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Merrily McGugan⁣, Senior Director of Global Brand and Communications at LogicMonitor provides a marketing master lesson in 8 minutes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that drive growth:

- Companies must establish collaboration between sales and marketing and agreed upon mutual goals and SLAs
- If you are looking for a career change in marketing, look for organizations that give marketing a real seat at the table
- Real, transformative growth requires that the entire company is rowing in the same direction and there is hyper-focus on keeping the momentum
- Is the statement, "Nothing beats experience" true? Or, is there something else to look for when trying to hire top performers?
- 2020 is the proof that you need to stay agile
- Startups need to start by solving a critical problem

Finally, Merrily beautifully articulates why businesses need to invest in video. If you needed an answer in whether to move forward with video, listen to her answer and you will be sold.
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Social media can make effective eDiscovery challenging, XACT Data Discovery recorded this webinar to help you work through the issues.
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⁣Many businesses wonder what is the most effective way to utilize their video content. Is it better to have the content out in the open to maximize organic search volume or to put it behind a lead form to use to capture leads(gating)?
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⁣Stock business video of blurred people at a meeting talking
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If you are looking for proven ways to grow your business through content and SEO, this interview is a must watch! In this interview, Anna Crowe of Head of Content and SEO at LeadFeeder walks us through her keys to SaaS growth. It takes a lot to impress us, but we were pretty blown away by her answers where she focuses on a wide range of topics including:
-Know your ICP
-Understand your prospects behaviors
-How Slack's insights to retention changed the way they market
-The need for trust to drive growth
-How video is a key to Google voice search
-Who SaaS companies need to hire
-and finally a couple of burrito references!
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This stock video shows professionals working around a table with papers.
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⁣What are Dynamic Search Ads?
From Google,
Dynamic Search Ads are the easiest way to find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer. Ideal for advertisers with a well-developed website or a large inventory, Dynamic Search Ads use your website content to target your ads and can help fill in the gaps of your keyword based campaigns. Dynamic Search Ad headlines and landing pages are also generated using content from your website, which keeps your ads relevant and saves you time. All you need to do is add a creative description. Without Dynamic Search Ads, even well-managed Google Ads accounts with many keywords can miss relevant searches, experience delays getting ads written for new products, or get out of sync with what's actually available on advertisers’ websites.

How do you create a dynamic search ad?
From Google,
How to create a new Search campaign with a Dynamic Ad Group in your Search campaign
Sign in to your Google Ads account.
From the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
Click the plus button , then select New campaign.
Select one or more goals for your campaign. Or, click Create a campaign without a goal to continue without goals.
Optional: Under “Select the results you want to get from this campaign,” select the check box next to the actions you want customers to take after seeing your ad (for example, website visits, phone calls, or app downloads). Enter relevant details.
Select Search as your campaign type.
Select any results you want to get from the campaign.
Click Continue.
Name your campaign and enter the locations you want to target, languages you want to use, and your budget.
Under "Bidding," choose an automated bid strategy if you want Google to optimize your bids. We recommend the target CPA or enhanced CPC options.
Enter your bid limit (optional) and budget.
At the top of the screen under "General Settings," expand Show more settings, and then click Dynamic Search Ad.
Enter your website domain and select your website language.
Click Save and Continue to continue onto the next stage—creating a dynamic ad group and targets.
How to create a Dynamic ad group
For the Ad group type, select the Dynamic option (default).
Name your dynamic ad group.
Decide how you’d like to target your ads. If you’re unfamiliar with dynamic ad targets, we strongly recommend reading About targets for Dynamic Search Ads. We recommend starting with:
Landing pages from your standard ad groups category: All webpages that you’re currently running search ads against, across all of your accounts. This targeting option makes it easy to increase traffic on the webpages you’re already using as landing pages in existing ad groups and campaigns. We recommend this target for users that are new to Dynamic Search Ads.
Other categories: Sets of landing pages organized by theme. You decide which sets of pages to target, how to group similar pages, and the level of granularity. If your site is completely new to Dynamic Search Ads it may take up to 24 hours for categories to show.
: You can target specific URLs. This is a simple way to target individual pages. However, it can limit your reach if you want to get incremental traffic.
If you’re not using automated bidding, adjust your bid based on the value of each specific target to your business. Bid adjustments can give you more control over when and where your ad is shown. You can set these adjustments to increase or decrease your dynamic ad target bids by a percentage. Learn About bid adjustments.
Click Save and continue.
How to create your ads
You can have more than one Dynamic Search Ad, which means you can collect data on which ad is most effective. Here’s how to add Dynamic Search Ads to a Dynamic ad group:
Click New ad.
Select Dynamic Search Ad.
Your Dynamic Search Ad headline, final URL, and display URL will be dynamically generated, so just enter your description text.
Click Save and Continue.

Should I use Dynamic Search Ads?
Yes! From Instapage,

There are a lot of pros to using DSAs. Here are three big ones:
Close the gap in keyword coverage: DSAs allow advertisers to quickly close the gap in keyword coverage and product inventory. The tool can crawl your website, or crawl a page feed that lists all products. Not only will it help you close the gap in coverage, but DSAs can also show on keywords that would typically be flagged in Google Ads as having “Low Search Volume” which cannot show.
Ad creation is much easier: This is because the headlines are dynamically generated based on the actual product that is matched to the query in the system. While you still need to have a custom description line, the dynamic headline is most important as that will grab users’ attention and drive more clicks to your site.
Easy to set up: Dynamic Search Ads take a lot of work off your plate in terms of keyword and campaign creation, too. While you should already have a good structure in place, DSAs are an easy tactic to set up, and you can be running on a wide array of categories within 1 day with minimal work.
How do I optimize dynamic search ads?

Here are a few great tips from PPC Expo,

Add Negative Keywords
Make sure you include negative keywords in your ad groups. It’s quite likely that your website contains quite a few phrases that are attracting unqualified users. As such, you should avoid using these phrases in your ad campaigns. You can add these terms to your negative keyword list to filter out irrelevant clicks.
Keeping the Content Updated
Make sure you keep your website content updated to avoid ads showing up on any irrelevant or outdated result pages.
Behavior-Based Targeting:
You should also be targeting groups based on their user behavior. For one, Google recommends beginning by targeting your entire website to cover every relevant search query. By targeting ad groups based on user behavior, you’ll be able to increase the relevance in your audience targeting, which will lead to higher conversion rates.
Adding CTAs
Another must-have for your site is a series of powerful CTAs (calls to action), directly targeting the needs of your audience throughout your site. This will encourage users to take action. You can also input these CTAs into the Dynamic Search Ad headline, depending on your search query.
Bid Adjustments
DSA campaigns, like most others, work on a CPC or cost-per-click basis. This means advertisers must pay a small price every time a user decides to click on their ad. With DSA, you’ll be required to apply bids to the auto-target level. All you need to do is set bids for each auto-target, and then display the results based on your advertisement ranking.
Implementing Smart Bidding
Use Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) for automated bidding. This is because Google’s Smart Bidding has evolved to be extremely useful and efficient. For best practice, set your goal for whatever Google suggests, then evaluate it. Once you see that your goal is being met, adjust the bidding to target or reach a higher bid.
Categorized Targeting
DSA or dynamic Search Ad campaigns, as we know, work through auto-targets. These auto-targets live within ad groups, so make sure you properly structure your auto-targets so that they’re added to particular ad groups. You’ll have a much better control over your ads if your campaign comes with a segmented structure.

Who are dynamic search ads most helpful for?
While it may seem like dynamic search ads would be most helpful for small businesses and advertisers just getting started, in fact, dynamic search ads can be a great tactic for every advertiser. The automated nature of dynamic search ads helps you get much broader keyword coverage than you achieve manually or even through broad match keyword matches. Small businesses and advertisers just getting started have to be extremely careful to not waste funds using dynamic search ads.

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⁣AMPsentrix Power is a power bank for iPhones. Power banks come with an AMPsentrix battery inside, you can replace battery that for the Specific Model. That means you can buy an AMPSentrix Power Bank and you will get Free AMPSentrix Battery.

AMPSENTRIX is the place to buy the BEST batteries for iPhone in the USA. All iPhone Batteries comes with Zero – Cycle count, OEM TI Gas Gauge Chip, and Pre-installed Battery Adhesive. Ampsentrix Plus uses a newer core technology. This core is capable to deliver more capacity without increasing its size.

Step-1 Remove the AMPSentrix Battery from the AMPSentrix Power enclosure by unscrewing the four screws on the bottom corners.
Step-2 Replace the Customer's Pre-owned Battery with the new AMPSentrix Battery.
Step-3 Place the Customer's used Battery inside AMPSentrix Power and Screw all Four Screws again.

Mobilesentrix provides top quality iPhone Battery, Samsung Phone Battery, Motorola Batteries, Macbook Battery Replacement, and more. You can read all details of Mobile Phone Battery details which is helpful for you. All AMPsentrix battery comes with 1 year warranty. Shop with confidence!
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How do you create a marketing plan?
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In this interview with's Head of Growth, Jen LeMaire, David Adler the CEO of The Travel Secret shares how they use video throughout their marketing efforts to drive growth. He offers great real-world examples of how videos are the key to growth, what tactics increase engagement and how COVID has made video more important than ever.

Check out The Travel Secret to see their great videos in action and get great travel deals!

Website: ⁣
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⁣Stock business video of person working at desk with coffee and notebook

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⁣Shane and Todd outline the steps to creating a marketing plan, and discuss where some marketers get it wrong.
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Stock video of a man working a computer desktop.

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How to use emotion in digital marketing

June S
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This is a video of two employees discussing materials at a table with masks on.
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⁣Content Marketing and the Decision Stage

Engineers Academy
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⁣Engineers Academy offers GATE, IES/ESE, SSC JE(Junior Engineer), UPSSSC-JE, RPSC AEn, BPSC, RSEB, PHED AEn & RRB 2020-21 Diploma Coaching by qualified experienced faculty having Institutes in Delhi, Jaipur, Patna, Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jalandhar, Ludhiana & Patna. Visit here for more information- ⁣ ⁣
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⁣Stock business video of professionals meeting with up close on woman

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This video is of a number of people meeting and actively discussing a topic.

Code Inspiration
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⁣Here is the list of major aggregators - business listing services to submit a profile of your business for free. These platforms are being developed by major providers of digital solutions, such as, for example, Apple, Microsoft, Google etc. They actively develop and promote these services and no doubts that they will attract a lot of traffic in the future. Be sure you claim and maintain your profile up to date!

The basic article with 20+ online services, aggregators, catalogs for any business:

Candice Spencer
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Founded in 2018, Staff Timer App is a web-based application which is providing real-time monitoring, task tracking, and project management solutions to customers globally, working with remote or in-house teams.
Staff timer app is also categorized as a screen monitoring platform to detect, record, and prevent malicious insider threats in addition to helping teams drive productivity and efficiency. This platform not only helps businesses to boost their productivity but also allows freelancers to stay focused while working from the comforts of their homes.
StaffTimer App offers innovative features to help streamline work activities such as:

- Audio clips for task assignments
- Real-time Monitoring via live screen sharing
- Daily work videos
- Task and time tracking Screenshots after defined intervals
- Timesheets & intelligence Reports

Through sound task tracking practices global industries can:

- Achieve Professional goals & targets
- Boost employees efficiency within the industry
- Streamline work process, and reduce costs
- Get real-time insights & manage growing teams
⁣Start your 15-day free trial! : ⁣

June S
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⁣Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Display Advertising

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⁣Learn more about Cforia.autonomy a world-class order-to-cash solution for enterprises across the world.
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⁣Stock business video of professionals in suits meeting at table discussing proposal

Business Content
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⁣How To Create A Google Ads Remarketing Campaign
A quick tutorial on how to create a responsive ad campaign for Google Ads.
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Jen LeMaire the Head of Growth for interviews Analise Lawson of Analise Lawson Photography in our Featured Video. Analise shares how video and PR have led to dramatic growth for her photography business in Colorado. She also shares her ideas for incorporating video into her future marketing efforts to drive growth even further.

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⁣Mobilesentrix offers 2UUL uuFilter Desktop Fume Extractor. This is powerfull Suction Instant Purification. Triple Filter Design like High Power DC Brushless Motor Air Volume, Long Life, Low Noice Design. Air Volume Adjustable Directional Fust Adjustment, Positioning Freely. 100-240v Power, 13in x 9 in x 6 in Packing size, 7.16 lb Weight. for more 2UUL Product visit Mobilesentrix.

Visual Lease
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⁣Ensure GASB 87 Compliance with Visual Lease's Lease Accounting Software

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⁣⁣Know how to copywrite? You do? Great!
Understand the basics of SEO? Awesome!
On their own, each is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website.
But bring them together, and you can create an atomic bomb worth of power for your website.
Just like your left and right hands, you are naturally going to be more dominant at one of them.

June S
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⁣Former SalesLoft Marketing VP Kevin O’Malley: Strategy Beats Tactics

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⁣WhatsApp is a very popular cross-platform messaging app that enables users to share videos, text, audio messages, and images with anyone at any time and maintain a better experience to keep in touch with friends and family. Does. However, WhatsApp is now being used as a commercial tool. Merchants can use the WhatsApp platform to encourage their online store and interact with a wider audience.
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Video of woman working in the office

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⁣Learn how Cforia is transforming financial shared services in enterprise companies across the world

June S
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⁣How To Create a SWOT Analysis with Canva
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Connect with clients faster

Get alerted about new clients as soon as they sign up
Assign client-contact tasks to the right team members automatically
Pave a road to higher settlements
Release autotasks based on a case’s current status
See what processes yield results and what processes should be refined
Simplify records collection
Trigger stand-alone taskflows for each provider involved in a matter
Run multiple taskflows on each case to standardize every process
Give your team the information they need
Generate autotasks with case-specific information
Include names, phone numbers, incident descriptions, and any other case details in autotasks

Lovat Compliance LTD
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⁣Tutorial about filing your yearly VAT return with LOVAT platform
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In our interview with Pola Henderson, Content and Community Manager with Digicoop she shares with us Digicoop's unique approach to business as a workers co-op, which has presented a few challenges but has also driven terrific growth and an exceptional organization. In this interview she covers:
1. The benefits of a workers co-op and remote working
2. The challenges of raising funding
3. The importance of investing in marketing
4. The need to develop a vision for your company
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⁣Stock business video of diverse people meeting at table with printed charts and graphs
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Google Analytics is a great tool with a lot of data that will help you grow your business...but there is one section that is basically useless. Watch our video to find out more...
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An overhead view of the city....

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