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Hotel Chanel Manager

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Prerana Kisi
Prerana Kisi
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Chanel Manager

A hotel channel manager is
software that manages online distribution of hotel rooms and accepts hotels to
update rates, availability and sell rooms across various online booking sites
from one place.

Manager automatically updates room availability and rates plans over all
connected channels once the booking is made with its advanced pooled inventory
feature that removes the risk of over bookings and maximizes occupancy and
reservations for hotels.

will be information about the hotel such as how much the rates for the multiple
rooms are, how many rooms are available and the types of rooms available. The
author direction the data flows in is from the world to the hotel’s Property
Management System.

Channel Manager is a platform that accepts hotels to manage their inventory and
pricing across numerous online travel portals.

system interfaces with all associated online travel agencies and
automatically changes reservation availability, pricing, allocations, and so
on. It also has a travel booking engine and a third-party API Integration and
channel management.

Why Hotel Channel Manager is important for Hotel Business?

is a leading Travel Technology Company
gives best Channel Manager Integration for travel agents and travel companies
to help them in selling hotel inventory through online distribution channels around the world including OTAs (Online Travel Agencies),
retail travel agents, online reservation sites, or direct channels (hotel
website) to increase occupancy and direct bookings.

Channel Manager Integration through Travelopro enables hotels to manage and
automate complete hotels operations and update availability and rates over all
connected channels simultaneously from a single dashboard.

Manager helps hotels to update real-time hotel room availability and rates to
hundreds of new distribution channels coincidently and maximize occupancy.

helps hotels in managing room inventory, availability and rate plans over all
connected online distribution channels from one place and sell hotel rooms
online to increase bookings and revenues.

of a Hotel Channel Manager System

Supports all your current booking sites
(, Trip Advisor, etc.)

Seamless integration into all your
current systems (PMS, CRM, RMS)

Comprehensive reporting. Must provide
data on all channel performance

Pooled inventory model. Minimize over
bookings and increase room sales

Saves you time

Adding channels to your channel
portfolio should not cost you anything

Ensures that over bookings cannot occur

As a hotelier you should be able to
customize and set restrictions

Opportunity to connect to new booking
sites to grow sales and revenue

How can a hotel channel manager be used to improve your hotel business?

Increase online bookings

Increase hotel revenue

Reduce the risk of over bookings

Improve brand recognition

Boost direct bookings

Remove manual processes

Create a seamless; integrated tech stack

Transform into a powerful business platform

Reduce reliance on traditional booking channels

Keep everyone on the same page

Increase online bookings:

With telephone and walk-in bookings on the decline and online reservation the
rise, a channel manager places you in the best position to take advantage of
this new traveler booking habit. Connect to all online channels, where more travelers
than ever are locking in their stays.

Increase hotel revenue:

Given a channel manager displays live rates and availability over all your
channels at the same time, and updates automatically you can accept bookings
faster and almost eliminate the chance of double bookings.

Reduce the risk of over bookings:

Without a channel manager, you’re targeted to split your inventory
between channels and risk double-bookings or failing to reach full occupancy.

Improve brand recognition:

A powerful channel manager will give two-way unrestricted access to
hundreds of booking channels where travelers who would never hear of you can
now make reservations at your property.

Boost direct bookings:

It may seem unreasonable but it’s true! Many travelers will discover your
property first on an OTA, but they want to learn more about you before they

Remove manual processes:

Manual data entry is time-consuming and spoil, we all know that. If you were to
use a channel manager and eliminate this friction, you’d realize just how much
more productive you can be. Anything that has to be put on hold can now be prioritized
to grow your business.

Create a seamless; integrated tech stack:

Instead of being required to update information in various extranets, a channel
manager can integrate with your property management system,
central reservation system, or revenue management system as well as your
booking engine to create a central control system for the entirety of your
hotel’s operations.

Transform into a powerful business platform:

A good channel accepts complete transparency of data across all systems and
channels, meaning you can use the received information to see which channels or
rooms are performing the best. This means you can constantly improve your
business strategy.

Reduce reliance on traditional booking channels:

However, using a channel manager will make sure you don’t have to worry about
filling your rooms in this manner. Connecting to a significant number of online
reservation sites will ensure your occupancy always remains steady.

Keep everyone on the same page:

Quality channel managers are very easy to use and hotels will regularly have different
staff members using the system. If the main user is going away or won’t be
available to make better they can easily mark important dates in the system so
everyone is aware if they need to change a rate or close a room etc.

Benefits of using hotel channel management:

longer spending time in multiple extranets

less time updating inventory data

human error when entering or adjusting rates and availability

global visibility and brand recognition

boost in occupancy and revenue

around booking data and channel performance

automatic, channel updates

two-way integration with existing hotel systems

a single, reliable, stable distribution platform that enables your business to

Features of Channel Management

Channel Integration.

Two-Way Integration.

Dynamic hotel inventory management.

inventory checks and live hotel pricing updates are available in real-time.

Live Updates of hotel rates with real-time Hotel Inventory checks

the Inventory Distribution Process

inventory management software with the pricing parity

hotel bookings

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