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GDS Hotel Booking System

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⁣GDS Hotel Booking
System – BookingXML

What is global distribution

GDS abbreviated as Global Distribution System is
a large computer network or a reservation tool that passes hotel listings and
rates to travel agents and allows them to make bookings. In other words, the
Global Distribution System for hotels is nothing but a computerized web service
that offers pricing, real-time availability, centralized data display with
reservation functionality to the global travel industry in a very combined

Our channel manager
BookingXML is combined with hotel GDS systems, thus providing you global
visibility along with streamlining your distribution operations.

How does Global Distribution
System in Hotel Industry Work?

Global Distribution system
works as an intermediary dealer between a travel representative and a hotel’s
(or airline’s) online reservation system. A
GDS does not have its own listing, and it directly uses the hotel’s data to
make changes. It allows travel representatives to fetch real-time costs and
inventory for a particular hotel.

A Global Distribution System
in Hotel Industry easily enables travel representatives to look through the
hotel’s system and gather important information like available room types,
prices, and restrictions. if a travel representative books a room, the GDS
immediately removes the room from the hotel’s system.

A travel agent no longer
needs to check with hotel staff, and hotel staff no longer required to flip
through documents to find if a room is available in their hotel. That’s the
change GDS transfer in the hotel reservation ecosystem. Today, Global Distribution System in Hotel
Industry is widely used to tap the corporate guests.

What is a Global
Distribution System (GDS)? How does it Benefit Your Hotel?

A global distribution system
(GDS) is a computerized network that is used to simplify the booking of travel
services, such as airline tickets,
hotel rooms, car rentals, and other travel-related services. These systems are
typically used by travel representatives and other travel industry
professionals to contact a wide range of travel options and make bookings on
behalf of their customers.

Whether or not a GDS is
right for your hotel builds on a number of factors, including the size and
location of your hotel, the type of services you provide, and your target
market. If you are a small, independently-owned hotel in a remote location, for
example, a GDS may not be required, as most of your bookings may come from
local sources or direct bookings through your own website. However, if you are
a large hotel chain with different locations, or if you are targeting
international travelers, a GDS can be a valuable tool for reaching a wider
audience and growing bookings.

What is GDS in the hotel

A Global Distribution System
is a worldwide reservation system that acts as a conduit between travel bookers
and suppliers, such as hotels, other accommodation providers and other travel
related services. BookingXML communicates live product, cost and availability
data to travel representatives and online booking engines for
automated transactions. The GDS is often used to tap into the corporate travel
market because it has the capability to present hotels, flights, and car
rentals in one easy interface giving convenience for users.

Companies who utilized GDSs
were some of the first in the world to simplify business to business (B2B)
electronic commerce (now more commonly known as ecommerce). Airlines realized
that by automating the reservation process for travel representatives, they
could make the travel agents more productive, time capable and essentially turn
them into an extension of the airline’s salesforce.

What are the features and
benefits of GDS?

24*7 real-time access to a vast global
inventory of hotel rooms, cars, airlines, buses, tours and other travel-related

Access for both B2C and B2B travel booking

The GDS software can easily be integrated on
Android, iOS, and Web platforms.

Provides access to real-time availability and
pricing to make online bookings.

Offers the best commissions and fares to
travel agencies.

GDS makes managing and maintaining
information easy.

It facilitates a single-window interface for
all your marketing requirements.

GDS software enables expanding the coverage
to gain exposure to other travellers and travel agents.

What Is Booking Engine and
How Does It Help Hotel Business Grow?

BookingXML is a Booking
Engine for Hotel’s website and Channel Manager with high transformation, and
capable hotel management reports. Our Booking Engine for Hotels is designed to
establish conversions and increase direct bookings. Our booking engine simple
integrates into new and existing websites.

A booking engine that works
with your channel manager cover that your room listings across all your online
channels is automatically updated. Hotel Software generally updates all
exchange in real-time. BookingXML provides a dynamic booking system
that can performance operations independently and provide 24X7 services.

Our Booking Engine for
hotels, apartments, and B&B are tools that offer you to transform your
website into a direct sales channel. The main benefit of a booking engine is to
develop transformation, which is the number of visitors to the site who
actually book a room. We offer a booking engine that increases conversion to an
easy, elegant, and secure interface.

Hotel Booking System website

BookingXML offers a platform
by which a client makes an online Hotel Booking unique. Our Hotel Booking System is
directly linked to the APIs in which the data is fetched directly and the
results are displayed in the form an Invoice. After selecting the hotel
segment, it will turn to the payment gateway for payment. And then the client
can generate the invoice.

Hotel Booking System is a
one stop solution which uses content from multiple suppliers that can meet the
exact requirements of your guests. Nowadays a wide range of accommodation
choices is available at every location with various pricing and availability.
So, navigating through several suppliers can be a tedious task. To make it
simple, Hotel API is integrated to get contact to the global Hotel Content and
best deals. With Hotel API Integration, your guests get wider choice of hotels
with Realtime availability and Confirmation.

How do Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking System is online reservation system
that processes all hotel reservations made through hotel website and handle
hotel room availability and bookings online. BookingXML gives instant
confirmation for hotel bookings and develop customer experience.

Hotel Reservation System is
online software that allows customers to schedules the dates and length of the
stay, select room types and make payments in one place. Now-a- days, most of
the traveller’s book hotels online, so Hotels are looking for an online system
to maximize their hotel revenues.

Hotel Booking System is
entire Hotel Booking IT Solution comes with Hotel Quotation Booking System for
travel representative, tour operator and hotel chains to collect the listing of
hotels from multiple sources to present their clients with the best prices
including bed banks and channel managers and direct contracts.

The Importance of Hotel
Booking System in Your Hotel

Direct Bookings

Additional Profit

Bookings Using Mobile Search


Reservations According to Your Terms

Guest Loyalty

Boost Brand Image

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