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B2C Travel Portal

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Arya Varta
Arya Varta

⁣What is B2C Travel Portal?

B2C Travel Portal is an online travel booking portal
which gives online search and book functionality with flight, hotel, tour,
transfer and package module to implement global B2C consumers to search and
book online. The B2C Travel Portal is the key component of a travel website. It
is a travel portal for retail sales that enables businesses to sell more
products and increase profits.

How does B2C Travel Portal

Travelopro B2C Travel Portal
gives a one-in-all solution to travelers across the globe. You can now bid
adieu to different travel issues and resolve the problems of the clients
quickly. Increased client satisfaction is an excellent way to enhance earnings.
With positive reviews and an easy-to-use travel portal, developing the business
becomes easier.

In order to understand the
workings of the B2C Travel Portal, one needs to first understand what the B2C
Travel Portal is. The B2C Travel Portal is a booking solution or software that
allows travelers or users to sell different types of travel products. These
combine hotels, airport transfers, flights, etc.

The B2C Travel Portal allows
users to book from different devices and browsers seamlessly. That leads to
simple and secured reservations for several travel products. The accessibility
of self-service tools makes the solution the best choice for end users. The work of the B2C travel portal development
solution is simple. The front end of the solution has a user-friendly interface
that allows users to check out, book, and pay for the products without much

B2C Travel Portal has become
Backbone of all the Travel Agencies

Travelopro gives online B2C,
B2B and B2B2B travel portals. These B2C travel portals combine different APIs
for hotels, flights, cars and buses for real-time inventory. We design XML websites for
travel agents, corporates, tour agents and start-up travel companies.

Our expertise holds immense
experience in giving services to off-line travel agents. Travelopro B2C gives a
refined Internet-based reservation solution which ensures solutions that will
be able to serve any size of Outbound Tour Operator in single or several office

For rapid business growth,
it is necessary to develop it across the globe. This way, it can give you a
better ratio of clients. Travelopro has a specialist and experienced team to
expand a customized B2C travel portal for your company. Our experts are known
for their good and smart coding skills, to offer you fast tools to develop your
business. B2C Portal Solution is
designed for organisations that aim to expand their profitability by giving
inventories directly to our clients.

B2C Travel Portal
Development Transform Your Travel Booking Experience

One of the best B2C Travel
Booking Portal Development companies, Travelopro, offers its clients tremendous
opportunities to develop their business. To support our clients in achieving
their goals, we make never-ending efforts. Our B2C booking software allows
clients to use advanced search filters and reserve air tickets online. Apart
from this, the software combines a flight booking engine,
hotels, tour package software, flight book, excursion bookings, etc.

B2C Travel Booking Portal
integrates with the airline reservation system, enabling clients to access
real-time flight schedules, availability, and pricing. It gives a range of
features such as seat selection, baggage allowance, and payment options, giving
a convenient and hassle-free booking experience.

We believe that travel
industry professionals earning generation journey start from our smartly
designed travel booking system. Our API integrated solution for hotels, flight,
sightseeing, transfer, and travel package booking display appropriate information
to users.

Are you looking for a travel
B2C platform to increase your sales?

At Travelopro, you can get
an end-to-end travel solution with maximum hotels, rental cars, airlines
worldwide. Our B2C travel portal development opens a gateway to the world
market for your brand. Our system responds directly with different rates and
availability to provide you with a better turnover through an integrated travel

Our B2C internet booking system
offers clients the option to consolidate our features into a management system.
Online travel agencies can resell inventory from different API suppliers and
add their own markups. We make the booking process faster and simpler for all
kinds of customers and allow direct sale of tourist products on your website.

B2C means business to
client, to give you a better turn around the ratio of clients. It is an
effective way to increase sales through searching and directly making their
bookings. We aim at giving the best quality services at the best prices. Our
website consolidates a wide range of features for all clients and travel

Our highly experienced team
will pave the way for your success. We will take care of servers, bandwidth, IT
infrastructure and give self-service tools to clients to conduct their
functions online. Travelopro empowers your travel business. You can knock on
our doors anytime.

B2C Travel Portal
Development – Automate Travel Booking for travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Travelopro lets you discover
the travel business opportunities that will suit small, medium to large
businesses with our B2C travel portal development services. When it comes to
B2C Travel Portal Development for our customers, we make sure that the portal
or the software has all the added features according to your requirements.

Each piece of our B2C
Booking engine software comes with advanced features, like an online travel booking and
management system. These features not only help clients to book their travel
requirements but also help travel agencies or travel service providers to
resell inventory with the help of different API suppliers.

Our B2C Travel Portal
Services facilitates all types of travel bookings, like bus rental, car rental,
flight booking, hotel booking, tour booking, vacation booking services. The
secure payment gateway in your B2C booking software is surely a bonus point. It
will support you to accept payments maintaining all forms of security. Also,
all our B2C Travel Portal Development solution has a live chat and feedback
option for your clients, to reach you instantly and solve their booking

Why Choose Travelopro for
B2C Travel Portal?

Travelopro was founded by a
team of market specialists and grew out into a trustworthy travel booking, B2C
Travel Portal and B2C Internet Booking Engine development company. We
thoroughly depend on both our team and our customers, because, for the booth,
we are what Travelopro is, one of the notable travel development companies
across the world.

We have partnered with
numerous national and DMC clients supporting them to develop their B2C Flight
Booking portal and also the B2C Air Travel Ticketing booking app. As you all know, B2C means
a portal which is operated by the travel agents or travel development companies
to help travellers or clients’ book tickets for a safe vacation, business
tours, relative visits and more.

Services We Provide for B2C
Travel Portal

Excellent Platform

Management of Products

Reports & Export

Integrate XML/API

For All Devices

Web & App Available

Dashboard for Tracking

What Are the Features of B2C
Travel Portal?

The main features of the B2C
travel portal are:

B2C Travel Portal provides multilingual and
multicurrency support with various payment option services.

This B2C travel agency also provides a quick,
simple, and responsive website to the customers with a shopping cart facility
and barcode scanner API.

This portal provides static and dynamic
packages and chats and feedback options for the customers.

This B2C travel software provides the best
online travel marketing price with registration and membership for customers
which is very essential for customers.

This kind of portal provides instant details
and a third-party XML API integration service to the customers.

Benefits Of B2C Travel

Mobile | Any Device Compatibility

Easy Refund Policies

Maximize efficiency

Easy to book tickets

Saves time and money in operations

Send automated tickets to the customer by

Multi-currency support

Multilingual support

User-friendly interface

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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