NLP & BERT in SEO How to Boost Your Organic Traffic (2022 Way)

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⁣BERT & NLP in SEO are more than just buzzwords. They’re the game changers of on-page SEO.

How to use them in your content strategy and watch your organic traffic skyrocket? Tomek and his special guest, Matthew Woodward (@Matthew Woodward​), will tell you all about entity analysis, salience, and sentiment.

Want to go deeper into NLP in SEO and the BERT algorithm? Check out this article:

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0:00​ - 0:58​ Intro
0:58​ - 2:30​ NLP and BERT at Google
2:30​ - 4:16​ Google's Natural Language API: entity analysis, salience, and sentiment
4:16​ - 5:40​ How to find the right words and phrases to use in your content?
5:41​ - 7:18​ How to run a sentiment analysis?
7:19​ Matthew Woodward on how to make use of NLP in SEO


What is NLP in the SEO context? And how can you use it to boost your organic traffic?

In 2019, Google released the BERT algorithm. It allows the NLP model to learn the context of a word based on the entire surrounding text. And it changed the way Google SERPs work!

Now, you have to consider the following elements while planning your SEO-optimized content:

- Entities—words or phrases which can be identified, classified, and categorized by Google (famous people, consumer goods, events, numbers, organizations, etc.
content classification)

- Salience—it represents the entity's importance in the whole text.

- Sentiment—the overall character of the text (positive or negative).

You have to determine which elements matter for your keyword—and how—to make your SEO efforts matter.

How to do it?

You can plan on your own with Google Natural Language Processing API.

Or you can use Surfer, which uses the Google API to automate and speed up your research (and gives you lots of other helpful SEO options beyond NLP).

In the video above, Tomek describes the whole process of working with the API and Surfer to achieve the best results.

Want to check out on your how Surfer helps you harness the power of NLP in just a few easy steps?

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