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This video is of a number of people meeting and actively discussing a topic.

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⁣⁣Know how to copywrite? You do? Great!
Understand the basics of SEO? Awesome!
On their own, each is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website.
But bring them together, and you can create an atomic bomb worth of power for your website.
Just like your left and right hands, you are naturally going to be more dominant at one of them.

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⁣What is eDiscovery?
Electronic discovery — also known as eDiscovery — is the process by which electronically stored information (ESI) is located, procured, reviewed and exchanged for the purpose of using as evidence in civil or criminal legal proceedings. ESI comes in many forms, including emails, text and SMS messages, instant messages, social media communications, spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, accounting databases, CAD/CAM files, smartphone applications and more.
Rules 26 and 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which regulate eDiscovery, dictate that all parties involved in litigation must submit relevant ESI when presented with an eDiscovery request, as well as identify their process for preserving and retrieving ESI.

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⁣Shane and Todd outline the steps to creating a marketing plan, and discuss where some marketers get it wrong.

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