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Hotel web booking engine

1 Views· 0 Purchases· 07/28/22
Prerana Kisi
Prerana Kisi
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⁣Hotel web booking

Get more direct bookings and grow
your revenue, business, and online presence with our hotel web booking engine.

A seamless guest experience begins
with a simple & powerful online hotel booking system, designed to deliver
more direct bookings.

With the expanding number of hotel
reservations happening online, the need for an online
hotel booking engine in today’s world cannot be overstated. But
you don’t just need some booking engine; you need the one that gives you the
maximum benefits without costing you a device.

How does hotel web
booking engine work?

A hotel web booing is software
integrated on your hotels’ website, that lets you acquire and process
commission-free direct bookings.

Online hotel
booking systems have redefined the hotel industry space. All your
reservation data is collected onto a single platform, plus with a sharply
designed booking form, you also make the entire reservation process hassle-free
for the bookers.

However, it is important for
hoteliers to make an informed choice while opting for an online hotel booking

Important features of
a hotel web booking engine:

A good hotel web booking engine
will drive online bookings while seamlessly integrating with your existing
hotel technology enabling you to manage your hotel booking effectively across
all your distribution networks.

Hotel web bookings are inevitable
in today’s hotel industry. With the number of online reservations increase by
the day, it makes absolute sense to go for the best online hotel booking

Responsive and
Easy-to-use of web booking page with your hotel brand:

Keep the design of the web booking
page consistent with your brand’s look and impression. Consistency is the key to
trust-building in the guest experience.

It is also just a good sense- your
guest goes to the web booking page from your brand website or from the book
.now button on your Facebook page

Virtual tour or an
entire gallery of true - to – life images:

Superfast loading time

Multi-device compatibility

Multi-language access

Increase chances of an Upsell

Real time availability

Real –time booking &

Secure payment gateway

Multi –currency payment options

Reporting features

Social media integration

Best hotel web
booking software to grow your hotel business?

Travelopro is a leading Travel
Technology Company develops the best hotel web booking
engine which allows hoteliers to easily sell and manage hotel bookings

Travelopro Hotel Web Booking
Software, the perfect solution that your hotel needs to create and
build a powerful website for your brand.

Hotel booking system comes with a
complete hotel booking IT solution for travel agent, tour operator, and hotel
chains to collect the inventory of hotels from multiple sources to present
their clients with the best prices include bedbanks and channel managers, and
direct contracts.

A simple hotel
booking system for direct online bookings:

Customize and personalize to your

Secure online bookings

Improve guest experience

Let’s have a look at
some benefits:

Automates hotel booking process

Reduce errors

Real time data of the hotels

Increases multi-tasking

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase direct bookings

Maximize hotel revenues

For more details, please visit our

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