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B2B Travel Booking
16 May 2022
B2B Travel Booking
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Flight Booking Software

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⁣Flight Booking Software

What is Flight Booking

Booking Software is an interface between the consumer and the airline company
that accepts the consumer to book rearrange and cancel air travel throughout
the world. And while that sounds are pretty simple, the interfaces are quite
complex. With tens of thousands of flights occurring every day, prices
constantly differ and schedules ever changing, it's wise to learn a few of the
terms you'll come across when using an airline booking system for use in your
personal life or business travel.

flight booking software is designed using globally acknowledged
applications used for online flight bookings for B2B and B2C in various
destinations across the globe.

Find Best Flight Booking Software
for Business:

In travel industry,
Travelopro provides the best Flight Booking Software with complete Flight
Booking Quotation System.

Flight Booking
Software is a complete flight booking quotation system which automates flight
booking process to help book flight online for particular seats available from
various flights and increase revenue.

Booking Engine is online booking system
that helps end users to search and book flight tickets online for particular
seats from various flights.

Below listed are flight

search option (Round-trip, one-way, etc)




quotation booking system

travel services (hotel, transfer, etc.)

Our flight booking module helps you:

Increase efficiency –
handle more reservations without adding new staff by selling airline tickets
directly from the back office system

Reduce cost –
no recruitment needed of specialized and certified staff being utilized only
for handling flights

Extend your offer –
if you don’t have airline tickets already in your inventory

Increase sales –
offer flight ticket booking 24/7 on your online B2B and B2C websites

Additional benefits:

An employee can search
for tickets within multiple systems at once.

An employee does not
need to have special knowledge about GDS to get the best ticket possible for
their clients as the process is done through an intuitive point-and-click

You can save time and
money because the same person already selling other travel products can sell
flight tickets and even combine products together.

Airline tickets are
easily added to packages (itineraries, quotes), which usually include
accommodation, activities, and other travel products.

B2B, B2C Travel Portal for Online Flight
Ticket Booking:

the b2b travel portal, we offer you a complete travel portal. Here you work as
an admin. We offer your complete stander flight booking portal. Now you can create your agents all over the India as
master distributor, distributor and retailers.

work with over forty top travel aggregators, global distribution systems,
channel managers and DMCs.

Flight Booking Website Development Company:

The integration of
API/XML of GDS such as Amadeus, Travel Website, and sabre, our focus lies much
on upgrading and enhancing the overall user experience by providing them all
the insights, information, and updated details as per the needs and
expectations of the user. We deliver best of technology products for hotels,
flight booking engine, car rentals, relocation, excursion, and customized
packages. We are committed and dedicated towards enhancing the efficiency and
efficacy of B2B Travel Booking System, B2C, and B2B2B corporate globally.

Why do you need a Flight Booking System?

For both B2B and B2C Travel Businesses, Flight Booking System has been instrumental in simplifying
the entire process of selling their products through a current travel portal
which ultimately benefits a great deal to both B2B and B2C travel businesses
around. Our company provides complete solutions to all your travel reservation
needs that also include online Air Reservation System and a complete Travel
Reservation System.






path forward



GDS Flight Booking System:

GDS integration (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan)
company. Global Distribution System, as GDS is called, connects millions of
providers to provide a common platform for bookings (flight, hotel, packages
and cars) to users across the globe. GDS is a network/platform that enables
travel agencies and their clients to access travel data, shop for and compare
reservations options, and book travel.

End-To-End Feature-Rich Flight Booking

Travel services and individual specialists are looking
for top tech devices and mobile applications to draw engagement from worldwide
clients. With the upcoming top travel innovations and mobile solutions,
organizations are using web-powered flight booking systems, which permit end clients
and sub-offices to look for and save flight bargains on the cloud.
Subsequently, most travel businesses, both non-IATA, and IATA are choosing the
OTA model.

of Flight Booking Mobile App:

Easy to Book Tickets


24/7 Customer Support



Easy Refund over Cancellation

Benefits of Using Our Online
Flight Booking Tools:

We have
a tendency to integrate several GDS, hotel, and car consolidators for travel
clients. Our airline reservation systems incorporate the exchange of data
through the GDS such as Amadeus, Galileo / Travelport or Sabre, that
consolidates the worldwide airline accessibility and pricing information and
share through web services APIs / XMLs.

these varieties of web services on the airline reservation system interface,
the knowledge for the airline check, availability & pricing can be issued
on a user-friendly GUI interface.

Availability, nice user engagement, multiple display
choices, and dynamic packing systems are key points for our Flight Reservation
Systems to follow.

Booking and reservation software:

you’re using specialized travel booking software, you get access to the back
office and can connect your bookings to the accounting service, receive
reports, create invoices, and much more. In fact, standard features for booking
and reservation software include:


third-party suppliers integration (bed banks, tours and attractions, etc)

and cancellation management

system and automatic billing


For more details,
Please visit our website:

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B2B Travel Booking
16 May 2022
B2B Travel Booking
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