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Tourism Management System

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⁣Tourism Management System is an
integrated software improved for tourism business. It is a dynamic and
responsive system and it addresses the challenges of managing the records,
missing records due to human errors, etc. The purpose is to develop a system
that performs all operations related to traveling, booking, sightseeing, etc.

This system connects guests and agents
directly, gives a feedback mechanism for tourists, maintains and controls the
database of tourists’ information, and gives a variety of travel services.

What is Tourism Management?

BookingXML involves the management of
multitude of activities such as studying tour destination, planning the tour,
making travel arrangements and providing accommodation. BookingXML also
involves marketing efforts to attract tourists to travel to particular

There is a subtle difference between just
travelling and tourism.

Travelling is going from the place of residence or work
to another distant or a neighbouring place by any means of transport. Routine
commutation can be termed as travelling.

Tourism is travelling with an objective. All tourism
necessarily include travel but all travel does not necessarily include tourism.
We can say, travelling is a subset of tourism.

What is a Tourism Management System?

A Tourism management system is a software
product that handle all components of your business travel. Typically, they are integrated with travel
service providers, providing real-time quotes, bookings, and trip logistics in
one place. Managers can track bookings,
cancellations, adjustments, and rescheduling in real-time, eliminating a lot of
the manual back and forth that formerly had to happen through email.

When done well, these systems help to enforce
consistent company guidelines, maximize air miles and other loyalty programs,
and find price savings whenever global business travel is need. In today’s modern era where travel is such an
important part of operations, this is a must-have for any company that takes
their travel seriously.

How Do Tourism Management Companies Work?

Once you understand the difference between a
travel agency and a travel management company, you can
begin to see the different value a TMS offers. Integrating, centralizing, and
often automating several components of modern business travel are how Tourism
management companies develop any organization’s corporate travel program.

If your corporate travel program is unmanaged
or lacking clear goals and policies, a travel management company can work with
you to expand travel management plan that fits your strategy.

By helping you examine your existing vendor
relationships, rates, travel patterns and processes, a TMS can identify ways to
streamline or automate methods, implement actionable data and reporting, while
also requiring you with the technology you required to perform your plan and
ultimately save money.

Online Tourism Management System:

In online tourism management system, most of the
works are done via web. With the proposed system, tour operators can lure
clients with their best tour packages and offer options to choose from the
packages. The tourism companies can inform their clients online about the
hotels, vehicles, agents, etc.

Further, the system gives a provision of
taking day wise, weekly and monthly reports. By using these reports, the
tourism or tour operating companies can examine their business – track the
agent-wise and staff-wise progress reports. This will support in handling
healthy and productive financial transactions.

Why Use Tour Booking Software?

booking software is a very important part of a travel business because it
can establish marketing efforts; consolidate data, increase bookings and
increase efficiency.

Tour Booking Software is easy integrated into
the website and provides ease of booking. BookingXML also simple handles
back-office management and accounting. For the best features and functionality
of tour booking software, travel arrangements for tourists can be easily

Grow your business and reach more customers
with the powerful travel technology company - BookingXML. Automate
reservations, inventory, and back-office management, develop marketing efforts
and collect data to drive gain.

The tourism industry has made a significant
jump to the internet over recent years. Today, most business is directed online
through travel websites, apps, and more. Customers use the internet to find
everything they required these days, including booking reservations for tours
and more. If your travel company doesn't have an online booking system for tour
operators on your travel or tour booking website, you're most likely losing a
ton of business.

Why choose us for Travel and tour management

An all-inclusive framework for Travel Management

Based on cutting-edge technology

Flexible and user friendly

Highly secured back-office system

Helps to establish brand loyalty

Simple to customize according to the needs of customers

Efficient customer management, with full descriptions of
customer queries

Sophisticated system of reporting with automatic billing,
receipts and vouches

Online Travel Management Software

On day-to-day basis we understand that how
complicated for service providers to deal with variety of challenges comes in
travel industry. That’s why We, BookingXML come with best Online Tourism Management System which have
comprehensive Travel Management System with user-friendly, feature-enriched,
and flexible platform

Tourism Management System is designed to help
travel agent, tour operator, Destination Management Company and travel agency
to respond effectively to their customers’ requisites.

Integration with online booking technology,
Online Travel Management Software is complete travel software solution deliver
end-to-end solutions for Travel Reservation, Hotel Reservation, Operations,
Back-Office, contracts, and distribution system.

Incorporated with highly advanced
intelligence tools means Travel Management Software (TMS) will implement you to
gain a better understanding of your clients’ needs that alternatively help you
to contrive and conceptualize promotional campaigns according to their

Features of a Tourism Management System

Package Management

Customize your Sales Funnel

Online and Offline Enquiry Management

Lead scoring And Distribution

Centrally view enquiries of all offices

Benefits of Using a Tourism Management System

You can auto allocate leads to concerned team members.

You can integrate third party telephony integrations
directly into your CRM Dashboard.

You can tag incoming leads as Hot/ Warm cold helping you
focus on converting the hottest ones first.

You can pull calls and emails generated from your
billboards directly into your inbox.

Each time a lead is generated a customer account gets
auto created and if it’s an existing lead then the old account gets updated.

Another travel management system benefit is that you can
keep a track of all mentions of your company on social media through easy API

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