What is AMPSentrix Power and How to use it?

976 Views • 01/18/21

⁣AMPsentrix Power is a power bank for iPhones. Power banks come with an AMPsentrix battery inside, you can replace battery that for the Specific Model. That means you can buy an AMPSentrix Power Bank and you will get Free AMPSentrix Battery.

AMPSENTRIX is the place to buy the BEST batteries for iPhone in the USA. All iPhone Batteries comes with Zero – Cycle count, OEM TI Gas Gauge Chip, and Pre-installed Battery Adhesive. Ampsentrix Plus uses a newer core technology. This core is capable to deliver more capacity without increasing its size.

Step-1 Remove the AMPSentrix Battery from the AMPSentrix Power enclosure by unscrewing the four screws on the bottom corners.
Step-2 Replace the Customer's Pre-owned Battery with the new AMPSentrix Battery.
Step-3 Place the Customer's used Battery inside AMPSentrix Power and Screw all Four Screws again.

Mobilesentrix provides top quality iPhone Battery, Samsung Phone Battery, Motorola Batteries, Macbook Battery Replacement, and more. You can read all details of Mobile Phone Battery details which is helpful for you. All AMPsentrix battery comes with 1 year warranty. Shop with confidence!

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