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Sabre Travel Booking System

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Jhan ad
Jhan ad

⁣BookingXML is a best travel reservation system
development company across the world. We integrate GDS systems linking Sabre
GDS for global travel management companies. Our travel reservation system
services involve flight reservation system, hotel booking system, car
reservation system, cruise and insurance module. We have extremely skilled
professionals in travel technology at our development Centre, which is located
at across the world. The team is qualified to deliver top class reservation
systems and well trained in web services integration, user/sub-user modules and
XML live certification process.

Sabre travel booking system
stands with lead position in airline reservation software and joined to almost
all the leading airlines companies. It also gives solutions to travel agencies
by providing the desktop solutions (search & book) and web services XML to
join to core database. Sabre travel booking system provides flights, hotels,
cars, cruise, holiday packages among others.

How Sabre Travel Booking
System Is Beneficial for Travel Business?

Sabre Travel Booking System is
total booking system help airlines to distribute flight tickets online across
various channels and optimize reservations for upcoming flights. Sabre Travel
Booking system helps travel agencies to integrate all flight-related data into
online portal to offer client with wide variety of flight options with
competitive flight fares.

Sabre Travel Booking system,
also known as Flight Booking System is entire Sabre Travel Booking software
solution integrate GDS/Flight XML services in travel representative travel
portal so they can easy access all flight data and functionality online to
reduce operational cost, development and maintenance time.

Sabre Travel Booking System
provides online reservations and inventory management solutions and incorporate
flight schedules, flight fares, fare tariffs, seat availability, passenger
reservations and records of flight ticket bookings in travel website.

Why Sabre Travel Booking
System is beneficial for ticket booking?

Sabre software now plays an
important role in online ticket booking.
This framework combines XML resources as well as desktop applications that are
connected to the primary database. BookingXML gives a B2B, B2C, or corporate
travel portal solution or custom travel apps. When we establish your travel platform,
we provide it delivers streamlined online ticket bookings. This is why we
recommend integrating Sabre booking software into your travel portal.

The Sabre reservation system
is widely used in airline reservation software and is linked to almost all of
the major airlines. It also gives solutions to travel agencies, such as desktop
solutions (search and book) and XML web services for attaching to the core

Thousands of travel
suppliers and consumers use the Sabre Travel booking system to support with
identifying clients, selling, business operations, and more. BookingXML is the
world's best B2B travel network, partnering with clients to generate the best
travel experiences. Throughout the years we aimed to give our clients with
innovative yet user-friendly online travel distribution capabilities.

Sabre Travel Booking Engine
for Your Travel Application

BookingXML is a best travel
portal company across the world. We have integrated Sabre GDS solutions for
Airlines, Travel agents, hotels and travel agencies. We have a professional
team in travel technology in the development department.

Sabre is a computer
reservation system or Global Distribution System; through this system, we can
arrange schedules, fares, policies, rules and accessibility at the booking
system. Sabre offers a seamless travel data solution that makes finance and
accounting very simple Sabre’s end-to-end travel and costs integration bring
all aspects of travel—reservation, itinerary, travel risk management, and
costs—into one seamless traveller experience.

The solution captures
transactions throughout the traveller experience and gives that data to
certified costs integration partners. Its rich travel costs data helps clients
examine and handle costs, resulting in high-cost control, high compliance and
high customer satisfaction.

Why Sabre Travel Booking
Engine for Travel Agencies?

BookingXML, gives sabre GDS
travel solutions for flight & reservations. We are the good sabre API integration company
across the world. Sabre GDS API is a perfect solution for car, hotel and flight

Travel companies can select
the right product to meet their unique need whether it is a corporate travel
portal to a web-based Travel booking engine for cruise, hotel, flight booking
engine or rental car reservation system with high adaptability.

Sabre is a functional flight
API for travel companies, delivers lots of features to the booking website.
Your quest for intelligent and feature-full Sabre Booking API Integration
Service ends with us. We are a professional Sabre Travel Portal Development
Company with diverse experience in this industry.

Sabre GDS API Integration
and Development

BookingXML is a renowned
travel technology company with extensive experience in offering Sabre
consulting, development, and integration services to B2B and B2C travel management companies. As
a best provider of Sabre solutions, BookingXML has the knowledge and expertise
to help travel agencies and other businesses make the most of the Sabre system
and establish their operations.

Our team of developers has
comprehensive experience in integrating API credentials into websites, protect
a smooth and seamless experience for businesses once the website is delivered.
With our expertise, you can trust that your website will be fully functional
and able to take benefit of all the features and capabilities of the API. This
will support provide continuity in your business operations, authorizing you to
focus on other important tasks and expansion strategies.

With Sabre GDS (web services
integration), we offer following:

Flight Reservation System

Hotel Booking System

Car Reservation System

Cruise Reservation System

Transfer Booking System

Sightseeing Booking System

Sabre Travel GDS Software
Development Services

BookingXML is
revolutionizing online travel through developing online booking engines,
complete booking management systems, and reporting modules for flights, hotels,
cruise lines, holiday packages, car rentals, and railway reservations.

Sabre Software-as-a-Service

Sabre Platform Configuration

Sabre GDS API Integration

Sabre Travel Portal Development

Sabre Mobile Solutions

Sabre Data Solutions

Features of Sabre Travel
Booking System

Flight XML API Integration (International
& Domestic)

Hotel XML API Integration (International
& Domestic)

Bus API Integration

Car API Integration

Manage Holiday packages

Agent Registration

Sale Report

My Booking

Hotel Booking CRM

Benefits Of Sabre Booking

Real-time exposure and connection to a global
inventory of cars, airlines, hotels, and other travel-related entities.

Information maintenance is easy with GDS

Opening inventory to new distribution

It allows you to integrate any feature set up
by the web service into your custom applications.

Sabre software for travel agents facilitates
them to expand their business beyond the regional market.

Sabre technologies help make practical
decisions with the exact information.

What is Sabre software?

Sabre Software System is
a network and platform that enables travel technology and their customers to
contact travel data, shops for and compares reservation options, and book
travel. BookingXML is a software and technology company that powers the global
travel industry. With decades of revolutionary firsts, our team of specialist
drives innovation and ingenuity in the industry. Learn more about how we help
clients operate more efficiently, drive earning and provide personalized
traveller experiences with next-generation technology solutions.

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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