PayrollHero Resolving Undertime Attendance Infractions
687 Views · 7 months ago - An undertime attendance infraction happens when an employee’s total registered work time for a day, is less than the total time of the shift.

If you want to know how to resolve other attendance infractions on your PayrollHero account, check out our playlist here - View More

Singapore Payroll Software | PayrollHero
716 Views · 7 months ago - Time, Attendance, Scheduling, HRIS, Analytics and Singapore Payroll software in a single, end to end solution. ICV and PIC eligible.

A quick look at how PayrollHero works for Singapore businesses. Clocking in to work with a #selfie, and having your payroll management done in… View More

PayrollHero Resolving Missing Clock Out Attendance Infractions
374 Views · 7 months ago - A Missing Clock Out attendance infraction happens when an employee had a scheduled shift and they forgot to clock out.

This video will show you how to resolve missing clock out attendance infractions.

If you want to know how to resolve out early attendance, check it out… View More

Unlock Karaoke Clock In, Ask Us How! ~
436 Views · 7 months ago - Unlock PayrollHero's Karaoke Clock In, Ask Us How! ~ View More

PayrollHero Attendance Overview
952 Views · 7 months ago - The Attendance page gives you an overview of all attendance infractions for the month shown on a daily basis.

Additional Info:

Knowledge Base - View More

Creating Schedules in
236 Views · 7 months ago - In this video we should you the 4 ways that you can create and adjust schedules within PayrollHero. View More

Clocking In/Out with PayrollHero TeamClock Web at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
753 Views · 7 months ago

http://[a][/a] - A quick video showing you how to clock In/out with PayrollHero's TeamClock Web at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

If you're looking for an end-to-end, all-in-one solution to your HR, Time, Attendance, and Payroll problems, PayrollHero is your… View More

The Four Components of Payroll
161 Views · 7 months ago

Kieran breaks down the four components of payroll, and how your payroll items fit into each. View More

Tin Sanchez Talks About Philippine Payroll (PayrollHero)
687 Views · 7 months ago - PayrollHero's Tin Sanchez gives an introduction to PayrollHero's Philippine payroll platform. PayrollHero can help with your time, attendance, scheduling and payroll needs for the Philippines including support for SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth, auto-generation of payslips plus… View More

White Cross Children's Home, San Juan, Philippines
758 Views · 7 months ago

Some of the PayrollHero team visited the White Cross Orphanage in the Philippines. Here is a quick video from the visit. To see more photos, check out - View More

Philippine Payroll: Adding a Payment to Debit a Cash Advance
108 Views · 7 months ago - In a separate video, you learned how to add the cash advance or loan to the employee's next payslip. Now, you will learn how to do the repayment to debit loans.

If an employee received a loan or cash advance via the system or… View More

PayrollHero Payroll: How to Add Individual Compensation
463 Views · 7 months ago - Compensation can be set hourly, daily or monthly and the amount you put works together with the pay mode set.

There are two ways to add compensation. The first way is done based on position and the second is done individually. In this video, I’ll show you how it’s done… View More

Clocking In With PayrollHero's MyClock Web
427 Views · 7 months ago - Do you work in an office environment? PayrollHero's MyClock Web is perfect for companies that have employees at their own computers. Employees can clock in and out from work while sitting at their desk. PayrollHero ensures it is the right person in the right place. Contact us… View More

PayrollHero Echelon Pitch, Singapore
889 Views · 7 months ago - Michael Stephenson and Stephen Jagger pitched PayrollHero on stage at Echelon in Singapore in front of a large crowd of investors and entrepreneurs as well as the judges panel. View More

Generating Payroll in PayrollHero
280 Views · 7 months ago - PayrollHero's Tin Sanchez showcases how you can generate payroll within the PayrollHero platform. View More

Configuring your attendance notifications on PayrollHero
715 Views · 7 months ago - On this short video we explain where you set up the attendance notifications you receive via email, and the different options you have to configure them View More

Philippine Payroll Solution ~ PayrollHero
521 Views · 7 months ago - Time, Attendance, Scheduling, HRIS, Analytics and Philippine Payroll.

PayrollHero is an HR payroll software tailor-made for restaurants and retailers in the Philippines. Offering an affordable and easy to use online payroll system; we aim to optimize your company's work… View More

PayrollHero Multiple Clock Ins (Auto Resolution)
962 Views · 7 months ago - Multiple Clock Ins happen when employees clock in more than once by accident. This is usually caused by pressing/clicking the clock in button two or more times. The employee may also have forgotten that he/she already clocked in from a previous device then clocked in again from a second… View More

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