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Hotel Distribution System

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efficiently hotel distribution strategy is important to your success as a hotel
because travel bookings are made online annually. Your hotel’s earning will
development as a result of distribution because more visitors and reservations
result from it.

can advertise on online travel agency (OTA) booking sites, take direct bookings via
your website or phone, and use a variety of additional channels to grow your
business. BookingXML Hotel Distribution System is well known for delivering
great outcomes to its users. The technology has been demonstrated to deliver
millions of rooms per night, all year.

is a Hotel Distribution System?

distribution refers to the complicated web of internet-based channels where the
guests book hotel rooms. Guests go through a variety of booking channels
depending on their intent, loyalty status, and travel mode. These channels
include online travel agencies, travel management companies, tour operators,
corporate self-booking agents, travel agents, hotel websites, etc.

guests use both offline and online booking portals, which means that hoteliers
are constantly faced with one major challenge: maximizing their hotel
distribution strategy to get in front of the right customers at the right time.

hotel distribution strategy is a plan of action for selling rooms profitably
through a range of sources. A mix of direct channels, such as hotel websites,
and indirect channels such as online travel agents (OTAs), Global Distribution
Systems (GDS), and wholesalers are commonly used.

Hotel Distribution Works?

only loyal clients come to book a hotel room directly via a brand’s website.
Others, be it leisure or business travelers, follow various routes, either by
using online travel companies or delegating the booking process to TMCs. But
there’s also an underlying layer to online hotel distribution, where data move
through a hotel’s own property management system and major distribution channels such as GDS
and metasearch.

choose us?

Connectivity Solutions are the most breakthrough products in hotel distribution
and channel management by BookingXML.

Enterprise solution caters to the large hotel chains processing transactions in
billions with optimal accuracy, BookingXML connectivity solution is globally
preferred by medium-to-small chains and hotels. With more than 400 demand
partners, BookingXML has been recognized as the premier partner with booking.

Benefits of Online Hotel Booking Systems

24*7 online
reservation system

Hassle free
management of bookings

Work smart
insights into your business

Increase revenues
thanks to upselling

Payments are
easier and faster

Cut your workload

New booking trend

is a hotel distribution channel?

hotel distribution channel is the means by which your hotel’s provide reaches
your target audience. This can be done via a multiplicity of methods or
platforms through which you sell your hotel rooms. Possible methods combine
online travel representatives, booking engines, phone and other offline means,
metasearch and global distribution systems.

goes without saying that using a variety of channels approves you to generate a
strategy that will drive bookings and positively contribute to earnings. Learn how to build the perfect hotel
distribution strategy.

types of hotel distribution channels:

Direct website

Direct phone

Online travel
agencies (OTAs)

distribution systems

Metasearch sites


is a Hotel Distribution Strategy?

distribution strategy refers to the join of channels through which you sell
hotel rooms. Often, this strategy will be based on the acquisition price per
customer of the various channels through which you can reach your customers.

channels include:

Online Travel
Agencies (OTAs), like Booking, Expedia, or Agoda;

Hotel direct
channels: website, phone, emails, social media;

GDS – Global
Distribution Systems;


Marketing Organizations (DMO);

Offline bookings,
like walk-ins

is a Distribution Strategy Important for Your Hotel?

clear distribution strategy is important for a few key reasons: it will support
you control costs, set more accurate forecasts, achieve optimal occupancy and
RevPAR, and manage (or increase!) client satisfaction. Because third-party
channels charge hefty commissions, distribution costs can be quite costly.

can be tempting to want to get as many direct bookings as possible, but some
direct bookings also come at a cost, especially when you factor in advertising
spend, marketing costs, and even payroll costs for reservation representatives
taking bookings over the phone. Mapping out exactly how much each distribution
channel costs can support you not only control those costs but also make sure
you’re getting the most bang for your buck on each distribution channel.

is Hotel Distribution Channel Management?

the hospitality industry, hotel distribution management can be defined as handling and updating
certain information, such as room rates and availability, across all
distribution channels. Distribution channels combine anywhere the client may go
to view and book a hotel room, such as the actual hotel website or online
travel agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia,, etc.

it comes to handling each of these distribution channels, a hotelier must
handle rates, booking restrictions, and hotel inventory across every channel,
which can fast get both complicated and tedious. Having a distribution
management tool incorporated into your hotel PMS, though, can clarify things
and be a streamlined way to control which OTAs are selling rooms, and how many
are offered. Through this tool, as more rooms sell, channels requiring higher
commissions can be switched off automatically, which alone can positively
impact your hotel’s bottom line.

Hotel Distribution Made Easy with Single Point Dashboard

is a robust platform delivering operational insights alongside intelligence
into inventory, channels, and customers. We assist online wholesalers and bed
banks use their API data to develop their operations and distribution to stay
ahead of the competition.

works with you to optimize your hotel's revenues and reduced operating costs.
An economical hotel management software suite with streamlined management and a new
age cloud host that supports our clients achieve significant outputs and
results, thus making BookingXML the best choice for all Hotels, B&B’s and

Complete Online Hotel Distribution Solution

makes your hotel available for reservations with an estimated many travel
agents and distributors globally (GDS), along with the major online travel
agents (OTAs) and their thousands of affiliate sites.

our total online distribution solution, you can now handle your hotel’s description,
images, rates, and availability across all your channels, while maintaining
full control over your content at any time.

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