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⁣This Heated Display Removal Fixture will intelligently heat your iPhone for a precise amount of time to a designated temperature to allow the adhesive to weaken. A suction cup holds onto the display, and as you turn the knob on top, it will slowly apply pressure and pull the display panel free. Once separated, you can use the included tool to break through any leftover adhesive.

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⁣This Freeze Spray is an important tool for motherboard repair. It can quickly detect short circuits on motherboards with this useful tool. Every repair shop owner wants this Freeze Spray. Mobilesentrix offers this top quality product at wholesale prices.

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⁣MobileSentrix has acquired Mobile Defenders to provide the repair industry with unparalleled pricing, products, and programs. This acquisition combines the knowledge and expertise of the two leading names in the cell phone repair industry.

At this time, the Mobile Defenders and MobileSentrix sites will run concurrently. Any specific offering that either site has will continue to be offered explicitly by that site.

We’re excited to begin working alongside Mobiledefenders. Our teams are already internally working on a few new initiatives that are going to continue to revolutionize the industry. Stay tuned.

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⁣A how to video about how replace the battery in an iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro Max using a Ampsentrix Core battery and tag on flex to avoid having the message that identifies a replacement battery and to retain the battery health in the settings. at Mobilesentrix you can buy more iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement.

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⁣We are excited to introduce Aftermarket Macbook Screens. We, at MobileSentrix always want to ensure quality and transparency are always there. We are not ok selling aftermarket MacBook screens with logos and calling them OEM pulls.
This is why today we are making available Aftermarket Macbook Screens without a logo for up to 50% of the price of an OEM pull to ensure you and your customers can repair their devices rapidly and reliably.

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⁣Mobilesentrix offers new Laser Soldering Station. Microsoldering has never been faster and more precise with the new MiJing (WLS-301) Laser Soldering Station. Watch the video to learn more! We removed an IC, reballed it, soldered it back on. We also did an FPC connector and everything went smooth!

Laser power: 15W*2, 10 levels adjustable
Laser spot size:10mm/6mm
Cooling method: air cooling
Machine size:216*110*129

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⁣Ampsentrix, our iconic brand, well known for quality, is proud to present a new expansion to its product line. Ampsentrix Core allows you to replace batteries for iPhones XR / XS / XS Max / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max without limiting your customer's battery health data. Compared with other battery this AMPSentrix Core battery charge faster, last longer and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. Our New batteries not only pass industry standards but we are also certified by official standards. All AMPSentrix Core Batteries come with Zero – Cycle count, OEM TI Gas Gauge Chip, and Pre-installed Battery Adhesive. This video shows you the steps to follow for a successful battery replacement using Ampsentrix Core. find more iPhone Batteries at Mobilesentrix.

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⁣Mobilesentrix Offers High-quality Precision Earphone Repair Holder Tool for AirPods 1st / 2nd / 3rd Gen (MaAnt P1). High-temperature resistance. 360° rotation. It supports a variety of headphone models. It's made from Durable Materials. A must-have for repair shops.

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⁣We want to make sure this time around, we position our AQ line correctly. While AQ7 is not our premium line, it is by far better than the competition’s best grade. Moreover, the AQ7 line uses the best sourceable materials in China without trying to cut corners. That way, you and your customers have the best displays available.

The reason we can make AQ7 very price competitive is because we focus on volume. In addition, we use the best materials probably and keep real-time margins, so savings are always on the clients’ side. While other suppliers might try to compare their screens to our XO Technology, they can never compete. Instead, they would be trying to compete with our AQ7 line, and even then, we are confident they can’t beat that quality!

It has Thinner IC is something the industry has been waiting for a long time, and you will be able to have this technology in AQ7 Technology. Premium Oleophobic Coating on AQ7 Screen for Smooth screen operations. It comes with Vibrant Colors and it has True Tone Functionality and Faster Refresh Rate. AQ7 has Force Touch Panels installed. We ensured that every LCD comes with the authentic 3M ESR film. We have taken the structural core panels, the software, the LCM panel, the flex cable, new LED lights are being implemented in AQ7.

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⁣CASPER Silicone is the next-gen of tempered glass. It
extends out to the edges adding a nice silicone protection layer around the
device. This silicone extends beyond the curvature of the glass to protect
against impact. CASPER Silicone is ready to help against any impact.

• CASPER UV tempered glass comes as a solution to the
industry after carefully reviewing the current products in the market. It
revolutionizes the main three issues with the existing products.

CURVATURE - No existing tempered glass is as strong, flexible, and it can
adhere to a curved screen as Casper UV.

2. A premium UV
adhesive and well-thought dispenser. - Forget the old-time dispenser; we have improved
to have a well-sealed lid for an easy to dispense experience. Oh, and did we
mention the premium glue inside the magic new bottle? You will absolutely love

• CASPER UV tempered glass and Casper UV Box is the new and
improved technology in the screen protection industry. It achieves total
adhesion and prolonged strength.

Casper UV Box - We have created a UV box exclusively
designed to install UV tempered glass perfectly. Casper UV box is the perfect
size for most phones, with UV LEDs aligned to reach the device surface
perfectly with a calculated timer for best results.

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⁣The best blade combination for micro soldering professionals!

• Ma1.0 - Underfill Removal Blade
This blade helps you removing underfill from the logic board around IC Chips to help the microsoldering process.
USA Warehouse:

• Ma2.0 - IC Edge Glue Removal Blade

This blade helps you cleaning around IC chips to allow heat to flow properly and to make the chip removal easier.
USA Warehouse:

• Ma3.0 - Logic Board and IC Chip Cleaning Blade

This blade allows you to clean the pads on the chip and on the logic board after removing the chip. Either you are replacing the chip completely, or you need the chip cleaned before re-balling it, this is the perfect blade for that!
USA Warehouse:

Mobilesentrix offers best quality Cell Phone Motherboard Soldering Parts, Repair Parts at wholesale price.

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⁣Mobilesentrix offers high quality Apollo Solid State Drive for Macbooks. Apollo is a solid-state drive brand created to innovate data storage. it uses a non-volatile NAND flash memory providing high performance and outstanding reliability.

General Specification
1. Controller SMI
2. Transfer Interface PCIeGen3x4
3. Transfer Protocols NVMe
4. TRIM Support
5. 0℃ TO 70℃ Work Temperature

There are 4 Models available
Apollo S1 is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Capacity.
Apollo S2 is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB Capacity.
Apollo S3 is available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TGB Capacity.
Apollo S4 is available in 512GB and 1TGB Capacity.

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⁣Mobilesentrix offers 2UUL uuFilter Desktop Fume Extractor. This is powerfull Suction Instant Purification. Triple Filter Design like High Power DC Brushless Motor Air Volume, Long Life, Low Noice Design. Air Volume Adjustable Directional Fust Adjustment, Positioning Freely. 100-240v Power, 13in x 9 in x 6 in Packing size, 7.16 lb Weight. for more 2UUL Product visit Mobilesentrix.

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⁣AMPsentrix Power is a power bank for iPhones. Power banks come with an AMPsentrix battery inside, you can replace battery that for the Specific Model. That means you can buy an AMPSentrix Power Bank and you will get Free AMPSentrix Battery.

AMPSENTRIX is the place to buy the BEST batteries for iPhone in the USA. All iPhone Batteries comes with Zero – Cycle count, OEM TI Gas Gauge Chip, and Pre-installed Battery Adhesive. Ampsentrix Plus uses a newer core technology. This core is capable to deliver more capacity without increasing its size.

Step-1 Remove the AMPSentrix Battery from the AMPSentrix Power enclosure by unscrewing the four screws on the bottom corners.
Step-2 Replace the Customer's Pre-owned Battery with the new AMPSentrix Battery.
Step-3 Place the Customer's used Battery inside AMPSentrix Power and Screw all Four Screws again.

Mobilesentrix provides top quality iPhone Battery, Samsung Phone Battery, Motorola Batteries, Macbook Battery Replacement, and more. You can read all details of Mobile Phone Battery details which is helpful for you. All AMPsentrix battery comes with 1 year warranty. Shop with confidence!

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