Status Transfer Rules _ Orderry Onboarding

62 Views • 06/22/22
Orderry Business Software

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Statuses in Orderry are designed to build effective workflows for your business. By configuring the rules for updating statuses, you can set up a specific business process for a work order or a lead and thus eliminate the human error risk.

On a hectic day, your employees can accidentally update a work order to a wrong status, for example from "New" to "Ready". It will cause frustration for both your team and clients: your techs won’t see this work order on their to-do list and the client will get an automatic “Ready to pick up” notification.

As a result, neither the work order will be completed on time, not everybody involved will be happy. Or in the case of lead processing, you may lose some prospects if statuses get updated the wrong way.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, let’s configure the status transfer rules!

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