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Randolph O
Randolph O 08 Sep 2021

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Holiday Package Management System
17 Sep 2021
Holiday Package Management System
Randolph O · 3 Views

Destination Management Solution

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⁣Trawex has a proven track record of assisting DMCs to become true leaders in their markets and successfully transition into online distribution. We provide DMCs with a highly scalable solution for evaluating their destination(s), services, and attractions through a fully searchable and bookable website and mobile platform.

We recognize the value of DMCs profiling services and products on an easy-to-use and professional website, and we provide you with the functionality to control product and content management.

We include the travel web solutions for Destination Management Companies (DMCs) that help to streamline processes and boost productivity.

We can assist DMOs in maximizing the return on their marketing investments through sophisticated channel marketing and online distribution – which is why we developed a DMS (Destination Management Solution) specifically for DMOs and their members.

It effectively scales the entire business activities of all segments. It is a fully automated sales operation; start with inquiry generation and ending with profitable transactions and accounting of the MIS suite for all levels of business.

We deliver destination management software to both businesses and customers, which facilitates the development of corporate destination management and customizes travel and tourism scheduling for consumers.

Trawex can provide DMCs with B2C and B2B booking sites, as well as truly independent agility for product and pricing management.

What’s more is, with Trawex you can perform unique front ends, even with various brands and designs, which means that your B2B and B2C offerings can appear distinct. We can include and book flight and/or hotel products online; we can also offer dynamic flight/hotel packaging with your products.

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Up next

Holiday Package Management System
17 Sep 2021
Holiday Package Management System
Randolph O · 3 Views