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White Label Software

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Austin billy
Austin billy

⁣White Label Software
- Global GDS

White-label Software’s are
mostly unbranded fully improved Software exchanged by SaaS companies after
renaming and rebranding as their software. Businesses can purchase approach to
the software, add their branding to it and resell it as their own as though it
was developed by themselves.

There are many reasons why
this can be an improved alternative to custom software that is developed from
the ground up. White label software is
usually taken under a software as a service or SaaS model, making it very
attractive to businesses who cannot fork up the entire cost of the license

What is White Label

White Label Software is
software that a company uses and brands as its software. Most of the time, White Label Software is
sold under the software as a Service (SaaS) model. In basis, the company using
the software is “leasing” or “renting” the software under a monthly or annual
subscription. There are many causes companies use white-labeled software
products in this way.

White label software is
offered unbranded to a reseller. The reseller adds their branding or simple
removes the original branding and then sells contact to the platform as if they
developed it. Customers generally do not know that this is the case. However,
inadequate procedures in protecting the white label can cause clients to become
aware of the white label arrangement. In that case, end clients will sometimes
try to “go around” the reseller and contact the software directly in hopes that
they can purchase access for less.

How does White Label
Software Development work?

White label software development is
a faster way of offering your clients the desired services; through this,
businesses can charge for the services bought from other company and re-label
them as their own. This not only saves the time need for development from
scratch but can also yield a benefit when the product is sold at a marked-up

For software developers,
white labelling is a great time-saving tool as they improve on bigger offers.
For companies lacking in-house expertise, white labelling can offer their
clients with the services they asked for whilst expanding the company portfolio
and adding new value to the existing client base without investing time in
product development.

How To Choose the Right
White Label Software?

You'll want to get to learn
your white label provider as well as you possibly can before you start giving
their product to your clients. When acquiring white label software, there are a
few things to believe:

If a service is decent and
trustworthy, there will be nothing to hide. You should be able to discover
everything you required to know about a provider on their website. If a company
attempts to get out of offering you this type of information, you should avoid
them. There would be no reason for a company to pass on sharing its success.
Withholding customer reviews or case studies suggests there isn't much to
showcase, or the response has not been positive.

Do your research! Before you
choose a software provider, be sure to shop around and compare costs. There may
be a company out there that better your expectations at a far lower cost.
Before committing to a subscription, do some research so you don't spend a
fortune on an ineffective product.

How can white-label software
help your business attain new heights?

A white label software
product can help businesses in many ways. We’ve put together a list of the main
reasons why you’d want to choose it:


Ready to market

Smooth user experience

All-round solution

Zero Involvement in Development and Project

Benefits of white labeled

White labelling can provide
substantial business gains. Companies choose white label software because it
can provide faster launches, lower costs, less risk, and diversification.

Faster software launches

Diversifying your offerings

Lower development costs

Less risk

What are white labelling

White label products and
services are purchased by the better company without branding. That way, the
reseller can customize the product with their own brand, logo, and identity,
allowing clients to associate the product with the reseller. Meanwhile, the
manufacturer can focus on finding cost-effective ways to make the product,
without concern for the product’s marketing.

White label software work
well for everything from cereal to tickets. Grocery stores sell cereal and
other products with their own brand name at a discount to other brands.
Similarly, ticket resellers can handle their ticket listing more efficiently
through a white label solution.
This also establish distribution so that fans have more choice in where they
can purchase tickets.

White label solutions

White label travel website
is an online booking portal
that allows travel representatives to sell hotels, flights, holidays, buses and
other travel products to their clients simply and quickly. They can also
maintain all their financial transactions online and run numerous reports to
aid the smooth running of their business.

Global GDS has been
providing B2C white label travel solutions to travel representatives across
India allowing them to start their own online travel business. With over many
White label/API partnerships already, our solutions access you to engage with
your clients more closely while providing them a range and depth of services
which were not previously possible.

Global GDS also provides B2A white label travel portal
that allows you to join with other travel agents from your network and allow
them to make travel bookings at discounted B2A rates on the portal using their
own various login access.

Why White Label Solution and
how it helps Travel Agent and Tour Operators?

Global GDS is leading Travel Technology Company
offers innovative White label Solution for travel agent, travel agency, tour
operator, travel management company and destination management company to setup
Travel Website with advanced B2B/B2C Travel Portal for Flight, Hotel, Tour,
Transfer, Package, Activity to automate travel companies process and maximize

Our travel professionals
design and develop White-Label using advanced travel technology to deliver
highly customized white label solutions based on guest business requirements.

This White-Label Online
Travel Portal comes with Third Party API Integration feature which simply
integrate travel listing (rates and availabilities) from global suppliers in
travel portal or website of travel representative to sell hotel, flight,
transfers, package, activity online with faster response and dynamic travel
data to develop customer experience.

What are the Benefits of a
White Label Solution?

Highly Customized Solutions.

Easily integrate into travel portal/website.

It only requires a small investment.

Requires small investment.

Rebrand and Resell Product as your own.

Product Expertise benefit.

Product Choice benefit.

Reduced cost for product.

Expand Product Offering of travel agents.

Increase brand presence.

Which are the key features
of White Label Solution?

Mobile-Friendly Design.

Customized Travel Portal/Website Development.

Highly Flexible.

B2B/B2C Travel Portal.

Booking Engine for flights, hotels, tours,
transfers, etc.

Real-time search & book functionality.

Third-Party API Integration.

Payment Gateway Integration.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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