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Flight Booking Portal

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⁣A flight booking portal is
a website that enables businesses to sell tickets to their customers. This is
instead of selling tickets through agents or travel agencies. The main benefit of using a flight booking
portal is that you can reach a larger audience than you would if you were
selling tickets through a separate agent.

BookingXML also can work
like long-term earning making system. Our flight booking portal supports
clients in online book flights whether they are looking to book Domestic or

Flight Booking Portal
Development Company

The online portals have decreased
the worries related to booking a flight and spending money on it. BookingXML is
a web portal development
company that will help you in building such platforms for ticket or flight
booking. You can establish such a portal with us and make your customers
comfortable by offering them a convenient solution. They don’t require to visit
the nearest airline ticketing office.

Today, they can get things
online and book accordingly. The portals are available well and ready to book
your next flight with all the need details. Travel bookings have now become
more than just available. The best options are here in the full feature B2B B2C
flight booking portal.

Flight ticket booking portal
development provides comfort to the customers. If you are an owner of a flight
ticket company, developing a portal can support you in growing. Flight booking
portal development will improve the worth of your business among competent
people. Flight booking portal will add competence to your business and will
support it stand in the competitive market.

How is Flight Booking Portal
beneficial for Travel Agent in Travel Industry?

BookingXML Flight Booking
Portal or Flight Booking Software comes with developed flight booking quotation
system which becomes strong Flight Booking IT Solution to establish Flight booking engine for
travel agent business. It will be customized Flight Booking Portal with
developed flight module features like Flight Reservation, Modification, Flight
Booking Quotation, Flight API Integration and more.

With this Flight API
Integration, Flight booking software allows all flight-related searches in
online travel portal of travel agent. Flight booking software allow travel
agent to offer clients with best travel deals like hotels, flights, vacation
packages, transfers and other services. With Flight booking IT Solutions,
travel agents can provide dynamic packages like Flight + Holiday, Flight +
Hotel, more for clients with best flight search and book functionality.

Why Flight booking Portal is
important for travel business Providers?

An online flight booking
portal is extremely important for travel business providers specially those who
only sell flight tickets because an online portal not only let’s travel
representatives and tour operators make purchases instant but also supports
them to book or purchase bulk flight seats at the cheapest rates.

A fully integrated flight B2B Airline booking engine not
only takes care of the end-to-end booking procedure but also offers them
instant tickets and booking confirmation. A b2B travel booking system is all
about buying and selling tickets to Travel representatives or travel providers.
It is also about clarifying their average transaction and clarifying the

At BookingXML our web-based
travel booking engine is designed for all travel companies, travel management
companies, and travel consolidators, with capabilities that they recommend.

If you are a travel service
wholesaler or flight ticket service wholesaler, we always recommend a B2B
web-based flight booking portal to our guests as it clarifies the business
procedure. The portal is a search-based system, where the travel
representatives and tour operators can select the type of flights, number of
seats and select a payment method from the several options. Most importantly
all these tasks can be completed anytime and anywhere from both sides the
service provider and the service taker.

Flight Booking Portal Advantage

Flight Tickets Booking Software developed and
is meant under the standards of professionalism.

Flight booking engine provides quick and
bug-free online booking capacity to the consumers.

Ticket bookings, cancellation, flight
stalled, etc.

Banners that are appealing are available for
the purpose of advertisement.

API integrated booking solution.

Trustworthy and Dependable from all respects.

Payment service is existing for the booking

Flight Booking Software

As the leading travel technology company in
the industry, BookingXML gives dynamic yet dependable flight booking software.
The top-notch cost of software aids in the simple and hassle-free booking of
flights for B2B and B2C customers. You can definitely rely on BookingXML to
deliver excellent flight booking services.

Air ticket Booking Software
is generally software that aids in collecting, storing, and managing air travel
transactions. You can use the system to reserve particular flight seats online
from various airlines seamlessly. Though it was originally generated to help
the airlines, it is now frequently used in the travel industry. The flight booking software is
linked to extensive GDS systems globally, which aid in the automation of flight
seat reservations.

It comes with a wide range
of developed features, making it one of a kind. Here, you will come across
several third-party integrations, quotation management systems, inventory
management systems, reservation management systems, advanced search options,
and more!

With the assistance of a
team of professionals, we develop the best flight booking engine that serves
the B2B and B2C travel market smoothly. It implements travel service providers,
agents, and tour operators to manage the selling of flight tickets with relative
ease. The contact to real-time availability and cost rates of flights makes the
booking process hassle-free.

Why People Choose Us for
Flight Booking Software Development?

We are a broad-based
business service provider that serves organisations in every segment of
travelling industry. BookingXML is a global distribution system
business that operates globally and combines Galileo Reservation Systems and
internationally recognised world span.

Our Galileo System holds a
grand position in airline software and has connections with all best airlines.
With this 24x7 availability system the efficiency of the travel enterprises
will improve. One can access this system at any point of time for booking
tickets. See how our Airline Reservation System is several from others:

Easy for booking tickets

Saves both time and money

Provide all kinds of information about the

24x7 Customer Support through both calls and

Provide automated tickets to customers
through mail

Smooth and hassle-free refund policies

Available for both International and Domestic

Flight Booking Software-

B2B/B2C travel booking system

Worldwide flight search filter

Real-time flight booking interface

Flight fares and schedules

Various flight search options

Flight fares search filter

With stop/without stop flight search

One /return trip search filter

Multi-city search option

Third-Party API Integration.

Flight quotation booking software

Benefits of a Flight booking

The intuitive point-and-click interface helps
simplify ticket search

Saves a lot of time and money

Air tickets include various travel packages

Include customer margin rates to your flight tickets
according to the market

Easily change or make cancellations

Automatic follow up emails

The track sold tickets and list of passengers

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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