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⁣⁣This tutorial will show how you can file your IOSS return. First of all you need to check if you have added your existing IOSS registration number and check if the transactions for the reporting period are already added or they have to be uploaded first. After the information about your IOSS number and transactions is uploaded you can file the return.
Select the country where you are registered for IOSS and the reporting period. The system calculates the IOSS return divided by the countries automatically according to your transactions for all the European countries where you had sales during the needed to be reported period.
If you do not agree with any of the sums written in the IOSS return or if you had sales through another sales channel which you hadn’t added to Lovat platform you can change this information manually by just putting the necessary amount to added or deducted to your revenue. In the last section of your IOSS return preparation you can once again check the information about your revenue divided by European countries where you had sales and the VAT sum calculated according to the VAT rate of this or another country..
You can save this report for your records or submit this IOSS return on your own if you have such possibility. You can submit it immediately by clicking “Submit” or save it as a draft for the later submission. After submission the IOSS return will be submitted to the tax authorities.

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