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⁣We take a look at an article by Dave Kellogg on how to improve your marketing reporting and have a few suggestions of our own.

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⁣Net Revenue Retention has been a very popular metric lately, but among some, it has lost some of its luster as the article linked below discusses. What is critical for companies focused on growth is that they don't change their core metrics based on trends or individual preference, instead put a formal process in place to define your metrics and to change them if necessary.

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Exploring the difference between a growth culture and a performance-obsessed culture.

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Learn how to use extensions for Google Sheets to give your B2B reporting super powers.
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Kantree is a collaborative platform that helps companies better manage and plan their tasks, projects, processes, and therefore streamline teamwork - whatever their line of work may be.

The emergence of remote work and forced digitalization has led to the accumulation of tools, excel spreadsheets, emails and hours spent on video calls, which have too often caused frustration, tension, and occasional delays.

By putting people at the center and capitalizing on their business know-how, Kantree allows the involvement of all individuals at all levels, so that they fully participate in the development of tomorrow's workflows.

The immense flexibility of Kantree’s workspaces makes it possible to accommodate the needs of the most demanding companies and to support them towards a resolutely agile digital transition that takes into account individuals and teams, as well as the need for operational efficiency, task management, and project management.

Therefore, Kantree offers companies the opportunity to reinvent the way they work together by relying on their collective intelligence.

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Take a tour of My Work, the quick-access tab that combines Kantree Inbox with the added power of global dashboards and workspace views, making it easy to manage your work from one central place. You can set My Work as your homepage in Kantree and use it as your project hub.

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Check out this video about Kantree Inbox:

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Our automation system is designed to trigger actions on a variety of events and let you create complex workflows. The video gives you an overview of the features, from a central automation page to action chains and conditional rules. For more information, check out our product release notes:

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⁣Tapsi Chadha a Marketing Strategist at shares with us her keys to growing your business. Tips include focusing on customer success, open communication and finding the right tools to help you business scale.
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We interview ⁣Jenn Guidry, Senior Director Of Marketing with eclincher, a leading social media management platform. Jenn shares terrific growth marketing insights including the need to differentiate your offering, reduce friction and the power of swimming upstream.

<a href="" target="_blank" >eclincher</a> is a top social media management platform, used by small & medium businesses, enterprises, marketing agencies, and YOU.
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Just want to share with our users the results for a help a reporter out article.
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You have submitted your HARO query and received your responses, how do you create your article and then publish and promote it.
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Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a great resource to help you build your content efforts with content from experts. We share with you how we are using HARO to help grow
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⁣BERT & NLP in SEO are more than just buzzwords. They’re the game changers of on-page SEO.

How to use them in your content strategy and watch your organic traffic skyrocket? Tomek and his special guest, Matthew Woodward (@Matthew Woodward​), will tell you all about entity analysis, salience, and sentiment.

Want to go deeper into NLP in SEO and the BERT algorithm? Check out this article:

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0:00​ - 0:58​ Intro
0:58​ - 2:30​ NLP and BERT at Google
2:30​ - 4:16​ Google's Natural Language API: entity analysis, salience, and sentiment
4:16​ - 5:40​ How to find the right words and phrases to use in your content?
5:41​ - 7:18​ How to run a sentiment analysis?
7:19​ Matthew Woodward on how to make use of NLP in SEO


What is NLP in the SEO context? And how can you use it to boost your organic traffic?

In 2019, Google released the BERT algorithm. It allows the NLP model to learn the context of a word based on the entire surrounding text. And it changed the way Google SERPs work!

Now, you have to consider the following elements while planning your SEO-optimized content:

- Entities—words or phrases which can be identified, classified, and categorized by Google (famous people, consumer goods, events, numbers, organizations, etc.
content classification)

- Salience—it represents the entity's importance in the whole text.

- Sentiment—the overall character of the text (positive or negative).

You have to determine which elements matter for your keyword—and how—to make your SEO efforts matter.

How to do it?

You can plan on your own with Google Natural Language Processing API.

Or you can use Surfer, which uses the Google API to automate and speed up your research (and gives you lots of other helpful SEO options beyond NLP).

In the video above, Tomek describes the whole process of working with the API and Surfer to achieve the best results.

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⁣What is structured data? How to use it properly? What do rich snippets & SERP features mean for SEO?

And why is it an absolute MUST to implement structured data on your website?

In this video, Tomek will tell you how to leverage structure data for an ultimate SERP success.
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0:00​ - 0:21​ Intro
0:22​ - 0:35​ Introduction to structured data
0:36​ - 3:17​ Rich results & SERP features
3:18​ - 4:07​ Pros & cons of structured data
4:07​ How to use structured data on your site: a six-step process

Structured data helps organize your website so that Google bots can better understand and categorize it.

Google also uses structured data to display SERP features and rich snippets. Thanks to them, you can take over more real estate in SERPs!

While not a ranking factor on its own, structured data can help and supplement your SEO efforts. They make your website easier to crawl by Google, may increase your CTR, enhance brand awareness, and more.

To check which structured data will work for you, learn which markup types exist, carefully inspect your keywords of choice, and spy on your competition. It will help you make an educated guess on which SERP enhancements you can try to take over.

Then, it’s just a matter of implementing structured data (how you do it depends on your CMS & skills), validating them, and monitoring your results.

Structuring your data is a must. If you don’t do it, it will make your site hostile for the bots and unprepared for modern SERPs.

So get to work today!

List of resources mentioned in the video:
👉Yoast WordPress Plugin Tutorial:​
👉 Google's intro to structured data:
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⁣Content Editor analyzes top-ranking pages and generates guidelines for your articles and landing pages based on what's actually working right now.

You just type your target keyword (or multiple keywords) plus your location, and Surfer does the calculation for you. You'll access invaluable data like:

- Prominent words and phrases to use (including NLP entities from Google API)
- Word count, number of paragraphs, images, and headlines
- Topics and questions from People Also Ask and top-ranking pages

When you start writing, Surfer will also calculate your Content Score (1-100) so you know how good your content really is.

Oh, and Content Editor works where you work. You can get your SEO guidelines inside Google Docs and WordPress, or share it with anyone.

This is the second release of this tool: we managed to improve the UI and UX and add additional customization options that you won't find in any other tool on the market.

We're waiting for your feedback on how we can make it even better!
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Wes Galliher, US Business Lead for ProdPad, a Leading Product Management Software shares his tips for growth in this BisVue interview.
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Kaili Spear, Director of Marketing, shares her keys to growth in this interview with BisVue. ⁣In the interview, Kaili provides some terrific insights like keeping in mind the big picture and caring about your customer.

Grow is powerfully simple BI software to discover insights you need to fuel growth and transform your business.
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⁣Though it is often an afterthought, choosing where to upload your video resume can be critical to you finding a great job. There a number of factors for you to consider:
You do not want your video being interrupted by ads or forcing the hiring manager to wait for the ads to run before viewing your resume.
You also don't want irrelevant or distracting videos to surround your resume that make you look unprofessional.
Plus, you really don't want to spend a lot of money just to host your resume.

So what is the best solution? is the best choice for posting your video resume...why?
BisVue doesn't have video ads to distract or delay the viewing of your resume
BisVue has a dedicated video resume category making finding your resume easier
BisVue only has videos for businesses and professionals, meaning no trick shots or gamer videos to make you look unprofessional
Your BisVue profile allows you to put your best foot forward and share the details about your job experience that really matters
You can upload and embed your video anywhere as many times as you would like
BisVue is optimized for search engines so your video resume will show up in many more employer searches
BisVue is free

Get started today by creating a free account on, upload your video resume and choose the video resume category...that is it!
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Sample Video CV for a recent graduate with a business degree. Brought to you by

Join Zookel now to record your video CV, use your Facebook, MySpace & LinkedIn profiles to network for jobs and complete a free career focus psychometric test.
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Here is the sample video introduction of a Full Stack Developer. If you are confused about how to make an impactful Video Introduction or a Video Resume this sample will definitely help. You will get a better understanding of how to keep your Video Introduction short and meaningful.
A video introduction is the best way to showcase your soft skills. It provides the opportunity for the hiring manager to visualize you at the workplace without even meeting you. Also, it gives you an advantage over the other candidates who are using the traditional method of applying for a position through a Resume in PDF or Word Document.
If you want your Video CV to appear like this, then make sure you are following these steps –
• Draft a Script
• Your script must include - Your Full Name, Your Educational
Background, Your Total Work Experience, Your Primary Skills and
Certifications, Your Achievements and the type of job you are looking
• Don’t Read From Your Resume
• Know Your Audience
• Time Your Script
• Choose a quiet place. Also, make sure that your face is well lit
• Dress as you would for a job interview
• Once you video is recorded, share it with your friends and colleagues
to get feedback.

Still not clear? Watch our video on How to make a 2 minute video introduction.

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