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Online Booking Software for Tour Operators

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aishu kri
aishu kri

⁣What is Online Booking Software
for Tour Operators?

Online tour booking software is
a technology solution that enables travel and tour operators to manage their
business operations online. Customers can book tours and activities online,
manage their booking, and make payments using a simple interface.

Online booking software for tour operators is travel software that is
developed specifically for the tour operator to easily manage their tour
activity, booking, and automating the inventory. It is an easy-to-use,
multifaceted booking system designed specifically for Travel Companies looking
to provide their customers with a diverse range of local tours, trips, and
experiences in a single location.

Tour operator software is
designed with the best trip planning and itinerary creation tool for travel
agents and tour operators to automate online tour inventory, booking, itinerary
creation, customized packages, group booking, payment gateway, customer
management system, back office management, Accounting, MIS Reports, and
ordering to maximize revenues.

Tour booking software mainly
contains features such as real-time inventory management, customizable booking
forms, payment gateways, reporting, and analytics. To streamline operations, it
can also integrate with other travel-related software, such as accounting
software or CRM tools.

The all-in-one online tour
booking software for tour & activity operators:

With the rise of online booking
and the growing popularity of travel and tourism, tour booking software has
become an essential tool for travel and tour operators to attract and manage
customers, optimize their operations, and boost revenue.

Tour operators require the best
tour operator software to manage their packages and maximize online bookings to
increase their business profit. They also require a proper tour operator
structure to increase their revenue.

With a click of a button, anyone
can book a holiday package online. However, tour operators and travel agents
should manage the entire booking process, inventory, and tour activity through
a single platform, thus where Online Tour Booking Software is required.

Global GDS Tour Booking System
aids in increasing the web presence of their tourism business and guides
travelers to their tours and excursions. We have provided the best tour booking
system for booking vacations, activities, tours, and packages all over the

We develop tour booking software
that meets all the needs of tour operators and travel agencies to keep up with
new trend technologies and increase the revenue of their travel business.

Our software is scalable,
efficient, and compatible across all major digital platforms, meeting
end-to-end tour booking needs. So, whether it's a desktop computer and a laptop
computer, or just a tablet and a mobile phone, you can manage your tour leads
with ease as a travel operator.

Top Tour Operator Software


Inventory Management.

CRM (Customer
Relationship Management).

Back-office Management.

Accounting Management.

Why Global GDS for Tour Booking

Global GDS offers Tour Operator
Software designed specifically for DMCs, Tour Operators, and Travel Agencies
that are committed to making it easier to book tours and destination packages,
with a powerful back-end tool for tour management and destinations.

Having best-in-class
functionalities, our apps are designed to take your travel and tourism business
to a whole new level. Our system package includes customized CRM software,
multiple online payment gateways, and a real-time booking module, all of which
are designed to make management simpler and more convenient.

Our Tour Booking Software
focuses on enhancing the web presence of their tourism business and drives
travelers directly to their tours and excursions. We have provided the best
tour booking system for booking holidays, activities, tour and package bookings
all over the world.

We have provided our clients
with the best tour booking system for booking vacation packages, hotels, and
flights all over the world. Our tour package booking system is a user-friendly,
multi-faceted booking system primarily designed for tour operators and travel
agencies looking to provide a wide range of local tours, trips, and experiences
to their customers in one location.

How does our Tour Booking
Software help Tour Operators?

It is an easy-to-use,
multifaceted booking system specifically developed for a travel company that
wants to offer its customers a wide range of local tours, excursions, and
experiences in one place.

We develop tour booking software
that meets all the needs of tour operators and travel agencies to keep pace
with new technologies and increase revenue for their tourism businesses.

Tour Booking Software is easily
integrated into websites and facilitates booking. It also handles back-office
management and accounting with ease. For the best functionality and features of
tour booking software, travel plans for tourists can be easily managed.

Tour operator software allows
travel agencies or tour operators to incorporate various travel services like
flights, Hotel, bus booking, and tour package bookings in one unified platform.
This is only possible if we integrate APIs from global GDS providers such as
Amadeus, Travelport, Galileo, roomxml, and others.

Benefits of Tour Booking

Increase your direct bookings:

As a tour operator, you have
potential clients all over the globe. E.g., if your customers are in a
different time zone, urging them to make a reservation is tedious. However,
with an online booking engine, your website is open for sales 24x7x365.
Customers can make the booking and pay at their leisure.

Optimize your tour operator
firm’s workflow:

Web-based tour operator software
streamlines your operations by automating back-office tasks. An online booking system
updates all booking information on your platform instantly and sends
confirmation and reminders to your clients for payment, name changes, and so

Serve people from across the

You can sell your services
across time zones, currencies, and regions with the right tour operator
software. With an online booking system for tour operators, you can serve
customers in multiple languages and accept payments in a diverse array of
currencies. Notably, you can use a single platform to communicate and
coordinate with all your suppliers worldwide.

Third-party integrations:

Serve your customers with
exciting travel options, like flights, hotels, sightseeing, activities, etc.,
by incorporating third-party suppliers of these services. These will be an
upsell for you while also adding value to the customer as they will be able to
customize their trip with the click of a button. Interestingly, AI-enabled tour
operator software can make recommendations to customers based on previous
purchasing habits, budgets, and so on.

Features of Online Tour Booking
Software for Tour Operators:

Customized Tour
Packaging: A business must
do everything possible to retain customers, including providing customized
solutions. With this feature, the customer can create their personalized
tour plan and itinerary. They can choose their hotels, vehicle type,
sightseeing details, and other services from the system. All of this can
be done from any device by any customer anywhere in the world.

Management: This
feature enables tour operators to manage bookings from multiple channels,
such as their website, third-party websites, and phone bookings. It
updates availability in real-time, automates booking confirmations and
reminders, and manages payments.

Processing: Tour booking software includes payment processing
functionality, which enables customers to pay for their tours and
activities online. It accepts a variety of payment methods, including
credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other payment gateways.

Mobile App
Integration: Many
tour booking software solutions offer mobile app integration, allowing
tour operators to manage bookings and customer details on the go.

Better Customer
Experience: With an online
booking system, customers can easily search for tours, view available
dates and prices, and make reservations at any time. This improves
customer satisfaction and provides a better customer experience.

Increased Revenue: Online tour booking software can
help travel businesses boost their profits by making it easier for
customers to make bookings and reducing overbooking.

Real-Time Inventory
Management: Travel
companies can easily track available capacity for their tours and
activities with real-time inventory management. This allows them to
optimize their pricing and availability and avoid overbooking.

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