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Interview with Merrily McGugan, Senior Director of Global Brand and Communications at LogicMonitor

1,533 Views· 12/08/20
9 Subscribers

Merrily McGugan⁣, Senior Director of Global Brand and Communications at LogicMonitor provides a marketing master lesson in 8 minutes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that drive growth:

- Companies must establish collaboration between sales and marketing and agreed upon mutual goals and SLAs
- If you are looking for a career change in marketing, look for organizations that give marketing a real seat at the table
- Real, transformative growth requires that the entire company is rowing in the same direction and there is hyper-focus on keeping the momentum
- Is the statement, "Nothing beats experience" true? Or, is there something else to look for when trying to hire top performers?
- 2020 is the proof that you need to stay agile
- Startups need to start by solving a critical problem

Finally, Merrily beautifully articulates why businesses need to invest in video. If you needed an answer in whether to move forward with video, listen to her answer and you will be sold.

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Merrily McGugan
Merrily McGugan 2 years ago

Hi molliem, I suggest setting up a monthly Sales-Marketing meeting (led by Marketing) with a formal agenda that both departments can add to throughout the month leading up to the meeting. Sellers can identify key questions they have for marketing in advance of the meeting, and Marketing can then provide updates on those topics to ensure everyone is kept in the loop and remains fully informed.

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molliem 2 years ago

Great interview! Do you have any tips on maintaining sales and marketing alignment?

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