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Don't Waste Marketing Dollars Chasing Metrics

32 Views • 02/28/24
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⁣It is the end of the month so the sales team is hyper-focused on winning deals to close the month strong.

What is the marketing team focused on?

On whether or not they are going to hit their goals.

A marketer never wants to see red on the dashboard.

Unfortunately, this is where inefficiencies can start in marketing. There are marketing tactics that can easily push those top-of-the-funnel numbers to green; display and social media campaigns for traffic, lead form campaigns or partner lists for leads or a couple more email sends to your cold email list for a quick boost. The problem is that many of these tactics will never result in much revenue. In addition, marketers can become almost addicted to them. As traffic and lead goals increase they pour more money into them chasing green on the dashboard.

This process is a real issue for many companies. Through our Mosaic Growth Marketing Assessment, we have been able to save our clients millions of dollars, by eliminating tactics like these.

So as the month ends, instead of investing money and time chasing metrics that won't drive revenue, let's think about ways to take those resources and do something meaningful. It may not get your dashboard to green this month, but it will pay dividends in revenue in the future.

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