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Travel Software

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aishu kri
aishu kri
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Online Travel Software:
Global GDS offers an array of development services rangingfrom ERPsoftware, payment gateway, mobile app development,hotel booking, content management system, online flight booking, Travel and HospitalitySoftware, hotelmanagement system and many more.
We also offer our clients with a wide range of travelproducts with both GDS and non-GDS connections and real-time availability onmore than 100,000 Hotel suppliers, Car suppliers, Travelsuppliers, Transfer suppliers and epayment suppliers.
Our Solutions provide you all the functionality forbuilding your own travel portal development system:
· Travel booking engine for company's website.
· B2B2B & B2B2C internet booking engine.
· Complete access to global booking channels viaoutbound hotel XML API integration.
· Trusted, around the globe best price offer.
With an in-depth knowledge of online travel technology, and its changing designs,our highly experienced development team is producing tomorrow's travelsoftware, using the Global GDS platform. Custom travel portaldevelopments, based on our infrastructure are possible.
Global GDS’s robust and spontaneous business managementsolutions for the travel & hospitality industry help streamlinemultiple-business operations as well as offer the right mix of smart tools tohelp boost productivity and profitability, and manage growth.
Global GDS has expertise in developing customized softwarepackages for our travel clients. Our Travelsoftware package facilitates smooth online booking cutting-edge CRMprograms, and remote travel management, etc.
Travel SoftwareDevelopment provides innovative change and administrations for theLeisure industry which combines our Vacation Rental, Hotel Booking, Car Rental,Travel Management & Services, Flight Management, and Services to customersall over the world.
We improve hotelmanagement software for multi and single-property sites to integrate withthird-party hotel software systems for residential and commercial propertiesincluding resorts, and vacation rentals.
Due to our in-depth experience and expertise, we deliverhighly scalable set-up, maintainable processes, and efficiently integratedsystems for the travel and hospitality industry.
Get Ready to Empower your Travel Agency:
Our Travel software solutions consist of booking managementsystems for airlines, hotels, cars, vacation packages, integration ofonline payment gateway, sales reports, and much more.
With an active and demand-driven market, global travel andleisure requires software that is flexible and scalable. We offer customresolutions to travel agencies, tour operators, airline companies, hotels, andtrip advisors with value-added that permit our clients to serve better to theircustomers.
Our innovative travel software for the travel, tourism, andhospitality industry has assisted our clients to retain with the ever-risingexpectations of their customers. Spread out industry reach worldwide.
There is a well support system for the mutual communicationbetween the tour operator and tourist agency and its partners. When a bookingis accomplished, there is a computerized process of sending the invoice.
Our developers, combine profound travel domain experiencewith technical expertise enables us to understand the dynamic requirements ofthe travel industry.
We work for an online travel agency that access and capturemeaningful data and let customers enjoy an all-in-one booking, check-in,traveling experience across multiple devices with the same performance.
With our knowledge in the travel and hospitality industry,we have realized complete IT solutions for our clients all around the globewhich has directly offered the best of business results in terms of budget,effectiveness, productivity, customer satisfaction, sales and further growth ofthe business.
We provide a track record of web developing and mobile appsfor the travel & tourism industry with a variety of features likenavigation app, airline ticketbooking, hotel room reservation, searching sightseeing places and muchmore.
We create high-load applications that meet the requirementsof financial security and are easy to use at the same time. This is achieveddue to the joint work of UX/UI-designers, developers, and analysts.
Global GDS provides Travel Software in all over the world.Being a Travel Agency, you sell directly to clients; therefore real-timeconnectivity to a comprehensive range of suppliers is crucial. But linking todifferent suppliers, each with its requirements is not an easy task.
Our solution will provide you with efficient andbeneficial XMLintegration of various suppliers and allow you to aggregate all theresources into a single hub; which then presented in a uniform way to yourusers.
Enable your online customers to share their travel insightsand leave recommendations. With custom hotel booking app development, they getto share their know-how and your platform becomes a popular destination forreviews.
Focus on your growth while we develop hospitality softwaretechnology that will transform your business forever. We power your customers’self-serve quest for travel information with a built-in iOS/Android mobile app.
Travel Technology Platforms:
Traveling has never been this easy. Travel Agency Software helpstravelers to book hotels and flights from the online booking system. Thecloud-based software helps travelers for booking their travel and also helpstravel agencies and affiliates to maintain and manage the users, agents, andsub-agents.
The software has a wide variety of offerings that includesB2C, i.e., only for end-users to book travel online. B2B, the agent’s portal,from where sub-agents can log in and book for their users. B2B2C, the whitelabel solution that helps sub-agents to create their website and do the bookingfor their users.
Global GDS is a one-stop traveltechnology platform for travel agents. Global GDS authorizes you witha myriad of travel content under one umbrella including flights, hotels,transfers, sightseeing, tours, express bus and more.
Integrate all areas of travel business functionality forsmart reporting, actionable insights, smarter processing, and a happier team onGlobal GDS, the best travel agency software.
Global GDS enables customers to take online bookings, manageresources, and to connect to some of the largest travel companies in the world.
We are an advanced online booking software for travelagencies and tour operators that combines back office, online booking (B2C)and. B2B booking engines are good solutions for travel agencies.
In turn, this permits your company to spend its marketingdollars in a more targeted way. It also allows you to provide the most up todate customer service before, during and after the sale.
Our experts will work tirelessly on optimizing your website,creating content and link building to get your website noticed on Google searchand other search engines like Google or Yahoo.
Global GDS Travel Portal Software is a comprehensiveweb-based online booking system, designed for the travel industry especiallyfor TravelManagement Companies, destination management companies, travel aggregators,B2C, B2B travel agencies, tour operators and home-based travel agents.
The Global GDS B2C booking engine is the perfect fit fortravel businesses who want to set up an online B2C channel or an Online TravelAgency (OTA) to increase sales.
We offer a collection of development services and wide rangeof travel products with both GDS and non-GDS connections and also real-timeavailability on more than 100,000 Hotel suppliers, Car suppliers, Travelsuppliers, Transfer suppliers, and payment suppliers.
BOOST CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Build a complete customerdatabase with customer comprehensions including contact data, order history, preferences,and more.
AUTOMATION TOOLS: Automate guest messaging, auto-respond toinquiries, discount pricing, payment processing and more.
QUALITY: We give high priority to each one of our projectswhich enables us to provide a quality outcome.
FLIGHT BOOKING SYSTEM: Online flight booking softwareencompasses features like flights and airline searches, filters, dynamicpricing, GDS booking and anything in between.
HOTEL BOOKING SYSTEM: From online and offline reservationsto payment gateways and hotel inventory, hotel software development spans yourentire business.
CAR BOOKING SYSTEM: Car rentals made easy with onlinebooking, search and filters, fleet management, payment gateways, calendars, andautomatic reporting.
PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Along with the service list, theprice list available to your clients including the price of the basic servicealong with the price of the additional services, supplements, reduction, anddiscounts.
Create your website in minutes.
Present your accommodations professionally.
Custom made electronic guidebook.
Personalized, automated guest communication.
Mobile tracking of operations.
Access to special offers.
B2c travel software booking engine.
Customized, mobile responsive user-friendly interface.
Customer management and user profiles.
Multiple travel API integrations via XML.
CMS integration for content management.
Advanced SEO pages.
Automated booking emails.
Multi-lingual content integration.
Multi-currency booking.
Wallet for easy payments and refunds.
B2B2B & B2B2C internet booking engine

For more details, Pls visit our website:

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