Profile Filling
Lovat Compliance LTD
9 Views · 1 month ago

A guide of how to fill in a profile View More

How to choose your subscription plan
Lovat Compliance LTD
5 Views · 2 months ago

A guide on how to choose a subscription plan for account View More

How to Add Incoming Invoices to your VAT return
Lovat Compliance LTD
386 Views · 3 months ago

⁣A guide on how you should fill in the information about your incoming invoices in the VAT return (Step 3).
Such information filled allows you to claim back (deduct) your already paid VAT from your VAT return. View More

How to File German Annual VAT Return
Lovat Compliance LTD
578 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Tutorial about filing your yearly VAT return with LOVAT platform View More

Intra-Community Acquisitions and Supplies Filling (Step 4)
Lovat Compliance LTD
381 Views · 5 months ago

⁣A complete guide on how you should fill the step № 4 when filing your VAT return on Lovat platform. View More

How to Upload your Shopify Transactions
Lovat Compliance LTD
380 Views · 6 months ago

Fast and easy way to upload all of your transactions directly from Shopify to the Lovat platform. The integration is open for everyone and can be done anytime.

Lovat Official Website: View More

Lovat Compliance LTD
769 Views · 6 months ago

A step-by-step guide about ordering of a VAT registration.

Lovat Official Website:

Start from choosing the country where you need registration. Then choose the reason for registration. There are 3 options available - distant sales, MOSS and cross-border digital… View More

Go global with LOVAT Platform
Lovat Compliance LTD
299 Views · 6 months ago

In today's world, everything moves faster. Domestic shoppers look beyond their borders when they go online. And they expect goods faster. To be able to move fast and sell more you need to go cross-border. But at the same time, it becomes much more complicated to comply with the tax rules in several countries.
Lovat is an all-in-one solution for VAT registration, VAT calculation and VAT… View More

LOVAT pitching  - Lattitude59
Lovat Compliance LTD
575 Views · 6 months ago

LOVAT in the world of first digital society: participating in pitch contest on tech event of e-Estonia View More

Lovat Compliance LTD
212 Views · 6 months ago

In this video, you can see how easy it is to do manual VAT filling on our platform.

Lovat Official Website:

We hope that this video was helpful to you. In case you will have any questions or offers you can leave a comment or contact us directly and we will be… View More

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