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B2B White Label

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Austin billy
Austin billy

⁣B2B White Label -
Global GDS

B2B White
Label system is the best Travel portal for those who want to improve their
travel business with a small amount of money. Our B2B white label system is
user friendly and technology executed. Our strong B2B Booking Systems have GDS
API Integration or third-party API integration that services 24/7 travel
solutions for flight booking, coach booking, hotel booking and car booking.

B2B Travel Portal Solution
connect clients and travel agencies. On B2B Travel Portals only registered
representatives can use the services. Our B2B Travel Portal offers complete
control of creating representatives and their logins, top-up and deduction of
credit limit/balance, activating or deactivating representatives, monitoring
bookings/commissions/sales, modifying mark-ups/discounts. B2B Travel Portals
has all the travel benefits like Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking and
Car Booking.

What is a B2B White Label
Travel Portal?

The online travel business
is speedily expanding as the number of travelers increases. B2B White Label Travel Portal
booking is also becoming instantly popular. B2B white label services are
the leading way to take advantage of this service. Global GDS B2B white-label
service for the travel portal is available to travel representatives, travel
distributors, and travel partners. Global GDS now provides the best B2B white
label services, making the ticketing process easier.

Global GDS provides the best
B2B white label solutions for any airline operator. We can support your travel
website offers instant tickets for all airlines. We provide an online ticket
service for all operating systems, consist of Android, Windows, and iOS, to
keep our travel technology solutions up to date and creative. You will not have
to deal with any unnecessary complications as a result of this. The B2B white
label solution lowers operational prices while providing a hassle-free

Why Travel Agents Should Use
B2B White Label Travel Portal?

Travel technology is
advancing irresistibly due to which the travel businesses and online tour
companies are evolving exceedingly. The advent of the internet and
smartphone devices has accelerated the expansion of the travel domain over the
past decade. Since people have started making their travel arrangements online
using their smart devices, travel portals have gain extreme momentum.

The digital revolution and
the accessibility of hyper-engaging travel portals are encouraging
brick-and-mortar stores to become online. Nevertheless, there’s a need to offer
assistance to not-so-technical travel representatives in learning the new
technology, so that they can leverage digital benefits. Well, in such a
scenario, B2B white label travel portal proves to be a simple platform because
it’s fairly simple to learn.

Features of B2B White Label

Several managements for Holidays, Hotels,
Flights or transfers.

Add unlimited agents and manage agents’ data.

Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights,
Holidays, Activities and Transfer services.

Integrated shopping cart and Payment

Live Chat and Feedback options for customers

24*7*365 booking support for all agents,

Registration and membership for customers.

Automated Back Office Panel for Markup, commission,
refund and cancellation Policy.

MIS Reports for Administrator and Agents.

Accounting Management and Manage Markups.

White Label B2b Services

White Label b2b Services
Which Travel Agent Can Sell on Their Portal

Flight booking engine

Hotel booking engine

Mobile Recharge

Data Card Recharge

Bus booking engine

Landline bill payment

Broadband bill payment

White-Label Travel Portal

White Label Sx`olution
enables one to develop business in the global market and increase brand
presence in times of globalization. It can be simply integrated with an online
travel portal and allows tour and travel businesses to rebrand a successful
product and increases the count of product offerings of travel representatives
and travel companies.

This White-Label Online
Travel Portal can also be integrated with Third Party API, this feature enables
us simply integrate travel inventory (rates and availabilities) from global
suppliers in the travel portal of a travel representative to sell the flight,
hotel, package, transfers, activity online with faster response, up to date and
dynamic travel data to develop customer experience.

B2B White Label Travel
Portal Solution

Global GDS provides White
Label Portal, White Label B2C Travel Portal, White Label Travel Portal, Travel
Portal API, Flight XML API, and another travel portal
development services. We design customized White Label travel portals to
meet your establish needs. We want to be a one-stop shop for all your travel
technology requires by influencing the travel technology market with innovative
business solutions.

We create white label travel
portals that can establish income for you with every click. We try to
strengthen the client’s capacity by providing the best travel portal
development services, consequently helping them to achieve their objectives.
The aim of developing a travel and excursion portal is to develop the business
area for people who work in this industry and, at the same time, help online
users who visit such websites to find a join service.

What is White-Label

A white label solution is a
product or service which is improved by one company and rebrand and resell by
another company under their own brand logo. A white label solution is rebranded
and resell under your own brand logo to customers.

It is a solution, where
products/services are improved by one company (Company A) and these
products/services are sold by another company (Company B) under their own brand
name or logo. So, in other words, White Label is a travel product or service
which is generated by one company but sold by another under their own brand
name or logo.

Why White Label Solution and
how it helps Travel Agent and Tour Operators?

Global GDS is leading Travel
Technology Company provides innovative White label Solution for travel
agent, travel agency, tour operator, travel management company and destination
management company to setup Travel Website with advanced B2B/B2C Travel Portal
for Flight, Hotel, Tour, Transfer, Package, Activity to automate travel business
process and maximize earnings.

Our travel professionals
design and establish White-Label using advanced travel technology to deliver
highly customized white label solutions based on customer business

White Label Solutions to
Increase Your Revenue:

White-label Hotel Booking System

White-label Activities Booking System

White-label Restaurants Booking System

White-label Package Booking System

White-label Flight Booking System

White-label Transfer Booking System

Travel White Label Solution
Provider for B2C & B2B Booking Engine

A white label solution is a
pre-existing product or service that is rebranded by a company to make it
display as if it was improved in-house. This type of solution is often used by
travel entrepreneurs who want to set up their own brand and develop a
customized White Label travel booking
engine or solution. However, building a product from scratch and handling
every aspect of its development and marketing can be challenging in a
competitive travel industry. A white label solution allows a company to focus
on branding and marketing, while leveraging the expertise and resources of a
developed provider.

Global GDS white label
travel portal is a comprehensive solution for travel representatives who want
to include bus, flight, hotel, car, and holiday package bookings on their
websites. This portal allows representatives to access multiple inventory
sources for their bookings, and it also allows them to generate dynamic
packages with ease.

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