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Travel Itinerary Software

1 Views· 01/03/23
Austin billy
Austin billy
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⁣Travel Itinerary
Software - Global GDS

Get ahead of your
competitors at every single time

A travel itinerary is a
description of the tour in a way. It explains what tourists can expect when on
the go - where they will be on a particular day, the things that they would see
or do and any related information.

The purpose of the itinerary
is to communicate clearly what will happen on the tour on a daily basis. It
highlights what products contain. A travel itinerary does not only make
informed travelers. It is also, talks about your ability to provide a unique

You can even prepare your
tour schedule with pictures and/or infographic, if your travel website design
support it, to make your offer stand out. Itinerary management software offers
a cost-effective, visually attractive and time-saving alternative, allowing the
agent to store customer details, personal recommendations and guidelines aim at
the desktop or mobile device.

Why Global GDS Itinerary

Global GDS Itinerary Software is
a powerful productivity tool that gives a great time and cost savings for
travel companies by allowing them to generate branded trip in minutes. One of
its truly unique features is the ability to utilize both live inventories from
third party suppliers and the agency’s paper rates for building quotes.

Global GDS Itinerary
software is best for travel professionals and agencies that strive to create a
travel experience that is unique and memorable for their valuable customers. With
the help of Global GDS itinerary Software, you will be able to help your
customers by offering a destination and hotel reviews and recommends the best.

It also helps you to
effectively solve your customer's questions about the trip with just one click
of your mouse button. Global GDS itinerary Software is a modern itinerary
creator that not only simplifies the initial search process but also helps you
manage other services of travel - Flights, Hotels, Cars, Excursions, Transfer,

Features of Global GDS
Itinerary Software:

Create your own customized packages

All the packages are fully customizable

It is very convenient as everything is under
one platform

It simplifies your information gathering and
itinerary creation

Create and give unique themes to your trips
and travel packages

Various destinations to select under a single

It has a very simple interface that makes it
very easy to use

It is easy to manage

Complete Travel Agency
Itinerary Software

With roots planted in travel technology
development, Global GDS understands exactly what it needs to provide
quality travel technology solutions that benefit the travel agency, advisor,
and client. Are you really interested in
taking your travel agencies and travel business online? So here it comes the
most leading travel itinerary software developed by Global GDS.

It is the leading guided
tour software across the globe which provides a platform to the travel agents
and travel companies to make their work easy and efficient and also is
time-saving. It is a Tour routing software with very important features that
will have the companies to reduce the manual work and also the complexity of
the management process.

In addition to Travel
Itinerary Software, Global GDS also provides features like:

Lead Management

Automated task Manager

Invoice management

Booking Management

Accounting Management

Report Management

Contact Management

Visa Management

Alerts & reminders

Travel Software for Fully
Independent Travel (FIT) Tour Operators

Global GDS travel
itinerary software is the easiest solution on the market to create an
itinerary that is made specifically for tour operators Fully Independent Travel
(FIT). Tailor-made trips for FIT often long and complicated, but with unique
quotes and online communication platform Global GDS travel itinerary software,
you can quickly collaborate with your customers on or offline.

Global GDS itinerary
planning software allows you to see all of your customer's preferences and
communication to easily build personal travel. With our travel itinerary
software can also create mini tailor-made FIT packages for easily itinerary
reservations plus you can swap in and out of components according to FIT
customer requirements.

Global GDS offers the best travel
management software products that have many other options that make
traveling easy operation. However, comprised of the most prominent Booking
management system also makes the process easier and more effective. Here you
can create multiple bookings and can manage in a single platform.

Global GDS Got Everything for
Your Tour Operator Business

Still managing itineraries
by clunky word document templates and exporting to PDF? Global GDS makes it
possible to get incredible use from one of your most important products;
itineraries. Use our itinerary builder to make them as samples on your site or
to make full, private, day-by-day itineraries for clients.

Itinerary Builder by Global
GDS is the most advanced platform for real-time planning and booking of
personalized travel experiences. Global GDS allows users to design and modify
complex travel itineraries according to personal requirements in a few simple
steps. With Global GDS, travel businesses can effectively optimize revenue and
elevate the travel experience.

Global GDS online itinerary builder
makes it easy and fast to build a custom trip itinerary with all your trip
details. Global GDS starts you with a free vacation itinerary template and you
customize by adding all of the details of your trip including your hotel
reservations, flight booking details, restaurants, activities, and more.

Online Travel Solutions That
Work for Your Business

Global GDS is a global
leading player in the development of innovative solutions for the travel and
tourism industry. Global GDS develops technology solutions for travel agents,
consolidation/hosting agencies and corporations. We develop a suite of products
encompassing CRM, reservations, back-office systems as well as B2C and B2B booking
engines for business and leisure travel agents and tour operators.

Our technology solutions
help corporate travel clients to reach broader markets, lower operating costs,
reduce errors in costing and booking processes, streamline booking processes
and contracting processes, improve customer relations, etc. through the

Reservation Software by Global GDS facilitates customers by enabling them
to make reservations like hotel bookings, air ticket bookings, car rental
services, bus bookings, tour packages, and cruise bookings. By all these
bookings travelers are enjoying a lot.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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