to new heights.

Global GDS is a one-stop
White Label Solutions provider for all the technology needs of travel agents,
consolidators, and tour operators It symbolizes White Label Solutions, hotel,
and Flight Booking APIs, Dynamic Packages and in recent years, we took a robust
hold on the Mobile App Development sector also. We offer Domestic &
International air tickets, hotel accommodation booking services, car rental,
and many more.

Travel agency software

Our travel agency software
which can be used by any business taking bookings for days, nights, hours or
minutes, or regular events. If you're direct to giving up on finding travel
agency online which will work precisely as you need, you have finally found the
proper scheduling system.

Our online travel agency
will merge with all well-liked website designers, countless web-based apps like
Google Calendar & Analytics, list managers, CRM and accounting systems. Our
travel agency system has
been designed to assist create your life as a tour operator easier. As your
business grows, you might notice that you have less and less time to do what
you love obtaining out there to run tours and interacting with your customers.

Travel agency booking system

Our travel agency booking system is
a very user-friendly booking system that helps your direct clients, agents and
corporate to make bookings along with accommodation providers across the globe
through your website, phone calls, or email after verifying availability of
room for any particular period of time in concurrence with their desired
schedule. Hotels enter their own room descriptions, room facilities, room
rates, allocations into the system through XML feed or extranet 24/7-day weeks.

Online Travel Agency System
is a web-based travel booking system
that allows end-users-B2C and travel agents-B2B to book travel deals online. Our
travel search engines will section you the best flights on to the destination
you need, the date you would like to and your budget desires.

You can get the right list
of the agencies through which you can book your tickets with the assistance of
our travel agency system. Our internet booking engine aids you in
straightforward and fast bookings of tickets for anyway. We design the best
Travel Agency System for domestic and international air ticket booking. Our
straightforward travel booking system qualifies you to get the best suggests
that of travel of your choice and luxury.

Travel Agent Portal Solution

Travel Agent Portal Solution
promises you the best solution to keep up with the advanced travel industry and
helps you offer your clients the best deals in Air Tickets, Hotels, and Tour
Packages. Travel technology solutions will manage all your payment options and
gives you a report for online transactions.

A Travel Agent Portal's main
perform is to act as an agent selling travel outcomes and services for the
benefit of a provider. Consequently, in contrast to different retail
businesses, they do not keep any stock in hand. A ticket isn't acquired from a
supplier unless a client requests that purchase.

A Travel Agency Booking
Software that's compatible with both the present and future desires is that the
one any Travel Agent Portal should explore for products, packages, rates, and
customers perpetually keeps changing so that the software should be versatile
and shall carry on with the requirements.

Features Of Travel Agency
Booking System:

Re-build dashboard and generate reports
related to customer handling and sales.

Promote popular destinations through social
media and email.

Organize, track, and trip finances.

Offers perfect management for control
accounts and financial records.

Supports excellent customer management
through its CRM.

Assembles and organize travel services from
all over the world.

Lowest logical fares for flexibility and

Responsive phone, chat, and email support.

Simply track and apply unused tickets for
instant savings.

Seamless expense management integration.

Flexible reporting helps you find trends and
negotiate better rates.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Amadeus Travel
Software - Global GDS

What Do You Get with Amadeus
Travel Software Integration?

Global GDS is one of the
best travel portal development companies globally which offers Amadeus Travel Software
through a B2B network. We are the most effective travel portal development
company, providing B2B (agents), B2C (Users) and corporate travel portals with
GDS and third-party API integration and also providing Responsive layout with
100% mobile compatibility.

Amadeus is integrated over
100+ Flight Aggregators by using advanced technology integration methodologies.
Amadeus GDS Integration Services
will facilitate your travel company book thousands of flights online.

Amadeus software is one of
the most competitive software in travel industry, so that it will enhance your
business in to a global competitive level. As a result of this positioning,
Travel Portal Development companies will get more traffic and sales. Global GDS
provides web service API which is integrated to travel portals to change access
to Amadeus options via XML information.

Why Choose Amadeus Software?

With Global GDS and our
integration with Amadeus, travelers get transparency; also, selection and ease,
and our customers get the tools to drive growth and efficiency. We’re committed
to innovation so that we can power the solutions that will form the longer term
of travel. Global GDS takes the most effective software system and technologies
like Amadeus travel software, to form your traveling method quicker and easier.

Use our travel management system
with the integrated Amadeus GDS System that provides customizable and seamless
booking expertise through numerous business travelers.

Global GDS also offers
booking software system that helps your reservation within the simplest way
possible. Amadeus Airline Reservation System is a common platform used by all
airlines and travel agents to provide seamless reservation services across the

Choose Us for Amadeus Travel

Global GDS is the most travel technology company
providing travel technology solutions to the travel trade. Our travel
technology software will encourage you to show your recent ideas and
perceptions. We are a fully-fledged travel software company in GDS API / XML
integration. Global GDS integration of Amadeus Flights permits you to attach to
GDS Amadeus via an XML API for online booking of airline tickets.

Amadeus provides an
extremely efficient and interactive booking solution that helps online travel
agencies expand their booking scopes by distributing air and non-air content to
large distribution channels.

Access real-time and
up-to-date data regarding flight status, actual costs and create bookings
instantly - and reduce your overhead prices within the method furthermore.

Amadeus Flight Booking
provides the technology that keeps the travel trade going. From Amadeus,
flights search to the reservation, cost accounting to ticketing, the handling
of reservations to the handling of the entry and exit procedure.

Amadeus Flight API
integration is in great demand by travel operators, destination management
companies, etc. The Amadeus reservation system covers the whole solution, from
the initial search to the completion of the booking. Creating an online booking
is straightforward with Amadeus airline software.

The client simply needs to
undergo the Amadeus airline booking to book a flight.

The integration of Amadeus
Flights makes it attainable to form links to GDS Amadeus via XML API for online booking of airline tickets. Integrating
Amadeus GDS (Global Distribution System) into your booking engine or travel
portal can offer immense real-time knowledge for booking flights online!

Global GDS integrates the
Amadeus GDS is a multi-GDS service that shares your inventory and content with
the world's global distribution systems. GDS or Global Distribution System
refers to the reservation tool travel agents use when making an airline or
other travel service booking. Other than the airline reservations, the CRS is
also used to book train travel, car rental, and hotel rooms.

Our Amadeus GDS system is
one of the highly sophisticated Global Distribution Systems used so far. Using
simple XML infrastructure and protocols, this system will reduce the cost
incurred by hardware and telecommunication systems.

Airline reservation systems

It is connected to almost
every airline reservation system of the leading airlines. It gives us desktop
solutions as well as Web Services XML to allow the connection with the core
database. Our GDS system gives you access to the worldwide low-cost carriers
high-speed rail providers and multi-source content by using a single API.

With the help of our Amadeus GDS system integration, we
will be able to take your travel services to a unique and distinctive
marketplace where you can meet potential clients from all over the world.

Amadeus provides the biggest
of all the GDSs. It allows the travel agency to compile the various
requirements of the travelers; budget-conscious to high-yield business flyers. Do
you want to open a new window for your travel business? If yes, we help you
move ahead. Get in touch with us to know more.

Global GDS integrates
Amadeus GDS to deliver sophisticated travel software solutions to the global
travel companies. Our advanced team of Amadeus GDS developers will help you to
identify your business opportunities and improve it across the Amadeus

Travel portal development

Global GDS is a leading travel portal development
company with profound experience and expertise in Amadeus consulting,
development and integrations for B2B and B2C travel management companies.

Amadeus Global Distributions
System is one of the desired requirements of every business which is working
online. It helps to distribute the services so that the target audience or
clients may get the desired result out of it. This integration service has
brought the services suppliers and the services seekers at a place.

Depending on the
requirements of the travelers and the businesses, the Amadeus API integrations
helps in providing the most effective result to the travelers and this, as a
result, can provide the best and effective services to the portal. Amadeus GDS
Integrations increase profits, identify new revenues from different channels,
maximize cross-selling and up-scaling opportunities and take advantage of
online streams.

Key Features of the Amadeus
Travel System:

Manage your travel business intelligently

Target & promote your travel business

Distribute & sell through more channels

Enhance the buying experience

Better market & business insight

Exposure to worldwide Inventory

Travel agents can book and issue tickets

Provides a single point of access to the
Amadeus system

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣B2B Portal
Development - Global GDS

Global GDS provide online
b2b platform, containing various travel services around the world.

Global GDS is the leading travel
portal development company which deliver the best web design and
development services along with best XML API Integration services to their

We also offer customer
support services 24/7 for our clients. We provide travel agencies with complete
development of the Travel Portal, GDS, XML and API Integration,
Hotel and Airline Reservation System and development of all aspects of B2B
& B2C travel portal development.

Our travel website
development company offers the best white label solution to assist the travel
companies and travel agents. We offer integrations as per the client’s

Travel portal by Global GDS
offers b2b white label solutions for travel bookings.

Global GDS is web portal development
company that specialises at creating rich, highly-immersive online
experience through B2B and B2C Web Portal Development. At Global GDS you will
find a wide range of web portal development services for industry-specific
solutions such as e-Commerce, Social Networking, Job Portals, Real Estate etc. Our
Custom Web Portal development will make it possible for you to incorporate a personalized
space with your business implemented.

Global GDS provides B2B
Portal Development services such as B2B Portal Designing Services, B2B Website
Design and Development Services, B2B Portal Application Development, B2B Portal
Development Maintenance and Support. Global GDS is a professional portal
development company, which provides comprehensive portal development services.

Today technology is changing
speedily so we should have alert ourselves to day-to-day development in it. Global
GDS is one of the top travel portal development companies across the world
which always keeps abreast of changing phenomena in technology.

Global GDS offer end-to-end
travel technology services with various value-added features.

Our B2B travel portal
engine makes the fast-booking process and simpler for all kinds of
clients. Our team working on this
product has core deep knowledge about the travel domain requirements which
leads us to develop complex business logic with ease and user-friendly environments.

We offer on the Company's
website can be profitable in many ways, especially if it involves the ability
to manage and promote our own travel products, destinations where we are strong
enough to make deals.

Our services provide you
travel portal development services like White label B2C travel portal, White
label B2B travel portal, travel Portal API, Flight XML API and more. Global GDS
offer the end-to-end travel technology services with various value-added
features. This will guarantee to give you key to your success in the online
travel industry.

Our multiple payment gateway
options supported on all B2C Travel Portal. Our b2c travel portal is an online
booking engine with flights, hotels, transfer, and sightseeing and packages

Global GDS provides latest
b2c travel portal is absolutely custom-based on the client's necessities.

B2C travel
portal software can be integrated with essential GDS systems like Amadeus,
Travelport, Abacus, Sabre, and third-party APIs / XMLs and LCCs. Currently, a
day’s travel business one the quickest growing sector not only within the
individual however around the world.

An online B2B Travel portal
is one of the most vital parts of each travel agent. Today there are a lot of
B2B companies’ offer significant cash-back and different discounts if you book
your flight ticket and different services online from their portal.

Our portal on the B2B airline
reservation system is the comprehensive online solution for the airline in
addressing travel agents and corporate clients. It aids the airlines in
transpiring the subsequent activities: management, distributing rate tariffs,
maintaining reservations, cancelling or ever-changing the reservations, etc.
with efficiency. Global GDS B2B travel portal manage back-office users, rights
and profiles in the right manner. It offers the functionalities that are
mandatory for the travel agents.

Travel portal development

We are leading travel portal
development company, giving B2B (agents), B2C (Users) & corporate travel
portals with GDS and third-party APIs integration.

Our solution is a
function-rich B2C
booking engine integrated with eye-catching user-friendly designs. B2C
Portal Solution is designed for corporations aiming to increase profit by
giving inventories directly to customers.

You can construct B2B or B2C
Portal for your travel agency that contains advanced flight GDS and numerous
alternative APIs Tour & travel industry has discovered drastic changes in
several aspects like operation methodology, target audiences, marketing
strategies, etc.

Travel portals today are not
only the suggests that to search out the most effective places to go to on
holidays, however, they need also instead expanded the services to flight
booking, etc.

B2B Travel portal

An online B2B Travel portal
is one of the most vital parts of each travel agent. Our portal on the B2B airline
reservation system is the comprehensive online solution for the airline in
addressing travel agents and corporate clients.

It aids the airlines in
transpiring the subsequent activities: management, distributing rate tariffs,
maintaining reservations, cancelling or ever-changing the reservations, etc.
with efficiency.

Our customers and partners
vary from tour operators and online retailers to medium and small tour
operators and local travel agents. Currently, the bulk of the offline travel
agents and travel agencies are partnered with Online Travel Agencies or they're
already related to OTA.

Our B2B is a final product
for (B2B) business operators and Travel Agents operating during this area.
Where the product is successfully tested for many live travel agents and has
all standard B2B functionalities to scale their operations ranging from one
agent to over 1000 agents globally.

B2B Travel Portal Development
Features include: -

Negotiated hotel contracting system

Sub-agent Staff user roles

Sub-agent profile

Staff booking tool for making bookings on
behalf of the sub-agents

Complete back-office functionality

Markups for Sub-agents

Queues for inquiry/bookings/cancellations/Change
requests by sub-agents

Auto Email/SMS Alert setup for confirmation
and cancellations

Comprehensive accounting and payment

Reverse payment facility

Pending payment report

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Flight Booking Portal
- Global GDS

Global GDS is a friendly
online travel portal that offers products and services to help you avail the
best of opportunities to travel. It caters to leisure travelers, business
travelers, and travel agents for domestic and international flight bookings.

Tourism is a unique area of
business in the sense that a product cannot be observed or manipulated through
the direct experience before purchase. Rather, clients need to absolutely
depend on indirect or virtual experience.

Due to that, appealing
presentations of travel destinations have always been an important factor in
success in tourism. Traditional travel agents are
by and large very effective in their efforts of making represented inventories
that furnish potential clients with a lot of data energized with profoundly
stylish photographs, helpful tips, maps and substantially more.

Travelling is one of the
finest things that we do to relieve ourselves. Few travels for fun, few travels
for leisure and few travels for business. In overall, people travel to fulfil
their desires and travel is a part of everyone.

Designed with a
user-friendly interface and convenient features, Global GDS offers a
hassle-free online booking experience with low air ticket fares and amazing
flight booking offers. Global GDS lets you book flights via your desktop or
mobile site and brings to you exciting deals and offers, making Global GDS one
of your best go-to online portals to plan your travel.

Global GDS provides a Flight Booking
Portal system software used for airline merchandising, bookings, and
distribution. This Airline Booking System software is needed to manage booking,
scheduling, and delivery of necessary information to the end-user. To be
forceful in the market similar to turnover, generosity and advantage age it is
major for the airline associations to have a convincing and best-reserving

The Airlines Management
System has profited both the airline business and the client too. For the
aircraft business, it has preferences, for example, the exactness of the
information, settling complaints of the customer, getting the confidence of
customers, building goodwill in the market and an increase in the surplus, etc.

For the client, it has
positive conditions, for example, essential and helpful access of data, the
security of their cash, a saving of time, esteem evaluation, flight ticket software,
ease in holding and getting offers from two or three aircraft associations.

Intelligent agent-based
flight search and secure booking system

The Intelligent Agent-based
Search and verified Booking
system i.e., developed surround two important facets of the travel
industry, which includes the search for flights and booking the flights, which
includes payment part.

When a search is done by
means of an agent, which is a replication of a travel agent, the optimum
results must be returned to the user. Another factor to be considered is that
the hunt must be proficient, brisk and it must return just what is requested
which will keep the client from spending a lot of time skimming through
unnecessary information as it exists in the current system.

The booking of flights by
means of a cell phone is similar to booking flights through a website, however
what is distinctive is that in this situation we are not booking flights by
means of the cell phone by getting to a site directly and taking the necessary steps
similarly as we would in the event that we were utilizing our work desktop or
laptop computers.

To effectively do this, we
have a few variables to remember, for example, Security, Third Party
Connectivity Channels, Encryption Mechanism, and Biometric Implementation which
structures a crucial part of the security platform.

New trends in global travel

This is a time of dynamic
change in the world travel industry. In 2019, the industry seems balanced for
proceeding with development and expansion around the world. Influential factors
include a general climate of optimism and economic stability, a robust
international meetings sector, and increasing non-stop flight options.

More individuals are
venturing the world over in the quest for business aspirations than ever
before. Inside this growing business travel circle, a lively new street warrior
class is rising. Energetic even impatient, to book their next outing, they are
making another mentality and frame of mind about the estimation of the corporate
travel understanding.

And emboldened by today’s
consumer travel tools and technologies, they are assertively challenging the
status quo both in terms of trip planning and itinerary management.
They are even helping to shift the standard corporate rules related to human
resources, impacting everything from recruiting and retention to overall job
satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Importance of flight booking

24x7 booking available for customers

Increase the accuracy of the system

Cut down operational costs

Generated automated emails and SMS for the

Business can be monitored by owners from

Real-time update

Send marketing emails to customers about
deals and offers

Expands benefit sum by eliminating agents and
therefore directly giving service to passengers

User-friendly interface

Benefits of Flight Booking

There are several benefits
of the flight booking portal over the manual way of business. They are;

Air Tickets Booking Software is structured
and created under the standards of professionalism. It is business-arranged
still attractive.

Flight booking engine for website provides
fast and error-free online reservation facilities to the users.

There is a service of reservation

Warning through email in regards to ticket
appointments, retraction and flight delayed, and so on.

Engaging flags are accessible with the end
goal of promotion.

Engaging banners are accessible for the
purpose of promotion.

Provides comparison facility to the users so
they'll compare fares indictable by totally different airlines.

API integrated booking resolution

Trustworthy and reliable in all respects.

Advantages of Flight Booking

Online Flight Booking Portal systems saves
your staff time

Grater sales and marketing strategy

Removing the bottleneck of phone booking

Increased Revenue thanks to upselling

Modern Approach to booking

Easy Refund Policies

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel Itinerary
Software - Global GDS

Get ahead of your
competitors at every single time

A travel itinerary is a
description of the tour in a way. It explains what tourists can expect when on
the go - where they will be on a particular day, the things that they would see
or do and any related information.

The purpose of the itinerary
is to communicate clearly what will happen on the tour on a daily basis. It
highlights what products contain. A travel itinerary does not only make
informed travelers. It is also, talks about your ability to provide a unique

You can even prepare your
tour schedule with pictures and/or infographic, if your travel website design
support it, to make your offer stand out. Itinerary management software offers
a cost-effective, visually attractive and time-saving alternative, allowing the
agent to store customer details, personal recommendations and guidelines aim at
the desktop or mobile device.

Why Global GDS Itinerary

Global GDS Itinerary Software is
a powerful productivity tool that gives a great time and cost savings for
travel companies by allowing them to generate branded trip in minutes. One of
its truly unique features is the ability to utilize both live inventories from
third party suppliers and the agency’s paper rates for building quotes.

Global GDS Itinerary
software is best for travel professionals and agencies that strive to create a
travel experience that is unique and memorable for their valuable customers. With
the help of Global GDS itinerary Software, you will be able to help your
customers by offering a destination and hotel reviews and recommends the best.

It also helps you to
effectively solve your customer's questions about the trip with just one click
of your mouse button. Global GDS itinerary Software is a modern itinerary
creator that not only simplifies the initial search process but also helps you
manage other services of travel - Flights, Hotels, Cars, Excursions, Transfer,

Features of Global GDS
Itinerary Software:

Create your own customized packages

All the packages are fully customizable

It is very convenient as everything is under
one platform

It simplifies your information gathering and
itinerary creation

Create and give unique themes to your trips
and travel packages

Various destinations to select under a single

It has a very simple interface that makes it
very easy to use

It is easy to manage

Complete Travel Agency
Itinerary Software

With roots planted in travel technology
development, Global GDS understands exactly what it needs to provide
quality travel technology solutions that benefit the travel agency, advisor,
and client. Are you really interested in
taking your travel agencies and travel business online? So here it comes the
most leading travel itinerary software developed by Global GDS.

It is the leading guided
tour software across the globe which provides a platform to the travel agents
and travel companies to make their work easy and efficient and also is
time-saving. It is a Tour routing software with very important features that
will have the companies to reduce the manual work and also the complexity of
the management process.

In addition to Travel
Itinerary Software, Global GDS also provides features like:

Lead Management

Automated task Manager

Invoice management

Booking Management

Accounting Management

Report Management

Contact Management

Visa Management

Alerts & reminders

Travel Software for Fully
Independent Travel (FIT) Tour Operators

Global GDS travel
itinerary software is the easiest solution on the market to create an
itinerary that is made specifically for tour operators Fully Independent Travel
(FIT). Tailor-made trips for FIT often long and complicated, but with unique
quotes and online communication platform Global GDS travel itinerary software,
you can quickly collaborate with your customers on or offline.

Global GDS itinerary
planning software allows you to see all of your customer's preferences and
communication to easily build personal travel. With our travel itinerary
software can also create mini tailor-made FIT packages for easily itinerary
reservations plus you can swap in and out of components according to FIT
customer requirements.

Global GDS offers the best travel
management software products that have many other options that make
traveling easy operation. However, comprised of the most prominent Booking
management system also makes the process easier and more effective. Here you
can create multiple bookings and can manage in a single platform.

Global GDS Got Everything for
Your Tour Operator Business

Still managing itineraries
by clunky word document templates and exporting to PDF? Global GDS makes it
possible to get incredible use from one of your most important products;
itineraries. Use our itinerary builder to make them as samples on your site or
to make full, private, day-by-day itineraries for clients.

Itinerary Builder by Global
GDS is the most advanced platform for real-time planning and booking of
personalized travel experiences. Global GDS allows users to design and modify
complex travel itineraries according to personal requirements in a few simple
steps. With Global GDS, travel businesses can effectively optimize revenue and
elevate the travel experience.

Global GDS online itinerary builder
makes it easy and fast to build a custom trip itinerary with all your trip
details. Global GDS starts you with a free vacation itinerary template and you
customize by adding all of the details of your trip including your hotel
reservations, flight booking details, restaurants, activities, and more.

Online Travel Solutions That
Work for Your Business

Global GDS is a global
leading player in the development of innovative solutions for the travel and
tourism industry. Global GDS develops technology solutions for travel agents,
consolidation/hosting agencies and corporations. We develop a suite of products
encompassing CRM, reservations, back-office systems as well as B2C and B2B booking
engines for business and leisure travel agents and tour operators.

Our technology solutions
help corporate travel clients to reach broader markets, lower operating costs,
reduce errors in costing and booking processes, streamline booking processes
and contracting processes, improve customer relations, etc. through the

Reservation Software by Global GDS facilitates customers by enabling them
to make reservations like hotel bookings, air ticket bookings, car rental
services, bus bookings, tour packages, and cruise bookings. By all these
bookings travelers are enjoying a lot.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel Website
Builder - Global GDS

Elevate Your Travel and
Hospitality Experience with a Winning Travel Website Builder

Global GDS is the ideal
travel agency website builder for travel, tours, and activities. This is a
site-building platform designed by experts for enthusiasts and professionals
alike. You can most probably take a look at Global GDS for a more
niche-specific website builder.

We have the capabilities to
develop simple, insightful websites, as well as more programming, booking
features, and more. With Global GDS, the opportunities for your travel website
are endless. Simply put, our tourism web development solutions are 100% custom
and are completely focused on you and your goals. Whether your customers will
use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can easily access and visualize your
site. Apart from that, you can also increase your online reach by optimizing
your site entirely for search engines.

Essential Steps to Create
Your Own Website and Win the Competition

Select a design template. Our beautiful
website templates are designed specifically for travel, so they’re designed to
give you more direct online bookings.

Add the features of the website you prefer.
You can add modules for Text, Images, Maps, Contact Forms, Rooms, Tours,
Testimonials, Chat Widgets, and more.

Complete your web content. Once you have
completed the website structure, you can add the related content to each entity
and page on your new website.

Contact your domain URL. You can use the
existing domain URL address you have with your web application, or we can
provide one for you. You can easily connect your domain to your website
settings, and we'll also provide a free SSL security certificate to ensure that
you're secure online.

Go LIVE! Once you've designed your website,
added your content, and attached your domain URL, you're ready to publish it to
show your website to the world!

What are the benefits of a
Website Builder?

Building and introducing a new website will
not be a challenging task. With Global GDS website builder, you will have a new
modern website up and live in one day. The benefits of the Website Builder

No website coding or technical skills are
required. Global GDS no code web builder is designed for people with no skill
sets. We have a drag-and-drop interface design that allows you to add text,
upload images, and modify any of the functions on the website by clicking and
dragging the mouse. No coding is needed!

No web developer needed - you're in control!
You can modify or update your website at any time without having to rely on a
web developer or any other staff member. Since our Web Builder is cloud-based,
you can access it from anywhere, make changes, and publish your update easily.

No design talent is required. Our beautiful
website templates are designed specifically for travelers. They're going to
attract users and empower them to book. The best thing is, you don't have to
stick to the template. You can start using it and then update it as you want.

Integrations for online payments, bookings,
and channel management. Global GDS website designs come with a Booking Engine,
Online payments, Channel Manager, and our booking system integrated as a
requirement. You don't need to manage multiple systems and logins. You'll get a
dashboard to manage your business and website.

Professional Templates,
Optimized for Travel

The best templates,
specifically designed for the travel industry, enhance your customer's booking
experience and boost your sales. Fully customizable to match your brand, these
templates can provide an ideal platform for your business to sell your products

In fact, our set of
customizable templates incorporates a range of designs specifically designed
for those looking to create a professional travel agency website. Simple to
establish, each template includes eye-catching images to get you started –
alongside comprehensive customizable features that allow you to edit your colour
scheme and website framework.

Besides, Global GDS
facilitates powerful web apps that enhance the effectiveness and functionality
of your website-helping you create a professional travel agency website that
captures your business well. Global GDS comes with a comprehensive list of
features needed to start and manage an impressive travel agency website without
spending a fortune on it.

Here's our curated set of
essential attributes that play a key role in winning travellers’ spirits.

Unique, innovative yet simple design

Attention-grabbing content

Well-informative sections on the website

Keeping in touch with customers and guests

Mobile-friendly website

Professional SEO management

Straightforward search filters

Secure payment method

Easy booking and cancellation

Excellent customer support

Get Your Website Set Up and
Ready for Bookings

Global GDS is the best
all-in-one website builder for travel agencies, agents, and tour operators. The
platform incorporates ease of use, convenience, affordability, high-end
functionality, and an intuitive web design approach. At Global GDS, we have
enormous skills when it comes to building custom Travel & Tourism website
design and portal development that really captures the spirit of travel,
adventure, and holiday.

With Global GDS, you can
also create a hotel, accommodation, and other rental pages in a breeze. Our
developers have a great deal of technical know-how and passion for building
specialized travel websites. With all the components that come with it, a fast
and simple website is assured to kick off your business in style. From the
numerous templates, you can quickly find the right look for your needs. From
then on, you can use it as it is, or you can effortlessly boost it accordingly.

Get Travel Portal Website
Developed with Trending Technologies and Amazing Functionalities

Fast, Simple, Secure, and Easy to use

Custom-Designed Travel Website

Fully Responsive Travel Site

SEO Friendly Site

Content Marketing

Admin Console Extended

Social Media Marketing

Why Choose Global GDS as
Your Travel Website Development Company?

Launching a web application
is essential for any travel agency that aims at effective business growth and
client attraction. However, it is not easy to start and manage a website,
especially for new users.

Global GDS Website builders
offer a choice of pre-designed responsive templates, an array of customization
design tools, easy-to-use dashboards, and nice SEO optimization dimensions.
These are the main factors that contribute to a great result.

Global GDS is one of the
largest players in the travel technology industry can offer innovative web
solutions to OTAs. We build our solutions using incredibly technological
advancement, which further benefits the travel industry.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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⁣Travel XML
Integration - Global GDS

What Is Travel XML

Travel XML Integration
provides a real-time booking platform and integrated booking software. It helps
you streamline opportunities and cater to multiple guest needs in the most efficient
way possible.

XML API Integration is
ultimately a source of connection that acts as an interpreter between customer
and supplier permitting numerous formats or programming languages. By this
method, detailed information about hotel providers, car rental providers, and
many more can easily display. Embedding
XML API Integration into your travel business website can produce supple and
modernize form, without doing a bigger investment in costly and sophisticated
design plans. XML integration is a technological tool used to connect in
real-time with tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains, and
other providers of tourism products.

Travel XML/API Integration
Service for Online Travel Business

Global GDS is the best
travel API provider that offers travel API XML integration with great team
efforts in completing every responsibility. We provide profound assistance in
travel API XML integration consolidated with various service providers all over
the global travel market.

Through our exceptional
support as an XML API provider, we also assist in the deployment of XML
functionality on the travel portal. The complete travel portal development
ensures compatibility and proficiency in XML API integration.

Travel XML API is a set of
web services to access the travel deals from a travel API provider and
integrate it seamlessly into your website. Airlines, Hotels, and Online Travel
Agencies (OTAs) have opened their data to share their offerings with other
travel platforms while also integrating with other travel APIs to increase
their value and provide an all-in-one experience to their customers.

Third-Party API Integration

Third-party APIs become an
excellent option for businesses with limited time and resources to complete the
task. The improvement of the travel portals makes them more attractive and
enhances business opportunities. Most of the portal owners are emphasizing the
third-party API for earning more profit.

It allows a travel agent to
incorporate API for hotel booking, flight booking, and third-party API
integration on their website. The API integration significantly accelerates the
completion rate of prospective plans. Through this system, the travel portal
developer gets additional time for the development of an exact solution.

Global GDS offers the best
solution for XML API Interface where you can manage the whole third-party
supplier inventory from a single roof, instead of logging into multiple
platforms and change the access of live fares.

You can use our XML
integrations to increase your offer selling travel products provided by
third-party suppliers or to expand your reach by distributing your inventory to
third party’s API XML integration allows third-party tools. Through it, you can
implement a flight tracking API, GDS API, tours API, car rental API, and bus
API, etc.

Why Is XML Integration Essential for a Travel

API/XML integrations help
the travel industry. Most of the Consolidators and Travel Content Providers
expose their content via API or Web Services XML/JSON feed which can be
utilized by the online travel business to integrate on their booking engine to
sell the relevant travel products to their clients.

One of the biggest
advantages of XML integrations, an OTA (Online Travel Agency) can sell any
content sourced from any partner without revealing the actual content seller’s
identity, which increases the opportunity to retain customers, increase
revenues and margins.

API Integration is becoming
increasingly important for Travel Websites. Users prefer a location where they
can configure their travel-related searches and do not want to switch between
applications to do so.

The Travel XML is an online
solution for booking flights, hotels, cars, transfers, and other services. The
user can search and book all services on one portal using various suppliers and
consolidators. APIs enable online travel agencies and booking agents access to
global travel content such as hotel information, images, room details, rates
from various suppliers.

Advantages of custom and
multiple XML integration over Single Consolidated API integration

XML integration and Custom Software
Development “from scratch” has several advantages as compared to ready-made
Single API.

Prices directly from original suppliers and
no share of margins through intermediates (Single API provider)

Long-term gains.

Flexibility in development, implementation,
and integration

Full-control of system source code

Independence from the third-party vendor’s
product strategy

Unlimited scaling and customization

Why Global GDS for Travel
XML Integration Services?

We are a professional travel
software company proficient in API/XML Integration of GDS like Amadeus,
Travelport, and Sabre to offer your customers a wide range of travel products
with real-time availability, details, fares, rules, and policies.

If you are looking to offer
a fully customizable experience in delivering a world-class travel booking
service to your customers with the help of APIs, we would like to introduce our
service of Travel API Integration. API integration is one of the custom
developments in travel technology.

It enables you to connect
with thousands of airlines, hotels, buses, and other significant travel content
from all over the world. It is easy to integrate and complement your existing
travel offerings with an even more extensive range.

We understand travel agent’s
requirements and issues and work with the API provider’s technical team to
provide end-to-end solutions. We can help you with XML API integration services
with multiple suppliers on the global market. We can also help you in
implementing XML functionality for your portal, which would expand your
business manifolds.

Most hotel & flight
agencies offer versatile booking facilities to their customers by Travel XML API
Integration. Some of the features of Travel XML API are listed below:

Simple search interface

Easy Connectivity

24x7 Bookings Worldwide

B2B and B2C Online Reservation Engine

Integrated Backoffice system

Payment Gateway

Seamless integration with third-party

Real-time availability and booking

Integrated support

Easy implementation

Real-Time Ticket cancellation

Real time payment history

Our XML API Integration
Service for Travel Companies to Grow Their Business Online

Allow your customers with a
wide range of choices for flight XML API booking, hotel XML API booking, Car
rental API integration, insurance, and many more with access to both GDS and
external content with our XML integration white label services.

Flight Booking API Integration

Hotel Booking API Integration

Car Rental API Integration

GDS API Integration

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