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Sabre Reservation System

1 Views· 02/14/23
Austin billy
Austin billy
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⁣Sabre Reservation
System - Global GDS

Sabre is a Global Distribution System
(GDS) owned by Sabre Corporation, a software and technology company dedicated
to offering expert service and innovative solutions to the travel industry
globally. Sabre GDS acts as the digital marketplace for personalized travel by
connecting travel representatives and airline companies around the world to
search fares, book, cancel and schedule different services offered by airlines,
hotels, car rental companies and various tour operators.

What is the Sabre
Reservation System?

The tour agencies and the
tour operators can use the travel networks to explore, rate and book Sabre. Our
Sabre solution is used to assist airlines to serve their clients effectively
and market themselves. Sabre travel encourages Sabre airlines to expand their
business reach to various types of travellers. Sabre GDS System establish power
travel applications by providing complete end-to-end services to the

Our travel booking system
services include flight reservation system, hotel booking system, car
reservation system, cruise and insurance model. The system connects the travel
services buyers and sellers and provides great support to travel agents through
online chat, call or email. Sabre API Integration is an effective channel that
helps airlines, car hire and hotels to enhance their share of the market to
business travellers. We are the specialist in sabre API integration for your
travel portal.

Sabre Airline Reservation

Sabre Airline Reservation System
approve a wide range of applications and data solutions to assist airlines to
vend themselves. It basically helps in the marketing of outputs, assisting
clients and working more effectively.

Sabre airline system
provides both airline reservations systems and a complete set of marketing and
business planning solutions. Its data-rich software supports airlines make
smarter operational decisions, personalize and retail their products to

Key Features of Our Sabre Booking

Flight XML API Integration (International
& Domestic)

Hotel XML API Integration (International
& Domestic)

Car API Integration

Agent Registration

Hotel Booking CRM

SMS API Integration

Discount Coupons for agent / Client

Booking Management module

Trip Advisor plugin integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Customer Login

Discount Management module

Benefits Of Sabre
Reservation System:

Real-time exposure and connection to a global
inventory of cars, airlines, hotels, and other travel-related entities.

Information maintenance is easy with GDS

Opening inventory to new distribution

It allows you to integrate any feature set up
by the web service into your custom applications.

Sabre software for travel agents facilitates
them to expand their business beyond the regional market.

Sabre technologies help make practical
decisions with the exact information.

What is the Sabre GDS

To put it easy, Sabre is an
important Global Distribution System (GDS) in travel industry, is presently
used by travel representatives and companies worldwide. The system supports
clients to search, book, price, and travel ticket services provided by airlines,
hotels, car rental, rail providers, and tour operators. This is all done
through Sabre GDS API integration.

Global GDS, a well-known
name in the travel industry, has GDS API integration with Sabre GDS. As you
know Sabre GDS is a renowned channel worldwide allowing travel representatives
to search and book flight seats, hotels, and other travel services. Sabre GDS
assists you with travel management by providing a pool of solutions to serve
your clients effectively.

Why integrate the Sabre GDS

Being superior in providing
one of the leading Global Distribution Services worldwide, we also offer web
service technology, (API/XML) and integration for clients for their online travel agencies.

The sabre web XML service
enables travel companies, tour operators, technology development partners, and
suppliers of flights, hotels, car and holiday packages service to simply
integrate our API/XML via the internet and thereby decrease the human effort
and money.

It is a globally recognised
computerized booking network which is used as a single point of access for
implement hotel rooms, aeroplane seats, car rentals and other travel products
for travel representatives, tour operators, and other corporations. The system
is a high-level process that involves highly skilled resources and is various
from the regular Flight booking services.

How can you integrate Sabre
GDS on your website?

Sabre is among the most
famously known Global Distribution System. Sabre offers many of APIs with which
you can pull data to your website as per your requirements. To integrate Sabre
GDS on your website, follow the following steps:

Create a Dev Studio account

Explore Sabre APIs and choose the most
relevant one for you.

A license key is provided to get you started.

In case you do not have any
experienced developers on board, you can also seek advice from a travel
technology consultant. A travel consultant gives you the technical guidance
that you need to build a fully functional travel platform. You could also hire
a SaaS platform to support you integrate Sabre GDS with your website.

A SaaS-based platform
typically gives you a travel platform that is hosted on the cloud with
different aspects of online booking. Building an Online Travel Agency (OTA) is
just a contract away, in case you wish to work with a SaaS-based company to
help you integrate the GDS. With these platforms growing an OTA takes two to
four weeks.

Sabre GDS API Integration

GDS Sabre API, earlier known
as Sabre Web Services provides fast and easy access to Sabre Integration System
enabling to integrate all Sabre System products and services into travel agents
travel portal with best features and functionality via Sabre GDS API

Global GDS has GDS API Integration
with Sabre GDS or Global Distribution System which is the most effective and
important distribution channels allowing travel agents to search and book best
airline seats, hotels, and other travel services online.

We provide leading Sabre GDS
API XML integration, synchronizing all Sabre System product and functionalities
into online travel portal of travel representatives and travel companies to
support them maximize their product providing and establish best customer
experience to increase online travel bookings.

integration is the most effective and cost-effective distribution channel that
helps airlines, hotels and vehicle hire organizations to maximize their market
reach generally to business and leisure travelers and maximize profitability.

Sabre GDS API Integration
and Development

Global GDS is a renowned
travel technology company with extensive experience in providing Sabre consulting,
development, and integration services to B2B and B2C travel management agencies. As
a leading provider of Sabre solutions, Global GDS has the knowledge and
expertise to help travel agencies and other businesses make the most of the
Sabre system and improve their operations.

Our team of developers has
expanded experience in integrating API credentials into websites, ensuring a
smooth and seamless experience for businesses once the website is delivered.
With our expertise, you can trust that your website will be fully functional
and able to take benefit of all the features and capabilities of the API. This
will help ensure continuity in your business operations, allowing you to focus
on other important tasks and growing strategies.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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