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Travel APIs

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⁣Travel APIs – TripFro

What Is Travel APIs?

Travel APIs is basically a set of
web services that allows you to access travel deals from various travel
consolidators. Global Distribution System, Third-party Flight
APIs, Hotel APIs— all are used by travel agencies to access the travel
deals online.

API stands for
Application Programming Interface. Travel APIs integrate data/inventory from
various suppliers at the backend of the travel industry. Now to get real-time
and maximum of the inventories integrated with your travel portal all you need
is just a good Travel API.

Role of Travel APIs
Integration in Booming Travel Business

API Integration is the end-to-end
process of fetching data from the best travel API suppliers and displays it to
the other website. In Hotel API Integration, Flight API Integration, Car API
integration, the developer will connect the API with the provider and display
the required data on the other website

TripFro is a leading
Travel API Provider for an online travel portal that helps travel agents
inefficiently management of online flights, transfers, activities, and hotel booking services via their online
travel portal using our travel API.

We Integrate Travel APIs for:

Online Travel Agencies

Travel Wholesalers Tour Operators

Airline and Cruise Companies

Destination Management Companies

Business Travel Agencies

Features of Travel APIs

Easy and fastest way to Set up and Integration

RESTful API format, with JSON or XML responses

Browse and Live prices feeds to support multiple
development options

GDS and LCCs Data

Flexibility and Scalability

Real-Time Booking and cancellation

User can search, book and confirm activity by
Single Travel API Integration

How Travel APIs Works?

Travel Agents can
integrate travel inventory from third-party GDSs, travel wholesalers,
aggregators, consolidators, and more into the booking engine or travel portal
of the travel agent's website. Travel Agents can access different travel
options through Travel APIs and make their website convenient.

TripFro provides a
unified XML API Interface wherein you can
manage your entire third-party supplier inventory from a single window, rather
than logging into multiple systems and shuffling through various screens to
access live fares. This reduces your effort and allows you to focus on selling

How Does Travel APIs
Integration Help in the Growth of Your Travel Business?

High Profitability and Global reach help to
increase the revenue of your Travel Agency.

Fast and Error free online booking facility
helps to gain good feedback and reviews.

Personalised service attracts the user as the
portal becomes very user friendly.

Live Tracking, Social Media Integration helps in
marketing of your business.

Global Supplier API integration provide vast
inventory to your users.

What are the
Different Types of Travel APIs Provided by TripFro?

TripFro provides
best-in-class Travel API Integration services for hotels, flights, car rentals,
vacation packages, and other travel portals.



Rental APIs



Why TripFro for
Travel APIs?

TripFro not only
provides expert services in Travel Portal but also offers you
the best Travel APIs Solutions. With our Travel Portal and API Solutions, we
help various travel agencies and companies set up a platform for selling
various services and products online and expanding their business.

Our API solution
allows users to manipulate and design an existing product or feature to serve
their interests and business requirements. We provide an API integration
service for travel agents, tour operators, and travel management companies.

Our Travel APIs:

It allows you to give quick feedback for the
needs of the customers and functional requirements

It reduces costs and minimizes the development

It facilitates software developer’s creation of
stable and efficient applications

Can be integrated easily and developed on the
basis of industry standards

Fully reliable and provides scalable solutions
custom based API integration for travel companies to fetch real-time data from
third-party sites.

Key Benefits of
Travel APIs

You can add mark-ups for your

User-Friendly Dashboard

Flexible travel search of Hotels, Flights, Tour
and Transfers in one platform.

Fast way to Book Hotels, Flights, Tour and
Transfers in one platform.

Robust and Reliable.

Real Time System.

Maximize Travel Bookings.

Why Should You Use
Travel APIs?

There are two reasons
to use Travel APIs apart from offering a rich user experience to your online
visitors that is to make the consumption and provisioning of travel services
more efficient.

Efficient travel consumption: Travel-oriented
companies and global companies can use travel APIs to connect their IT systems
directly to travel service providers; automating the booking and optimizing the
travel plans.

Efficient travel provisioning: Travel APIs have
taken the travel industry to next level from the traditional booking process to
one of the most sophisticated OTA processes, thus increasing its efficiency and
customer service.

For more details, Pls
visit our website:


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