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Travel Technology Solution

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Austin billy
Austin billy

⁣Travel Technology
Solution - Global GDS

Global GDS is a leading
software development company and offers travel technology solution for
the travel agencies from where the agents/clients can do Booking online and can
generate Tickets and Vouchers. In this platform customers or Travel
representatives can do Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Bus Booking, Car Booking,
Tour Package Booking etc.

We offer different types of
Travel Portal modules like B2C Travel Portal, B2B Travel Portal, B2E Travel
Portal and B2B2B Travel Portal. In these online booking systems different
services are integrated like Flight, Hotel, Bus & Car and Tour Package.

What is Travel Technology

Travel technology Solution
is innovative solution specialized to establish travel software such as travel agency software,
tour operator software, travel technology module, website development, XML/
API/GDS integration for travel representatives and travel agency to clear the
business complexities and maximize earnings.

Global GDS is leading Travel
Technology Company establish best travel technology solution as per business
requirement. We are leading travel technology company and commit to offer the
innovative travel software with latest travel technology solution for travel
agency, travel management company, travel portal development
company and tour operator which are very useful them to automate business
procedures, maximize profits and better customer experience. It’s time to know
more about travel technology solution.

How travel agents are
enjoying the perks of travel technology solutions

Travel technology solution
has generated a huge impact on the travel and tourism industry. Travel
technology has executed new objects to the travel management companies’
business. In today’s era, almost every travel agency has their own travel
technology solution and also the services of the B2C travel portal and B2B
travel portal.

Some of the companies even
services travel mobile app for their consumers. Still, some of the companies
don’t possess economic functionalities in their travel websites. These
company’s website mainly holds the information of the foundation of their
travel company and services and packages, but no hotel room or flight ticket

Travel technology solution
is a must aspect to display your online presence widely. Travel technology
solutions has changed the complete story of the travel and tourism company. In
today’s world, almost every travel company is controlled by technologies.

Travel Technology Solutions

Global GDS has an overall
experience of many years of delivering IT solutions for the Travel industry. We
have a long history of providing industry firsts that have helped our customers
generate revenue and increase yield through domain expertise and digital tools.

The team at Global GDS can
help you with product discovery, customer journey mapping, app re-engineering,
development of booking engines and travel itineraries, creation of holiday
packages using data analytics, etc. With a strategic partner behind your
business, you can reduce cost, save time, unlock competitive advantage, drive
revenue, and create personalized and memorable experiences for your customers.

Travel Technology Services
Offered by Global GDS

Booking & Reservation

Travel Extranet Solutions

XML API Integration

B2C/B2B Dashboard

Travel White Label Website

Travel CMS Development

How Travel Technology
Solutions is changing the travel and tourism industry?

Let’s face it – travel
technology is an integral part of any travel business. Thanks to advanced
travel technology solutions through which travel representatives and travel
companies are able to expand the proficiency of their travel business and
enhance the customers’ experience. It is significant for flight, hotel, tour,
and travel organizations to stay updated with advanced travel technology

Whether you’re venturing
into traveling business or an already developed travel business, keeping an
extensive knowledge about travel technology solutions will sail your boat in
this industry. So, we at Global GDS provides the best and innovative travel
technology solutions to clients as per their requirements. Our only aim is to
provide you travel technology solutions, enhance your customer experience, and
thereby generate high earnings.

Choosing Travel Technology
That Suits You Best

Global GDS provides multiple
product profiles to suit travel agents no matter which part of the travel
ecosystem they belong to. This helps to encompass all those in the travel
domain and provide an optimal solution for significant challenges faced on a
regular basis. Our bespoke solutions support manages operational accounts and the
numbers no matter how big or small it is. Everything you need for your
day-to-day operations is bundled together in a simple, easy-to-use solution
that helps you handle finances, agents, sub-agents, end-users, corporates,
suppliers, content systems, etc.

Our smart travel technology
solutions are increase across our products and you are free to choose the one
that deems fit. If you want a combo of these solutions, we can do that too, to
provide that you can enjoy the benefits of more than one. At Global GDS, we
provide three very significant solutions for your travel business that covers
your requirements. In addition, it is well configured to fit the bill too!

Who develops the travel
technology solutions?

Travel Technology Solutions
comes with strong functionalities like Third-Party Supplier Integration, GDS
Connectivity and much more, Inventory Management, Quotation Management,
Itinerary Creation, Package Customization, Reservation Management, Customer
Management, Payment Integration, Accounting, Invoicing, MIS Reporting, Back
Office Management, Mobile Apps, Multi-Currency, different-Language
functionalities and much more.

Global GDS is one of the
leading Travel technology companies across the world having a team of in-house
experienced developers, designers, testers, and SEO experts working under our
wings. We provide the best Travel Portal Solutions,
Travel Technology portal, and travel website development for companies of all
sizes, small, middle, and large size travel representatives, and travel agency

How Travel Technology
Solutions Will Increase Travel Businesses?

Create a desire to travel

Focus on your prospects & loyal customers

Turn your website into a prospecting machine

Partner, Strategically

Engage in social media

Advice via Chat

Personalize the experience

Features Offered by Travel
Technology Solutions

Android and iOS mobile applications for users
to have everything at their fingertips

Responsive design for the website to open it
on any supported devices

Easy search filters to find the right choice
for their travel

Integration with Google Maps

Attractive images on the website to have them
feel of same travel experience

All payment gateway support to hassle-free

Benefits of our travel
technology solutions

Enhance business visibility: ability to reach
a wider audience

Safety and Security: quick payment without
any theft & easy booking confirmation

Real Time Sales: Real time sales through
online payment

Predict performance and sales: Understanding
the market conditions, sales matrix, competitor analysis, business planning and
latest trends

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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