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B2B Travel Websites

1 Views· 03/16/23
Jhan ad
Jhan ad
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⁣B2B Travel Websites –

B2B Travel Portal is an
online booking engine and an important component for every travel
representative. BookingXML offers a white label solution for
travel agents and tour operators to gain access to real-time online bookings
and availability through the best user-friendly booking engine platform.

In the demands of the B2B
Travel Portal, Travel Agency has access to third party supplier's inventories which
want best B2B Travel Portal or B2B Travel Booking Engine because using this B2B
Booking Engine travel agent sold their travel product around the world through
the sub agent network and increased revenue.

B2B Travel Portal

A B2B travel agent portal is
designed especially for business in the travel industry. This means that your
customers are Businesses, which are travel agents, tour operators, local
booking agents, and other companies.

A B2B travel booking portal
allows you to handle relationships with clients, distributors and partners
through a single platform. Our Travel Portal allows your clients to handle
their own accounts, bookings, members, Loyalty programs and their commissions
digitally on the platform.

A B2B Travel Agent portal is
improved and offered on Web platform as well as Mobile Application. With
developing usage of Mobile application across the globe, adoption of travel services
on the go via mobile app while travelling is the good value-added services for
end consumers.

How B2B Travel Portal
Development Works?

BookingXML creates an online B2B Travel Agency
network to support Tour Operators, Consolidators, and Travel Agents effectively
distribute movement or accommodation products to multiple sub-specialists. The
idea of analysing business with the aid of a B2B travel portal is no longer a
luxury, but rather a necessity for a company.

BookingXML believes that
whether you are development a B2B White Label travel portal, a total travel booking
portal, a hotel reservation system, online car rental engine, or transport
services, you can create a sub-agent management portal to support your
business. All travel agencies can use the B2B platform at any time and don't
have to waste time forming partnerships with global lodging providers or
filling out paperwork.

Which is the Best B2B Travel
Portal Development Company?

BookingXML is the best B2B Travel Portal Development
Company that gives the best B2B Travel Portal with third-party API Integration
of flight booking and hotel booking for the travel agent.

Our Experienced travel
professionals establish Advanced features for B2B Booking Engine such as Hotel,
Tour, Package, and Visa that implement you to upload your own contracted
products, integrate third-party suppliers, adjust pricing and markup at
runtime, create agent-wise reports, map banners, incorporate business rules and
quickly take an insight into business sales.

With a wide range of B2B
Travel Portal features, Authorized representatives can log on to your B2B
portal, search and book products, add a markup and pay for booking online. From
the Admin booking panel, they can view, email, or download booking vouchers or
cancel the booking of their guest from any device at any time.

Why choose BookingXML for
Online B2B & B2C Travel Website Development?

If you’re looking for the
good online B2B & B2C Travel Website
Development Company then you’ve spotted the right place. BookingXML is renowned
for being the good Online B2B & B2C Travel Website Development Company
globally. We establish a complete travel portal solution which fully-customized
to fulfil the required of travel agents and tour operators.

The team at BookingXML is
fully skilled and experienced at growing the customized travel website for customers
as per their needs and requirements. We are expert in B2B & B2C website
development, web designing, travel portal, booking engine, API integration
(hotel, flight, car, bus, and tour), SEO, as well as payment gateway. Whether
you want Travel API integration, travel portal solution, website development,
SEO, booking engine, or other related stuff, BookingXML is your one
size-fits-all solution.

Are you a startup looking
for a b2b travel portal development company for agents?

BookingXML develops a platform
known as the online B2B Travel Agency to improve the ability of Tour Operators,
Consolidators, and Travel Agents to distribute the movement or accommodation
items productively to various sub-specialists through. The concept of analysing
business through the help of a B2B travel portal is
not a luxury anymore rather it is the core requirement of a business.

BookingXML believes whether
you are looking forward to growing a B2B White Label travel portal, a complete
travel booking portal, hotel reservation system, Car rental online, or transfer
services can generate a sub-agent management portal to facilitate your
business. All travel agencies can contact the B2B portal anytime and do not
require to waste time making collaborations with worldwide accommodation
providers and doing the paper works.

The B2B solutions have
become very much beneficial for the sub-agents as they can quickly book travel
products from the agents at a much low rate. Moreover, they make those products
available to their clients at many affordable rates.

Develop custom B2B Travel
portal with BookingXML

As a B2B business provider,
it becomes very important for you to hold the cost down so that the travel
representatives and tour providers also advantage by selling the products, yet
have a good profit. BookingXML being one of the most trustworthy travel technology companies we
make sure that the B2B travel portals improved by us are integrated with top
API providers providing the cheapest flight, hotel, car booking deals.

BookingXML B2B services
establish the ability of Tour agents, travel Operators, Consolidators and
additionally and encourage them to exchange their movement items through a
completely business-centric solution. You can integrate the B2B travel portal
software with good GDS and API integration providers like Amadeus, Travelport,

The b2b agent booking portal
platform improved by BookingXML not only enhances the travel service offering
the experience of travel agents, and travel consolidators but also supports
them to seamlessly distribute the inventories to sub-agents.

Simplify Your Travel
Business with A B2B Travel Portal

At BookingXML, we believe
that the latest technologies are making the work of modern travel agencies
simpler. It is not possible to get the desirable results with traditional
approaches anymore. Travel companies
these days are highly dependent on technologies for offering a smooth service
to their clients.

BookingXML is here to help
you digitally transform you’re travelling business. We have improved thousands
of our client’s travels booking portals on a dynamic, strong and innovative
technology stack ensuring that our clients receive quality service around the
clock. This made us the best travel technology company.

Features of B2B Travel

Several managements for Holidays, Hotels,
Flights or Transfers.

Booking engines for Hotels, Flights,
Holidays, Activities and Transfer services.

Integrated shopping cart and payment

Live chat and feedback options for customers.

24*7*365 booking support for all sub agents.

Registration and membership for customers.

Automated back-office panel for markup,
commission, refund and cancellation Policy.

MIS Reports for the administrator.

MIS accounting management and manage markups.

What are the Benefits of the
B2B Travel Portal?

Automatic Booking as well as confirmation


Reduce the cost of maintenance

Help in partnering with a world-wide travel
service provider

Booking administration

Support for customers

Amendments can be made easily

Advance Self Convert Currency

Safety along with flexibility

For more details, Pls visit
our website:

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