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Travel Agency Management Software

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⁣The travel industry is
highly competitive. To thrive in such a market, travel agencies require
specialized online tools and applications to run smooth business operations and
develop their sales. One such application is BookingXML travel management software.

Dedicated travel management
software approves for collaborative working and eliminates different working
processes. BookingXML also offers various management features to sales
automation, lead & opportunity management, and improved customer
experience. This contributes to an increase in the overall productivity, sales
and revenue of the company.

What is a Travel Management

A travel management system
assists travel managers in booking trips, tracking, and analysing business
tours or travel. Generally, a travel management system
provides travel policies, travel inventory, and reporting features. A TMS also
makes customers more independent by promoting self-service and separate
aggregators that take extra time and charges.

However, it also consists of
the entire corporate travel management processes. From the planning phase to
applying for travel with legal documentation and monitoring these trips, TMS
has various features that simplify and streamline the entire experience so that
business customers don’t have to make a considerable attempt from the planning
phase to applying for travel with legal documentation and monitoring these

BookingXML Travel Management
Software that Grows with You

BookingXML is a travel
management software that automates the sales process, develop sales efficiency,
enhance response time and contribute to inclining extension. It enables you to
collaborate with clients and team members to develop user experience. It
streamlines your processes to reduce manual data entry, eliminate redundancies,
and speed up your sales process.

BookingXML travel agency management software is
equipped with numerous features giving sales automation. It is one of the very
few software in the travel domain right now that are generated solely for
professionals like travel agents, tour operators, DMCs, OTAs, etc.

Some of the major features
of the software combine account & contact management, lead &
opportunity management, task management, itinerary and report creation, client
relationship management, and mass mailing. These features promote fast deals closer,
build better client relationships, boost sales, and generate an effective
collaborative environment. With BookingXML, you can enhance the productivity of
your company and increase your revenue.

Travel Agency Management
Software - Simplifying Business Travel

The business travel agent
website faces competition in air tickets, hotels pricing, excursion package and
others. Our travel agent booking system
combines all features for flight, hotel, car, and other as per requirements of
customer need. We joint them with particular businesses like airlines, hotel
booking, car rental API provider, and others.

Our travel booking portal
has become possible for users to book travel services in the comfort of sitting
at home. Our software design approves booking within minutes. Earlier, the
traveller booked by visiting the travel agent’s office.

The best online travel agent portal
assists travellers at every step irrespective of the destination they search on
the website. Their portal combines knowledgeable blogs, affordable services,
and more.

How Travel Management
Software Can Boost Your Travel Business?

The travel management
software offers numerous perks to the travel business. Below is the list of benefits served by
Travel Agency Management Software to travel business:

The travel management software can easily add
different documents, HD videos, maps and high-quality images to the business
website or native application.

With Travel Management Software, it is easy
to manage discounts, promotional offers, and various payment policies.

This software helps to get the detailed report
of business insights and gather information required to develop future business

Travel Management Software helps to eliminate
manual errors.

With travel management software, travel
agencies can reduce the day-to-day operations cost and distribution cost.

The implementation of Travel Management
software to the travel business offers a good scope of growth, expansion, and
collaboration with other travel giants.

The Travel Agency Management Software helps
the travel Corporates to launch and run various advertising campaigns with a
detailed market research report.

How Can Travel Agency
Software Transform Your Travel Business?

Are you wary of investing in
travel agency software for
your travel business We at BookingXML, the best travel tech company, understand
the hesitation and thus give practical advice.

With the assistance of the
good travel agency software company, you can generate an exciting portfolio of
various travel products. You can handle hotel bookings, manage flight tickets
and arrange airport transfers with ease. That way, your guests can enjoy a hassle-free
travel experience with your agency.

Access to top-rated travel
agency software offers a ton of advantages to the travel business. Apart from
having a holistic view, you can get improved control of the business with
automation and the simplification of complicated tasks. Besides, to stay
relevant in this highly competitive field, the required to offer
top-of-the-line services is a must.

Why travel agents need to
choose travel agency software?

Interactive navigate system.

Manage back-office easily.

Manage revenue easily.

Multi-Currency and Multilanguage.

Help travel agent to manage business process.

Improve client's travel processes.

Reduce operational costs.

Increase business profitability.

Beneficial for travel agent, tour operators,
travel agency, Destination Management Company, online travel agency.

Our travel agency management
software offering includes

A selection of ready-made web- and
mobile-based website templates

Full-cycle reservation management automation

Data consistency across all channels

Direct access to 80+ travel product
aggregators and GDSs

Multi-language and multi-currency support

On-demand custom travel software development

Features of the customized
travel agency software

Business to Customers-Users and Guest

Online bookings

Dynamic roles for office administration

Booking Reports

Commission Management System

Deposit Management System

Sales and Commission reports

Manage Dynamic Pages

Offline bookings

Benefits of Travel agency

Simplifying booking process

Revenue maximization

Optimizing workflows

Advanced reporting

Complete software integration

BookingXML Travel Management
Software solutions

BookingXML is a main Travel
Software supplier for Travel management organizations everywhere throughout the
world. BookingXML gives web-based end-to-end travel operation Software that
comes total with a comprehensive online reservation system
with mid and back-office tools.

BookingXML gives Software
for Travel Management to clarify arranging travel and reporting travel
expenditure, as well as to establish adherence to corporate travel policies.
BookingXML Travel-management software provides users with a platform for planning,
purchasing, and recording travel expenditure. Companies will use the software
to clarify purchasing decisions and centralize records of their employees’
travel expenditure.

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